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Businesses move into overseas markets to get various reasons. In certain situations, it is to achieving a required revenue volume. In other instances, it would be a bid to boost brand recognition. Other companies get into foreign market segments to re-invigorate sales after their products have become through all their life circuit ” from inception to decline ” in home markets. Irrespective of reason, entering into a foreign market tends to portend great chances for corporations, particularly if this entails serving products in an emerging economic system that has lately become wealthy enough to pay for such goods; or providing a new although needed service or product to a designed and wealthy market.

However , in overseas markets, difficulties are several as chances. Some types of challenges will be discussed below.

a) Socio-Cultural Differences

Firms tend to undertake practices which were successful in home market segments without establishing these models to fit the cultural amour of markets entered. Once large ethnical differences are present between the home country and that joined, such techniques may result in ineffective business development and partnerships.

An example is a now recognized Chinese practice of much longer meetings in the bid to become acquainted with potential partners, in comparison to the Anglo-American practice of simple to-the-point meetings.

Adopting either approach within a market more inclined to the other, will definitely hinder organization development. Dialect differences are other examples of socio-cultural differences that posit issues to firms entering another market. Dialect differences generate effective and efficient conversation difficult among companies and local stakeholders. A light example is definitely the Chevrolet Volkswagen which was offering far below expectation in Latin America. Executives of General Power generators could not understand why this was thus until it was brought to all their attention that, in The spanish language “no va means “it doesn’t go.

b) Variations in Levels of Paperwork ” Effectiveness of Methods and Procedures Company sign up, the beginning of a bank account, getting transfer permits, obtaining required permits, etc, all reflect the simplicity doing business within a country and also the levels of paperwork that exist for the reason that country. Pertaining to companies accustomed to relatively lower levels of paperwork, entering an industry with significantly higher numbers of bureaucracy may result in impractical project programs translated into unachieved execution. c) Variations in Availability of Qualified Human Resources Availability of a particular skill in a provider’s home market may result in presumptions about the of the same skill in the market moved into.

4This took place in Nigeria in 2001 when the first set of GSM permit were given to foreign corporations ” MTN and Econet (both via South Africa). At the time, none entrant foresaw a dearth of neighborhood skilled personnel. This ended up being costing both equally companies an unprecedented embrace salaries and other expenses associated with developing expatriate workers. The challenge of sourcing experienced labour in foreign markets is additional exacerbated when ever quotas exist on the amount expatriates allowed into the region entered inspite of the dearth of local skill.

d) Differences in Infrastructure

Applicable infrastructure impacts how businesses operate. Prevailing transportation infrastructure affect just how companies maneuver goods and personnel for service delivery; market infrastructure affect just how players over a given worth chain associate with one another; and the level of basic infrastructure including power and water influence cost allocations and management. For firms entering a foreign market, inability to take into account the infrastructural basic of the market entered can result in useless and or ineffective operating programs and procedures.

e) Legislation Favouring Local Companies

Unsupportive legislation is yet another major source of challenges to companies coming into foreign marketplaces. Countries tend to enact laws intended to guard or permit local industries. These regulations take various forms. They may be outright rates on overseas businesses; or banning with the activities or perhaps management framework of overseas companies; or perhaps may be through more roundabout means including required permit or permits to operate; cumbersome registration procedures or permit procedures. 5 David Ogah, “Expatriates, a lot of semi-skilled, dominate even menial jobs coming from Nigerians, The Guardian Paper Nigeria, December 21 2011, http://www.ngrguardiannews.com/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=71436:expatriates-some-semi-skilled-take-over-even-menial-jobs-from-nigerians-&catid=72:focus&Itemid=598, seen August 2012.


