John Howard Griffin’s exploration should unquestionably be considered sociological. He began which has a theory, if perhaps he started to be black he could help be familiar with difficulties between races as both a white gentleman and a black guy in the to the south and with this expertise develop a methods to bridge the gap. With this information he developed a micro-theory, trying to explain a small part of man behavior; exactly why is there hate among blacks and white wines? He accumulated his info in a procedure for explanatory study.

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He had to test his theory in order to elaborate existing explanations. This individual gathered all his info and had all study methods with the hope of outlining his theory. He used the research process; developed a question, took into consideration what would be needed to answer the question, decided how to get this kind of and executed it since ethical as being a black-white southerner could. This individual used a meta-analysis in examining the knowledge.

Griffin better the information of the marriage while producing explanations pertaining to the cause of such activity and aimed to progress research in this field by gathering new know-how.

Finally, when he accumulated all his information he released this to the mass media. Although it will take the form of a journal it will still be considered sociological research. The diary method is, actually beneficial. Instead of conducting a cross sectional form of analysis in which information is obtained at the time, Griffin, using the journal, conducted a longitudinal study. With such a study change can be discovered and a broader understanding will develop in the hopes of giving an answer to the research query. Of coarse when such a research method as a record is used questions arise concerning its quality and trustworthiness.

It can be assumed that the reliability of Griffin’s work is fairly substantial. He previously an insider perspective due to his hidden observation and participant observation. His information was derived from a large population across several state, although still centering on the southern parts of America. All the persons mentioned inside the diary shared the same idea; whites had been limiting the black potential. Then it has to be asked whether or not the diary was biased or not. Mainly because it was, in reality, a record, the information released could be selective. This then simply questions the validity of the research. Undoubtedly that Griffin had views on the matter before it had been investigated. Yet , the research was also very generalizable. This should aid to alleviate most of the doubts for the ethics from the means of analysis. Since human behavior is incredibly complex it is difficult to reduce the impartial variable. Every doubts about validity aside, the research was conducted within a method of sociological nature. It had been a combination of participant observation, covert observation and unstructured interviews.

For example , Griffin had conversations at the YMCA with other black men, or perhaps on the bus between New Orleans and Mississippi. These kinds of weren’t carried out with an discussed set of concerns; they were conducted by way of 1 oppressed African-American to another. In conducting his research in such an inconspicuous manner Griffin helped the media identify the placing, the human and social environment, their activities and manners, and nonverbal communication. Through this method Griffin wasn’t looking to prove connection, rather trying to support his argument in hope for transform. With all this kind of taken into account it might be summarized that Griffin adopted the research method and applied sociological strategies.

Norms are usually defined as an aspect in contemporary society in which an expected patterns binds a specific group of people. However , norms could be applied to numerous areas. It could mean placing a set standard for accomplishment on a selected communal grouping based on the accomplishments with the average person from that grouping. Additionally, it may mean a characteristic that may be representative of a social group. Or best practice rules can be considered a common practice, perception or customized. However when dealing with norms it ought to be understood that they can apply in different ways depending on the circumstance of the scenario. Much just like social best practice rules vary from legal norms. Sociable norms had been the main force Griffin encountered through his research. Although legal norms played a particular component, judgment was based on the structures of mutual opinion, not necessarily contencioso.

For example , the “whites” from the southern United States were keeping the supposition that the “blacks” were sexually demented and intellectually disadvantaged (Griffin, 1962: p. 114). The the southern part of white bulk assumed that African-Americans had been so available about their love lives that they possibly performed actions in the roadways and in front of children. Additionally, they believed the blacks wanted white woman sexually and that due to their insufficient education most they realized was their very own natural instinct to reproduce. They believed this habit to be relevant to all African-American men. Because Griffin attempts to explain, he can find no inferiority amongst the blacks; “These attributes don’t springtime from whiteness or blackness, but from a man’s conditioning” (Griffin, 1962: s. 92).

Role taking can be described as critical element of fostering any kind of sober comprehension of a relevant culture. It involves looking at items from another type of viewpoint. It will help us in understanding how several groups perceive us. We must know what functioning like through others sight. In order to achieve this we must 1st understand their very own mind framework. John Howard Griffin experiences great measures to achieve this. He understands that it can be practically impossible for him to completely comprehend what life is just like for a dark-colored man, when being a white-colored man inside the southern Usa. Thus this individual undergoes color therapy that redefines his life. Griffin darkens his skin in order to appear as if he had been a black American, in the hopes to achieve an unbiased bank account of African-American life inside the deep south. By infiltrating the apparently distinct world and establishing to the techniques of that world Griffin provides undergone role taking. When ever in Fresh Orleans, Griffin’s first area of research as a black southerner, he quickly learns in the limitations unplaned only by the fact that his skin color was different. By becoming the minority examined, Griffin was not only capable of study, first hand, the accounts of racism, but having been also capable of emotionally affix himself to the African-American culture.

