The brand NEWE was created and nowadays comes after the aim showing women’s beauty and sharm. Main goal of the trademark is to produce all possible efforts to locate a solution of girls skin difficulties. Another approach of the firm is to generate female skin more sparkly, bright and beautiful. Mission The new formula and among high-priority goals of the firm is to do away with skin energy and make it looks living and shine through new innovations solutions developing.

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NEWE is producing everything likely to merchandise advanced makeup using fragile CGMP development process.

This method not only supplies skin with natural ingredients although also depending on only 100 % natural ingredients taken from clean environment. Scientific research from character NEWE is attempting to bring skin area technologies nearer to life research and comprehensive taking the path to best skin. Based upon human efforts, natural ingredients and innovative solutions NEWE is heading to beautiful future. With outstanding accelerating ideas and innovative strategies NEWE offers the skin’s splendor all women dream about.

6. NEWE’s procedures and effects Lightening Snow brightening (basic)

Briightening (BB) Ultraviolet (uv) rays block Time locking mechanism (BB) Time lock (Basic) Golden packaging deluxe Platinum therapy Lines and wrinkles removal & anti-wrinkles remedy 7. NEWE’s procedures description & special features Identity of the procedure | Epidermis type| Merchandise formation | Skin challenges available for treatment | Functions| The particular features of the procedure | Precious metal label deluxe| All skin area types| Toner, emulsion, essense, cream| Insufficient elasticity, great wrinkles, have a good laugh lines| -wrinkle therapy| 1 ) Contains of 99% pure gold 2 . Moisture& anti-ageing effects 3.

Soft consistency, high consistence of nutritions| Snow white| Oily, incorporate skin| Serum, cream, spa-solution, BB cream| Lack of wetness, freckles, blemish, dark skin| Lightening, BB (2 phases)| 1 . a result of 7 red moisture & whitening impact 2 . Mild texture, easy using 3. Purslane, white colored birch effective extracts therapy | Time lock| Dry skin| Serum, cream, attention cream, BB cream| Insufficient elasticity, excellent wrinkles, laugh lines, profound wrinkles, epidermis troubles | Wrinkle remedy, BB (3 phases)| 1 ) Contains of pea is actually protein (stem cell lifestyle medium) 2 . Contains of bean’s fermentation extracts 3.

Texture filled with nutritions, wet using| Precious metal therapy | All skin types| Serum, cream| Dark skin, deficiency of elasticity, diminishing skin| Wrinkle therapy & lightening (double effect)| 1 . Contain 00% gold components2. contains of caviar components 3. providing a moisture from chell | 8. Skincare & solutions for different age ranges Age group 25-30 1 . Following the age twenty-five, skin begins to decline energy and getting older process little by little starts (especially in the case of matrimony, pregnancy and birth of children life style overall changes a whole lot, what impact on on epidermis condition). 2 .

Fine wrinkles, laugh lines appear. three or more. A tendency of decrease epidermis energy and elasticity. four. Skin turns into tighter, and wrinkles close to mouth region become more visible. 5. Even though consistence of oil/moist in skin nearly the same with 20-25 age group, it’s a period when skin can change its type all of a sudden. Problem & skin care Problem: 1 . Though there’s no big difference with 20-25 skin condition, because of cases of pregnancy & birth of children a state of skin begins to change. Care: 1 . Picking cosmetics which in turn suits your skin type, protecting skin and keep the necessary water balance. installment payments on your

Paying attention about protection skin from ultraviolet rays and other outside impulses. 3. Caring for skin employing lightening cosmetics in case of fine wrinkles, chuckle lines appearance. 4. Sum of serum secretion at eye, mouth area, cheek sector begins to decrease, so deal with expression lines and wrinkles should be used care specifically. ADVICE NEWE SNOW WHITE SERIES! 9. Skin care& solutions for different age groups Age group 40 Skin condition 1 . The state when stability with the skin can be fold many. 2 . When compared with 20-s getting older process visible more, but due to ongoing hormone release and steady life style the majority of balanced skin condition 3.

Loss of skin flexibility, skin becomes pigmented easily, fine wrinkles, laugh lines appear. some. Metabolism and all skin reactions become slow; as a result sebum secretion declines also. 5. Skin looses shine and gloss, becomes coarser, the moisture level decrease. Difficulty & skincare Problem: 1 . Skin turns into dryer, and oily skin troubles decrease. 2 . Enhance of fine wrinkles, chuckle lines and other troubles connected with ageing process (time, when folks pay more focus on ageing process). Care: 1 . 0 age is the time once metabolism retards, so to expedite circulation with the blood every day massage and packs (should be used 1-2 times a week) are essential measures. These types of procedures switch on an energy stream in the pores and skin, making it vitalized. 2 . The individuals, who think their pores and skin more limited and dried than before, includes essence employing in their everyday life and keep the moisture level well-balanced all the time. 3. To prevent skin vaporization nourishment cream must be used continually both with eye cream against eyesight wrinkles& chuckle lines. GUIDANCE

NEWE PERIOD LOCK RANGE NEWE GLOWING THERAPY RANGE 10. Skin care& alternatives for different age groups Age group 40-50 Skin condition 1 . Ageing method becomes a growing number of visible and fast, wrinkles appear not only at eye-mouth zone although at other regions of face 2 . Time when skin becomes dry and the dry skin is visible as well. 3. Epidermis blemish swells, skin appears tight and coarse. Difficulty & skin care Problem: 1 ) Ageing in the skin becomes clearly obvious, sebaceous glands’ function worsens, dermis structure and connections go off, skin elasticity diminishes rapidly.