E-commerce is the exchanging of products or services over electronic devices such as the Net and other laptop networks. Ecommerce uses the net at one point in the transaction’s cycle, although it can include a larger range of technologies such as e-mail, mobile devices and telephones. “”””””””””””””””-

The major buyers of e-commerce businesses are individuals living in major urban zones in Nigeria, notably Lagos, the industrial capital; Abuja, the personal capital; and Port Harcourt, an essential oil rich city in The southern area of Nigeria; mainly because these cities usually house the highest number of internet surfers in Nigeria. 5Nigeria features over 47 million internet surfers, with a many them moving into the city cities. In the mid 2000s, a couple of ecommerce companies had been launched in Nigeria. They barely made it through. The reason for their particular demise, or perhaps in other situations, stagnant progress, was the difficulty of getting consumers to embrace the e-payment options available in Nigeria in those days. This difficulty was because of known circumstances of scams that took place over the low self-esteem of Interswitch, the only e-payment platform accessible in Nigeria at that time.

However , while using entrance of major card payment solutions like Master card and Visa cards in 2006, along with the increased security popular features of Interswitch, the industry experienced an increase in the quantity of Nigerians carrying out online repayments. 6(online transactions grew by 25% in 2011) Before the end of the first 1 / 4 of 2012, the Nigerian e-commerce picture had been somewhat lukewarm because the only radiant players had been Dealdey. com and Wakanow. com. At the start of the second quarter, the sector experienced a rise in the number of e-commerce company in Nigeria, amidst which were Skyrocket Internet’s Sabunta. com and Kasuwa. com.

The long-term outlook pertaining to the e-commerce industry in Nigeria is usually positive, with analysts predicting a significant embrace new entrants. The execution of the make use of mobile money in Nigeria by the Central Financial institution of Nigeria is anticipated to accelerate the introduction of the ecommerce industry in Nigeria, since mobile funds allows a greater number of individuals engage in electronic orders. Currently, the Nigerian e-commerce industry provides slightly more than 70 companies, though the sector is yet to have an believed dollar benefit. Companies inside the sector happen to be categorized in:

a. Vogue Retailers

They are online vogue shops that primarily promote shoes, clothes and other fashion accessories. Major players in this category are Sabunta. com, Kamdora. com, Taafoo. com and 3stitches. com. The obvious leader most notable is Sabunta, despite the fact that the woking platform was launched less than 3 months back while most other players are typically in the landscape for drastically longer. Sabunta offers a wider variety of international brands and possesses a far more integrated logistic supply cycle. This makes them more in a position of portion customers all around Nigeria than competitors.

w. Travel and Tourism

These are generally primarily online companies that sell travel and head to packages. The clear industry leader can be Wakanow. com with a current turnover of thirty-five million naira (N35 million) a month. Other players in this sector belong to personal airline workers e. g. www.fly.arikair.com, www.myairnigeria.com, etc

c. Electronic Gadgets and Books

They are companies that sell electronic gadgets and catalogs online. Difficulties players with this category are Kasuwa. com and Konga. com. However, it is difficult to tell who the bigger gamer is. The two players are much less than three months old. Apart from electronics, Konga. com also retails baby and female cosmetic makeup products products.

g. Broad Item Retailers

Players in this category include group-buying deal sites such as Dealdey. com, Buynownow. com and Buyright. biz. The major player with the greatest market share is definitely Dealdey. com. It was introduced in 2011 and possesses the most powerful group-buying offer site in Nigeria.

installment payments on your SABUNTA. COM

Sabunta. com is a trend online merchant that offers an array of International and Nigerian fashion brands accessible in Nigeria. Sabunta. com is usually an web commerce company held by Jolali Global Assets Limited, a privately held organization in Nigeria, set up and owned by the German Firm, Rocket Internet. Rocket’s head office is the lively centre of Berlin, Europe’s Silicon Valley, residence to a network of 25 international Skyrocket offices that concentrate in making the functions of the company’s subsidiaries in developed and emerging markets. Rocket Net is the major, fastest and the most powerful international online venture constructor. It at present has more than 50 on-line ventures in 7 prude where all of them are playing inside the top segments of the industry.

The primary focus of Rocket is definitely building confirmed, transaction-based business models on the internet and mobile space. The organization has been performing this model as 2007 and also have created more than 100 marketplace leading businesses in above forty (40) countries, dozens of which have been exited successfully. The Rocket Internet Company is best known for cloning successful web business in the US in other countries where that they play towards the top of the market. In Europe, Rocket’s Zalando happens to be the largest on the net fashion store. Other well-known companies owned and controlled by Explode include; Wimdu in England, Zidora in Azerbaijan, Dafiti in Brazil, Mizado in Egypt, Locondo in Asia, The Iconic nationwide and Zando in S. africa.

