Everything in our life adjustments constantly. Steve F. Kennedy said Transform is the law of your life. And those who have look just to the past or present will definitely miss the near future. This can be seen in the novel Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe in addition to Cevat Fehmi Baskuts perform Buzlar ïzïlmeden. Needing to modify oneself towards the change, 1 must always remember that you will have a the next day and notice he might pass over the near future if he holds within the customary ideas. In the novel Things Fall Apart the protagonist, Okonkwo, is known as a man of war and he resistant to to the difference in his tribe. Moreover, in the play Buzlar ïzïlmeden the gentry, who’ve been exploiting the community, dont wish the system to change.

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In Achebes novel, lifespan of the clan changes totally after the appearance of the white-colored men. Some members of the clan acknowledge their presence and even sign up for the chapel, some associates dont value the Christian believers being there, whereas, remaining clan, specifically Okonkwo, don’t want these people in Umofia. Okonkwo is a man of action, he wants the whole world to see his power and shows simply no sign of weakness He was a man of action, a man of conflict. Unlike his father he could stand the look of bloodstream (Achebe, 15, Heinemann Educational Publishers) He sees demonstrating any kind of feeling as weak spot. He is so afraid to be assumed as a weak individual that he eliminates Ikemafuna. Okonkwo drew his matchet and cut him down. Having been afraid of getting thought weak( Achebe, 54, Heinemann Educational Publishers). During a funeral, Okonkwo kills boys by mistake, which can be considered as a female crime, therefore flees from the clan to his motherland for several years as a punishment intended for his crime. After eight years this individual turns returning to his home town.

He predicts that he shall still be the best and the looked upon man in the clan. Yet , things possess changed a whole lot. Seven years was a while to be from ones group. A mans place was not always there, waiting from charlie. As soon as this individual left, another person rose and filled that. The tribe was like a lizard, whether it lost it is tail that soon grew another (Achebe, 151, Heinemann Educational Publishers). After his return, he sees his clan has evolved, white men have arrived the village to spread Christianity. Okonkwo cant get used to these changes and kills himself. Okonkwo resists to the change. He is aware of he has lost his place in the city, but he also knows that he can gain some of the power he has received before the exil. Okonkwo knew these things. He had lost his place among the nine disguised spirits who administered proper rights in group. He had lost his chance to lead his warlike tribe against the fresh religion, which usually, he was advised, had obtained the ground (Achebe, 151, Heinemann Educational Publishers). He is also aware that he can re-gain a few of the power he has lost if he makes his return impressive with feasts.

Nevertheless, the white men have brought not just a new religious beliefs to the tribe but also their fresh government. Nevertheless apart from the chapel, the white colored men have also brought a government. They may have built a court in which District Commissioner judged the cases in ignorance (Achebe, 154, Heinemann Educational Publishers). Since the tribe has encountered a huge change during the relégation of Okonkwo, his returning was not being a big deal when he has expected it would be. The clan features undergone this kind of profound change during his exile that it was barely renowned. The new religious beliefs and authorities and the trading stores had been very much in peoples eye and thoughts. There were still many whom saw these new institutions as evil, but possibly they spoke and seriously considered little else, and in no way about Okonkwos return (Achebe, 161, Heinemann Educational Publishers). Okonkwo sees this being a sign of his tribe losing its values, culture, a sign of your falling apart tribe. Okonkwo was deeply grieved. And it absolutely was not just a personal grief. He mourned intended for the tribe, which this individual saw splitting up and disintegrating, and the mourned for the warlike males of Umuofia, who had unaccountably become soft like girls (Achebe, 161, Heinemann Educational Publishers). Okonkwo wants everything to be exactly like it was just before his exil, he would like the tribe-men to continue worshipping the multiple gods, he wants the cultures as well as the traditions to endure, he wants his clan to outlive as it is. He cannot put up with the changes that his group has been dealing with so he takes his own lifestyle. According for their traditions, carrying out suicide is among the biggest sins so Okonkwos friends simply cannot touch his body and asks the District Office to hide him and he instructions his guys to do so (Achebe, 182-183, Heinemann Educational Publishers).

Okonkwo, inside the noval Things Fall Apart, offers trouble with adapting to the change. He looks back on the times he was one of many strongest guys in his clan and everything was in purchase. He does not want anything to change. This individual denies the truth that the outcasts of the society need something to hold on and the Christians accept all of them as who they actually are and that is why that they choose Christianity. He are not able to reconcile with the new existence of the group. He allongé for the past. Although he resists to the change so much, his clansmen will not back him. When Okonkwo first comes back from his exile and encounters the change, he hopes the clan can easily return to previous. And yet, he sees that he is simply by himself fighting the modify when he gets rid of the messenger and no 1 stands by simply him. Okonkwo stood taking a look at the useless man. This individual knew that Umuofia will not go to conflict. He understood because they will let the various other messenger break free. They had busted into tumult instead of actions. He discerned fright in this tumult. He heard noises asking How come did he do it? He wiped his matchet around the sand and went away( Achebe, one hundred and eighty, Heinemann Educational Publishers) This individual doesnt believe there can be a future so this individual suppresses any kind of chance of staying happy and consequently kills him self. Thus, one can possibly say that Okonkwo is a patient of alter.

The enjoy Buzlar ïzïlmeden by Cevat Fehmi Baskut, takes place within a village in 1960s. It can be about the change which a village goes thru with the entrance of a crazy man since the chief of the servants. The upset governor adjustments the system completely, he makes his assistant burn all the records from the past claiming that they have been responsible for the collapse in the Ottoman Empire. He also outlaws all of the paper-work which needs to be done in order to speak to the governor. Initially, the villagers have difficulty in complying while using system but when they realize that the chief excutive is keeping the gentry by exploiting these people, they recognized the change. In fact they may be very happy regarding the changes that the village provides undergone. Your clerk, who have thinks a village can easily survive if it is ruled by old methods, says that even though this individual has lost his expert over the town, this change has been good for the villagers.

On the other hand, the gentry had been exploiting the villagers. By way of example Sari Mahmut Aga statements the countries which are not legally his. In addition , Haci Murat Aga sells stricken meat and rice to the poor villagers. As a result they are wealthy people in the small town and live their comes from luxury. They will dont desire this simple comfortable your life to come to a finish. Nonetheless, the governor figures out that they are deceitful and this individual punishes all of them and makes all of them give up some of their land besides making them eat their own infected food.

Totally, in both of the literature, there is a capacity change. Inside the novel Things Fall Apart Okonkwo opposes the change. One can possibly say this individual cannot get over the pressure that the modify his family has been through and gets rid of himself. However, in the enjoy Buzlar ïzïlmeden the gentry tries to stop the transform that their village features encountered because of the arrival in the mad chief of the servants. Similarly, they can not achieve their very own goal of stopping the change. Consequently, the whole community understands that they have been conceiving these people.

All in all, existence cannot continue without change. Keeping the quotation from L. F. Kennedy in mind, we are able to say that practically nothing stays a similar forever. Every thing, more or less, changes from time to time. The path that this transform fallowed plus the effect of it may differ. You must keep up with the needs of the time and alter oneself correspondingly. One shouldnt stick to the behaviors of the earlier but change the set up rules in line with the needs in the present.

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