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Studies have shown that the Big Five personality elements have _____ heritability across several nationalities.

Environment, behavior, and personal factors.

Bandura’s concept of testing determinism includes:

Interpersonal cognitive

A method in which the ___ view differs from psychoanalytic theory is that it can be and has been analyzed under medical conditions.

Rotter’s Sociable Learning theory

Theory is dependent on the principle that people will be motivated to find reinforcement and avoid punishment.


A tendency that identifies striving to satisfy one’s natural capacities and capabilities.


Maslow thought that all Einstein and Gandhi had been:

Conditional positive respect

Micah’s hubby tells her how much more content he would always be if the girl stayed residence to raise their children. She believes he would end loving her if the lady decided to take a job. Micah’s husband is offering:


Jim constantly worries that he will get bad levels, that he will be later for operate, or that something bad will happen to his family and friends.

He’s often in a lather and photos at his friends. He’s likely to be a top scorer which dimension with the Big Five?

Trait-situation interaction

Walt Mischel believed that diverse circumstances inspired how characteristics were portrayed, an assumption know while:

Freud’s psychoanalytic

1 criticism of ____ theory is that they have many unclear concepts which might be difficult to evaluate and are not based on appear research

Anal retentive personality

Work of one of your professors is extremely neat and tidy. Every one of the books will be carefully organized on the shelves, in addition to no papers lying about. Freud might claim that this person offers a(n):


John’s boss yells at him. As Steve walks poorly out of the boss’s office, Dana walks previous him and says, “Hello!  John yells for Dana and proceeds to berate her for the work she did on the last contract. Freud would declare John is definitely using ________ as a way of dealing with his stress.

withdrawing coming from personal human relationships.

According to Horney, a kid might deal with anxiety by:


________ countered the concept of penis envy having a male equal: “womb covet. 

Behavioral genetics

Cameron was adopted when they are born, so now your dog is interested in studying the effects of usage on child development. Specifically, Cameron desires to know in the event individual characteristics can be attributed more to genetics as well as to environmental conditions. Cameron is usually interested in the study of ________.

Projective test

You are shown a photo of a green fuzzy impair and asked to describe everything you see. The sort of personality analysis that you are more than likely involved in is definitely a(n) ________.


Shawna can be persistent in terms of completing a job. Not only does she refuse to quit when things become a bit challenging, although she is convinced that as long as she puts forth your energy, she will manage to reach her goals effectively. Albert Bandura might declare Shawna has a high level of ________.


Nesreen believes that humans are in control of their particular fates, which an individual’s personality is molded by the decisions he/she makes throughout his/her life. Nesreen’s belief in how character is formed ideal supports the ______ point of view of personality development.


Theo is six years old which is about to enter in first level. With his lovemaking interests overpowered, oppressed, he is all set to begin expanding social associations and mental skills. Theo is in what stage of Freud’s developmental theory?

Group Interdependence

If your trainer describes a culture because emphasizing “collectivism,  she’s saying that the culture’s principles emphasize _______.


Which of the Big Five factors of personality appears to be associated with elevated volume in the medial orbitoprefrontal cortex part of the brain?






Temperament is based on:

Personality, persona

____ may be the unique method by which each individual thinks, acts, and feels during life, while ____ refers to value decision made with regards to a person’s morals or moral behavior.

Halo result

The tendency of the interviewer to allow the positive advantages of a client to influence that they view the customer’s behavior is referred to as:

California Psychological Products on hand

A trait theorist would probably use which usually of the subsequent personality assessments?


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