Sabunta. com and Kasuwa. com are Rocket’s functions in Nigeria. Both operate from their hq in Lagos, Nigerian’s industrial capital, residence to over 10% of the country’s $413 billion dollars GDP. Sabunta. com and Kasuwa. com serve buyers around applying warehouses in major urban cities. Nevertheless , Kasuwa. com sells electronic gadgets and books, while Sabunta. com offers fashion products. Sabunta. com provides clients with adaptable online systems to shop for style items from the convenience of their very own homes, and delivers these products at the doorsteps of shoppers. The company supplies flexible payment options including bank deposit, online repayment, and its progressive payment-on-delivery option, actually 1st introduced in Nigeria by simply Sabunta. com.

Sabunta. com is small. The company started operations around the 8th of June, 2012 and is currently only 3 (3) a few months. Yet it has already end up being the largest as well as the fastest growing online vogue retailer in Nigeria, with over a 100 orders each day, The company should maintain its positions as the largest and most effective growing in Nigeria, as is getting achieved in other countries by different Rocket Internet ventures globally. Sabunta. com currently features 71 staff, 24% of whom will be foreign nationals. The staff at Sabunta. com includes graduates coming from Ivy little league universities in the usa and The european union, as well as top talent by Nigeria. The management group consists of two foreign excellent and a Nigerian.


The prospective market pertaining to Sabunta. com is Nigeria’s upper and emerging middle-class living in main urban metropolitan areas in Nigeria. The age group of the standard Sabunta. com customer is usually between 18 and 66. This a long time constitutes people who are capable of getting or producing purchasing decisions with regards to vogue items. You can actually targeted consumers are on the other hand less than 10% of the stated age range, while the company goals individuals with an annual income of not less than N2million ($12, 500).

Sabunta’s target audience constitutes of people who living and working in key urban urban centers of Nigeria such as Lagos, Abuja, Interface Harcourt, Kano, Kaduna, Ibadan, Aba, Warri and Benin. These individuals usually utilize the net and various social media platforms to connect to friends, along with colleagues. They are really fashion mindful, trendy searching and want to share their personalities with the sort of outfits that they wear. Additionally, they recognize and wear well-known international brands and purchase these brands whenever they or friends and family travel around abroad.


Having carefully researched the Nigerian e-commerce picture, Sabunta. com concluded that the problem limiting take-off of e-commerce in Nigeria may be the sceptical characteristics of Nigerians towards online payments. The company responded by simply introducing the cash-payment-on-delivery approach to its consumers. Though the company offers frequent credit card and online payment options for many who want to do therefore , the cash-payment-on-delivery option was an ice-breaker: it built sceptical Nigerians participate in online shopping. This increased the market of online consumers, with Sabunta. com being the only organization to enjoy the patronage on this new spike in online fashion consumers. Good performance on the part of Sabunta. com further helped to enforce their dominance.

Promptly delivery, without even having received payment, helped to instill confidence in its target market. To lower problems connected with deceit and theft, usually by hoodlums posing since customers, Sabunta outsourced it is delivery to Red Superstar Express, a top Nigerian Franchisee of US global courier brand FEDEX ” a major courier company which was in functions in Nigeria since 1992, known for its quality of service, Sabunta. com as well introduced several practices that, though regular in fully developed e-commerce markets, were book and progressive in the growing Nigerian e-commerce market. These types of innovations contain:

a. Free Delivery and Return Coverage

Prior to Sabunta. com access, no web commerce company in Nigeria offered free delivery or allowed customers to return purchased items. Sabunta. com entered the e-commerce scene offering a nationwide free delivery plan as well as a come back policy which will allowed consumers return items bought in the first 14 days if they were not satisfied together with the condition in which in turn it was provided. To return products, customers should drop the purchased products at any of the 158 Reddish Star Express offices located within all the claims in Nigeria at their particular convenience. This reduces the price which consumers incur through the return method. The ability to obtain goods at no extra cost of delivery and return these goods in the event that dissatisfied by minimal costs make Sabunta. com a provider of high quality at low costs ” characteristics that charm to the value sensitive however quality sensitive Nigerian marketplace.