Alienation is definitely the separation among “parts or the whole from the personality and significant aspects of the world of knowledge. ” This kind of term may have many meanings depending on the situation and for which it is planned. In terms of Griffin’s book, furor was the physical segregation and the emotional a sense of inequality and unequal opportunities based on skin tone. Alienation was evident during Griffin’s encounters. Separate holding out rooms by bus channels, separate washrooms and fountains, isolated living areas, the inability to buy food and drinks in certain stores, the inability to rest in certain areas, unequal work and education abilities, every formed the sensation of alienation. (Griffin, 1962: p. 92) Griffin realized that this split, both emotional and physical would have to be overcome in order to attain a larger appreciation as a race.

Griffin and many blacks alike thought education was the key to doing damage to the norm of alienation. “Equal job opportunities… That’s the reply to much of the tragedy of our fresh people” (Griffin, 1962: s. 44). In respect to Griffin there were two problems that caused this hysteria and lack of motivation to modify, they were: the discrimination up against the Negro wonderful discrimination against himself (Griffin, 1962: g. 45). In respect to Griffin then, it was not only the fault of the whites that the blacks were for the circumstance they were, it absolutely was partly the fault of the blacks as well.

Stereotypes will be formed when the characteristics of a specific group of people derive from the generalized characteristics of a few. They are usually used to easily simplify that which we certainly have difficulty understanding, in order to make that more predictable. As Watts. I. Thomas taught, what we should believe being true will be true in its consequences. Through history ethnic stereotypes have always existed. Most likely, though, one of the most dominant stereotypes have been positioned against African-Americans. They have been regarded as uneducated, immature, unmotivated, felony, violent and sexual predators. However , while Griffin remarks, the sins the whites dedicate are the same because the blacks. Except for the very fact that blacks are miserable of the “pleasures of the spirits”. They seem like a lesser person so to be able to acquire that feeling of fulfillment and male organ they participate in such activities (Griffin, 1962. l. 91-93).

After all, it is the light man whom, all through the book, is curious by the sex natures in the black race. It is the white wines who seek the services of black prostitutes and it is the whites who strongly punish the blacks. Not merely are the stereotypes revealed, they are really identified as completely illegitimate. In one instance over a bus in New Orleans Griffin attemptedto offer a great elderly girl a seats by suggesting with his sight that there was an empty a single beside him. He believed she would be sympathetic, nevertheless she disrespectfully replied, “What’re you taking a look at me like that for? ” Implying that there were sex desires rather than kindness at the rear of his offering (Griffin, 1962: g 25).

Reductionism in sociological research spots limits about what may very well be as causes when attempting to explain a variety of human being behavior. Griffin may have been troubled by reductionism because he was publishing a sociological paper. Therefore he may have got focused on these kinds of limited issues as rules, stereotypes and alienation. An economist, however , may include looked at the economic success in the southern region compared to other regions to explain the racial stress. Perhaps even the federal government would be to blame for enforcing racism through promozione and bumpy laws. A biological reductionism would be trying to reduce the issue down to the genes of the human being or as a revolutionary process. In order to achieve a total understanding of the case, all accounts should be assessed, not only those that apply to a particular field. Consequently , the quality and stability of the research can be inhibited.

For example , in Griffin’s publication, he focuses only for the stereotypes of society, not where offered from. He doesn’t attempt to answer for what reason whites think hatred towards the blacks, only that it exists. Perhaps the fundamental problem is strictly situational. The south is well known for its facilities and tiny communities, although does this difficulty exist in the larger urban centers throughout America? And if it shouldn’t, why not? If it doesn’t exist than it really is strictly environmental. Griffin brings up that there are individuals who are not basically racist, however they fear exhibiting any compassion towards an additional race. What is causing this fear? There must be some sort of pressure coming from somewhere that creates this racism. All these questions must be clarified in order to truly define the down sides between African-Americans and Caucasians. Griffin did a fine job in writing the introduction to racism, however this individual left the body blank.


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