My childhood best friend and her family hosted a foreign exchange student once we were in middle institution. He was one or two years over the age of us nevertheless I got to be aware of him well in the time he spent studying in the united states.

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One of the things that we remember the most about him becoming “culturally several was his view worth addressing of consuming as a friends and family at least twice every day. I remember after he relocated in, my best good friend’s family began to eat lunch break together and either lunch or dinner together too.

I as well noticed he previously a bigger area of issue global warming and being eco-friendly than most Americans.

This individual recycled and i also never saw him throw a piece of waste on the ground ever before. One big difference that I located quit amusing was his fear of turning into sick. It absolutely was kind of outrageous. If somebody started to get yourself a cold he’d go on a Lysol spree getting rid of any bacteria that came in the path.

“The exchange of greetings is the most ordinary, every day use of dialect and motion found universally and I realized that he welcomed everyone almost the same way?nternet site did (Scupin, 105). Typically, he was a typical teenager but I certainly saw differences here and there that reminded me having been from an additional culture. The encounter that I had with the foreign exchange college student definitely helped me reflect my culture and way of carrying out things.

I actually questioned the things i was missing out on by not wanting to eat at the desk with my family every night, just how much I would really make a difference if I started recycling my personal soda cans, and why I no longer run and hide on the glance of any friend finding a cold. I had notice that the other exchange pupil was very eager to try new things and he didn’t seem out of place. As the text says, “Our unmatched success in adapting to be able to conditions shows not only each of our open biograms, but likewise the affect of individual culture (Scupin, 61).

I really believe I did understand what I perform is also component to a learned way of becoming. The things I really do every day will be my culture. It’s the things i know and what is about me. I’ve learned the right way to be. My personality, “a combination of social and social identity (Social Identity, Character, and Gender) is my personal way of getting. (408 words)


I like how you compared and contrasted the music and vocabulary in Muelle Rican lifestyle and Mexican Culture. I discovered it interesting that a number of the instruments utilized in traditional Malograr Rican music originated together with the Taino persons.

The most popular is the guicharo, or guiro, which was tailored from pre-Columbian days. We also found that interesting that fewer that 20 percent of Puerto Ricans speak British fluently. I think it’s wonderful that you appreciate and have love for music and that you will find similarities inside your culture and in the Muelle Rican traditions. Maybe your enculturation is just like other Malograr Ricans. My spouse and i enjoyed the discussion post and look forward to many more!


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