b. Worldwide Product Offering

Sabunta. com recognizes that its marketplace constitutes individuals familiar with and who have on International fashion brands. As a result, the company lovers with sis fashion companies around the world, possessed by the parent, Rocket Net, to offer a large range of international brands ” more than 150 distinct brands ” to the Nigerian market. Sabunta. com enhances the display of international products on the site, equally those it has in stock as well as individuals in the inventory of it is sister corporations around the world. This allows company serve the different international tastes of the Nigerian market, and also to respond to developments regardless of their current share.


For a business that has been around for less than 90 days in a foreign market, Sabunta. com has become able to achieve a lot of accomplishment and has become able to defeat a significant number of envisaged difficulties. Sabunta. com successes incorporate:

a. Going above Projected Revenue

Prior to entering the Nigerian market, the management of Sabunta projected revenue of ¬15, 1000 from about 150 instructions in the initial quarter of business. This kind of projection was exceeded following your company’s 1st month of operations. The organization found on its own operating in a sizable market with a greater likelihood of online products than completely envisaged or planned intended for. The result was obviously a restructuring of its procedures to meet the demand.

b. Obtaining Local Items

Being an online fashion retail store, the ability to acquire local suppliers goes a long way in determining the amount of earnings made. Regional supply reduces the various cost associated with obtaining supplies from outside the region ” [The normal mark-up pertaining to goods marketed on Sabunta. com is usually 50%]. The Sabunta. com team was concerned about having high quality community supplies for their business while the number and industry size of local trend suppliers were not obtainable from official records or study archives.

Yet , the company was pleasantly surprised with the large number of local fashion suppliers resident in Nigeria. The result has been excessive mark-ups on locally created and marketed products. This has resulted in profitability quicker than expected.[Sabunta. com currently makes an average gross profit of 40% although their working and net profits continue to be in the negative].

c. Obtaining Adequate Logistic Providers

To make certain timely and accurate countrywide delivery, Sabunta. com needed services by delivery organizations who own best practices along with offer cost effectiveness as a benefit proposition. The firm realized that a weak or sporadic logistics adjustable rate mortgage (for model due to different qualities of delivery simply by several logistic partners) will result in negative buyer perception. This kind of challenge was overcome through a partnership with Red Star Express ” a Franchisee of the US international courier and logistics service provider, FEDEX, that has been within Nigeria as 1992.

Crimson Star Share knowledge of the country’s travel infrastructure helps with its optimal logistics support delivery. Additionally, Red Legend Express gives support with more than just delivery and returning of goods. Additionally, it collects money from consumers who chose to pay in cash after delivery, and remits these kinds of funds to Sabunta. This kind of saves the company costs associated with funds management.

g. Recruitment of Required Workers

Another envisaged challenge was availability of qualified local labor. Given poor people state of Nigeria’s I actually. T. facilities and style, the company was unsure from the availability of I actually. T related skill units to carry out Rocket’s model since practiced in various other market segments. The company was however treated to find qualified local talent. Sabunta. com operates which has a 100% community I. Capital t team, able of carrying out functions essential by the Explode model.


In spite of Sabunta. com successes, the business faces quite a few challenges, most of which derive from differences between Rocket’s countries of procedure and the Nigerian market. Many of these challenges contain: a. Challenges Resulting from Socio-Cultural and Socio-Economic Differences

Unlike successes obtained in prospecting and maintaining local workers, Sabunta. com has not been in a position to maintain its international staff. Above seventy percent (70%) of Sabunta’s international personnel who started out with the company left within just two (2) months. The reason why? Inability to acclimatize for the Nigerian environment with particular regards for the type of readily accessible food as well as the lack of or the high costs of, basic features such as food, water, regular electricity source, health providers, cooking gas, transportation, internet connectivity, etc .

