Excerpt from Poem:

Yeats’ “The Stolen Child”

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An Analysis in the Temptation to Flee Reality in Yeats’ “The Stolen Child”

Yeats’ “The Stolen Child” depicts a world in which fantasy and reality are in the law with one another. The conflict can be between the perception of reality (barely noticeable and overwhelmed by a flood of dreamlike perceptions) plus the flight of fantasy. A parallel may be drawn between your poem and the social issue of habit. If the composition on one level is about a child’s escape/flight from actuality into fantasy, it might become said that the poem on the deeper level is about victims from addiction are unable to encounter reality and must travel from it. Indeed, the imagery utilized by the fairy narrator evokes scenes comparable to states of inebriation or perhaps drunkenness. Although fear and the ominous impression of death both is very much underlying elements in the composition, this newspaper will show how Yeats’ “The Stolen Child” may be examine as a poem about the conflict of duty (in the world) and desire (represented by simply fantasy).

The fairies symbolize the world of imagination, flight, fearlessness and liberty from battling in the grown up world, which is described as having no solution for why it endures. Society, which can be only hinted at by the words “world” and “suffering, ” represents reality. Because the poem is narrated or sung by the representatives with the fantastic universe, the perspective is usually one-sided and slanted or biased in favour of developing a great appreciation for the fantastic world of the fairies. Indeed, a single locale following another is described in exciting detail, intimating there is no end for the amount of fun to be enjoyed in fairy land – as if, in fact , it is a place of eternal please. By the end with the poem (and with the previous haunting lines that represent the music has worked and that the child has accepted the invitation), it is clear which the addressee will be lured or tempted away from its home in the real life, where (so it is suggested) nothing holds back but unanswerable grief. The conflict in the poem is usually buried beneath the repetition of verses (the refrain) and the constant obstruction of vivid imagery and extraordinary depictions of an neverending, magical your life in a preternatural world.

Which the poem’s discord suggests the much deeper societal conflict of man against world, responsibility, place – or better, man against self – can be noticed in the very first term of the composition, “Where, inches typically utilized as an interrogative nevertheless here employed as a relative pronoun. The result is somewhat disorienting, like the addressee were previously under the mean of a few intoxicating pressure (whether drug or drink) and was now perfectly susceptible to the temptation of permanent separation from existence. Ironically, the fairies appeal to a sort of pastoral, traditional sentiment to lure the addressee (assumed to be a child if one particular goes the indication of the title – but the child can also represent the immature longing in the adult addicted to escaping reality). The modern world provides no stimulant as able of freeing the “child” as the fairies present. Yet, the imagery invoked by the fairies is so filled with contradiction that any sober mind will need to realize that what is sung of is a dream.

For example , the first brand of the poem contrasts “dips” with “rocky highland” associating an image of lowness with highness and implying the highland had been actually stooping low. Another line continues the hazy of distinctions and details with “Sleuth Wood inside the lake”: In this article, the solid wood becomes drinking water. The repetition of the “l” sound in “there is placed a green island” enables the song-like poem to resonate with fantasy and simultaneously tranquillise, tranquillize, calm down, quiet, quieten the hearer to sleep. The reference to “faery vats” could be used because evidence the poem is absolutely the fantastic think of a drunkard who flees reality through vats of wine or perhaps alcohol. The refrain uses the reference to vats, and it mirrors a new sound – a kind of wailing, a sign of a sort of drunkness: “Come away, U – inches surely provides the sound of wailing and bemoaning in it, as does the expression “the waters and the untamed. ” The “o” seems

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