Other reasons for the leaving of international staff included health concerns. As at August 2012, more than 90 percent of intercontinental staff who also resumed businesses with the business (in Summer 2012) had been diagnosed with malaria, a tropical disease the majority of had hardly ever experienced. Unexpected costs and time linked to replacing and training intercontinental staff continually plague Sabunta. com. w. Challenges Resulting from Unavailability of Infrastructure. As an e-commerce company, Sabunta. com core operations involve the use of the internet. As a result, the company needs reliable and (preferably) inexpensive internet on-line and power.

Yet, neither internet connection nor power supply exists quickly and cheaply or reliably in Nigeria. Nigeria builds and distributes less than 4, 000Megawatts ” barely enough to provide the nation’s electrical power needs and resulting in repeated power outages. Sabunta. com spends over N640, 1000 (¬3, 200) per month on diesel to fuel their particular stand-by power generators, and is constantly plagued with this high cost of power. The business also has large internet on-line expenses ” N450, 000 (¬2, 250) per month to get a bandwidth size of 4/4Mbps. Even with such big sums invested in internet connection, Sabunta. com continues to experience lower than optimal companies from Nigerian internet service suppliers.

c. Difficulties Resulting from Laws

A key component of Sabunta’s approach is offering a wide range of international brands in Nigeria, using inventory held by simply sister corporations around the world. Research and studies of Nigerian importation laws and regulations suggested that importation of fashion stock into Nigeria will be relatively easy. This kind of left the corporation vulnerable to the shock that received when the first set of drop-shipment was seized on the airport by Nigerian Persuits Service (NCS). The NCS claimed the goods included items that had been contraband in Nigeria. Sabunta responded by removing such items off their offerings ” fragrance and perfumes..

Despite its response, Sabunta is constantly on the face at any time present risks associated with bans on échange of fashion related items including textile, leather-based, clothing, and shoes. Nigerian history uncovers frequent coverage changes and inconsistencies comes importation of goods into the region, long referred to as a major reason for failure of companies in Nigeria. Another challenge faced by Sabunta in the Nigerian legal guidelines is the limit placed by the CBN around the sale of Foreign currency to businesses and person except for particular purposes like the importation and exportation of goods and providers and also the payment of providers abroad. This kind of meant that Sabunta had to purchase foreign exchange by a higher price inside the black marketplace to settle every its worldwide staff’s income and other repayments which were denominated in US dollars. (Official rate can be 1$=159Naira since against the dark market rate of 1$=163Naira).

d. Challenges Resulting from Corrupt Practices.

Regardless of the absence of contraband, Sabunta’s management continue to experience delays inside the release of their consignment by simply Nigerian Persuits officials. Further inquiry says the logistic company they will employed (FEDEX) to handle échange of their items did not possess a good relationship with the Persuits officials because of the company’s applied policy of not offering bribes as the purchase of the day. Sabunta’s management always experience and therefore to remain alert to the constant menace of deceitful and corrupt practices that plaque business in Nigeria. The company is constantly on the face the process of neighborhood business associates who make an effort to cut edges and deliver less. Just before partnering with FEDEX, a Nigerian courier company was chosen and partnered with for local delivery. Just like FEDEX’s collection and remission of cash, the courier organization collected repayment from clients on delivery.

However , the company frequently droped short of its obligations in terms of timing and amount of cash remitted. The courier company as well failed to survey accurate characters collected coming from customers, and till time, owe Sabunta over 40% of payments collected. Sabunta was quick to recognize this challenge and immediately partnered with FEDEX due to its logistics services. Nevertheless, some other sources of dodgy practices persist especially by small self-employed service providers. This can be particularly sufficient reason for artisan related services such since plumbing, equipment repairs and office repair, and are frequent sources of dropped funds or delayed companies to Sabunta.


Ideas are currently being made for a combination with Kasuwa, Rocket Internet’s other organization in Nigeria, also launched in 06 2012, to form Jumia. The merger is definitely expected to result in the biggest ecommerce retailer in Nigeria ” a one-stop shop for most products associated with fashion and electronic things. The new web page, Jumia. com, will offer a greater variety of worldwide brands, applying strategies currently employed by Sabunta. Jumia is supposed to provide benefits associated with size such as special discounts and bargaining power (in relation to suppliers), while handling current challenges faced by both corporations. They contain: a. Staffing needs: The merger is supposed to reduce the quantity of required personnel.

This will result in the reduction of salary expenses and will result in the need for fewer international staff. In other words, worldwide staff who have acclimatized to Nigeria coming from both businesses may always provide needed services to Jumia without having to recruit and retain new staff. m. Office Space: The merger is usually expected to result in shared workplace at a cost smaller than the combined cost of Sabunta and Kasuwa’s current office cost. c. Encouraging and Electrical power: Similar to the influence on office space, the merger is definitely expected to result in fueling and power costs that will be less space-consuming than the combined current cost of both firms current fueling and electricity needs.

d. Internet On-line: More than just lowering of costs, the merger is definitely expected to result in Jumia’s capacity to purchase larger bandwith sizes directly from net providers in South Africa, Europe, and America. This will address the unreliability of internet connection currently experienced by Sabunta and Kasuwa. e. Maintenance and repair: It is predicted that the greater Jumia should be able to partner with huge and dependable providers of office and equipment fixes thus eliminating small service providers who have dodgy or difficult to rely on practices.


11Doing a proper researching the market and analysis

When going into a foreign market, it is recommended that a strong carry out right market research and analysis in that industry prior to entry. Top on the list is an environmental research that needs to be considered also. There are uncontrollable pushes which are external forces where the managing has no direct control, it will exert an influence. In addition there are Internal causes which are controllable forces where the managing to adapt to. 12Form Tactical Alliances

The moment entering another market, we recommend that a firm forge strategic cha?non to enable these people get the pursuing * Superb synergy with all the partnering local company. 2. Opportunity to get assets which are not readily available available in the market. * Usage of larger marketplace and technology for little companies.

14 Jusuf Zekiri and Biljana Angelova, Factors that Affect Entry Function Choice in Foreign Marketplaces, European Record of Interpersonal Sciences ” Volume twenty two, Number 4 (2011), http://www.eurojournals.com/EJSS_22_4_12.pdf, accesses August 2012. doze Mihaela Belu, Strategies of Entering New Markets, The Romanian Economic Record, http://www.rejournal.eu/Portals/0/Arhiva/JE%2027/JE%2027%20-%20Belu%20Caragin.pdf, reached August 2012. Appendix you

Mobile Money In NigeriaMobile money as the name indicates is the transfer of monetary value from one individual’s mobile phone to another. It has been made waves and affected business greatly in some parts of asian Africa wherever it was introduced in 2009. In Nigeria, the CBN (Central Bank of Nigeria), approved license to 11 cellular money providers in 2011. The CBN presented the Mobile phone money advertising campaign in Lagos State, Nigeria commercial neural center in January 2012, and prepared launching that around the federation by 2013. The CBN also put in place some bonuses for making use of the Mobile cash services, by placing fees for Financial institution cash ventures above 500, 000 for folks and 1million naira to get companies. |

Appendix two

Economics of Lagos StateLagos State is definitely the commercial nerve centre of Nigeria. Positioned in the western part of Nigeria, it is residence to over 18million people and has over 2, 1000 industries. 65% of the country’s commercial activities are completed in the condition. Two of the nation’s largest seaports -Apapa and Tin-Can Slots are located in Lagos State. |

Appendix 3

Cash flow Distribution with the Nigeria Human population in 2010

Nigeria Population in 2010-156, 051, 000 (Source: International Monetary Fund ” 2011 Globe Economic Outlook) This statement shows the distribution to get seven organizations within the Nigerian Population completely. Percentage of population in income clump of 0-500 PPP Dollars “55. 68% Percentage of population in income mount of 500-1000 PPP Dollars-28. 22% Percentage of inhabitants in profits bracket of 1000-2500 PPP Dollars- 18. 61% Percentage of population in profits bracket of 2500-5000 PPP Dollars- 1 . 17% Percentage of inhabitants in salary bracket of 5000-10000 PPP Dollars- zero. 17% Percentage of population in income bracket of 10000-20000 PPP Dollars- zero. 05% Percentage of populace in cash flow bracket of 20000+ PPP Dollars- 0. 1% Source-Marketline analysis depending on information by National Record Organization

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