Proper care: 1 . Having to pay a lot of attention upon prevention of skin dryness & and the damage made by getting older process, selection of high-nutrition cosmetics. 2 . Use of preventing aging process items, providing particular care apart from of the employed every day. three or more. Use of packs bringing fresh energy to the skin; regular massage. 5. Use of plowshare cream and anti-wrinkle cream together. SUGGESTIONS! NEWE GOLDEN LABEL LUXURIOUS LINE NEWE TIME FASTEN LINE eleven. Golden Ingredients label ” anti-ageing Providing skin with 00% gold ” happiness for skin! Rendering of 99% gold??? peptide

Adenosine ” tested by simply Korea Food & Drug Administration Anti-wrinkle components & ingredients doze. Golden Ingredients label ” anti-ageing Pure Platinum 99 % * Genuine gold applied since Midsection Age Era to prevent ageing-processes, it good-natured with the physique, there is no corrosion, doesn’t cause allergy; is actually expedite cell revival results and popular all over the world by simply detoxification the poison, a wispy beard, sterilization and lightening results. * Adenosine- the effect of wrinkle-removal tested and turned out by Korea Food; amp; Drug Supervision.

Due to substances effective both equally at protecting against wrinkle and the removing concurrently. * Peptide ” gets fast assimilated by skin fast; because of outstanding anti-wrinkles effect totally moisturize dried; amp; dark skin, rendering it with necessary nutritions. 13. Glowing Label ” anti-ageing NEWE GOLDEN LABELED DELUXE TONER 150 ml From the very moment of touching your skin, toner provides it with gold extracts and leaves the feeling of moisture because of synergy of nutritions and collagen. Toner keeps skin elastic, spending full of energy, avoiding wrinkles simultaneously.

NEWE FANTASTIC LABEL DELUXE EMULSION a hundred and fifty ml Because of the synergy of ingredients (gold, peptide and collagen added too optimum proportions) mild emulsion keeps epidermis clean, stretchy and new. NEWE GOLD LABEL DELUXE ESSENSE 150 ml Luxurious enrich substance consists of 00% gold extract and collagen remove most skin and turn into it back to the young age occasions. NEWE PLATINUM LABEL LUXURIOUS CREAM 55 g Luxurious cream deeply provides skin area with important nutritions, bringing loose skin area to life, and return dry out skin in to energetic, packed with elasticity 1. 14. White _ whitening

Due to the complex of arbutin and six ” reddish extracts makes skin shiny and sparkly immaculately. Arbutin ” lightening component, effect was tested by Korea Food; amp; Drug Operations. Moisturizing factor ” sap of a white colored birch, puslane extract * 7-RedConcentrate ” tomato, rose, camellia seeds, rubus coreanus fruit, rooibos, safflower seed products, peach ” complex of 7-red elements. 15. White _ whitening Arbutin ” the element was examined and proved by Korea Food; amplifying device; Drug Government. Due to made up whitening pieces lightens pigmented skin and makes it clean immaculately. -Red components ” comprising effects of 7 reddish plants elements, this sophisticated prevent epidermis from oxidation, control water balance and brings skin area to the ideal condition, so that it is healthy and bright. Systems applications and products of a light birch, puslane extract ” protects skin from outside the house irritations, delivers necessary moisture and makes epidermis bright, long lasting and easy. 16. Snow White _ 7-Red Complex 1 . Rooibos ” lightening impact, skin troubles prevention result Anti-oxidation impact, powerful pores and skin protector 2 . camellia seeds ” makes skin soft and smooth, protects by anti-oxidants; Makes crumbly and flaky skin healthy. increased flower ” powerful effect of skin reconstruction, brings new feeling Mends skin irritation, inflammation, restoration effects 4. Oil of safflower seed products ” excellent plowshare; method to obtain vitamin Elizabeth 5. rubus coreanus fruit ” clear influence of skin regeneration, delivers fresh sense; Heals pores and skin itching, irritation, recovery results 6. Tomato ” Anti-oxidation effect; pimple sterilization effect 7. Peach ” prevention of dry skin; brings the immunity to damaged skin; activate blood circulation and boost cell framework of epidermis 17. Snow White _ whitening

NEWE SNOW WHITE SERUM 40 ml Serum permeates in to the skin fast and deep, providing fast effect. Enrich luxurious serum makes skin area clean and dazzling. NEWE SNOW WHITE SPOT OPTION 20 milliliters Snow white area solution is actually a product made for using for parts of skin with especially intensified skin tones; controls the number of melanin getting pureness and shine to skin. NEWE SNOW WHITE CREAM 50 g Cream involves whitening substances, richly gives skin with nutritions and moisture. NEWE SNOW WHITE BB CREAM IMPRESSIVE, SPF 45 PA++ two PHASE COSMETIC MAKEUP PRODUCTS 40 ml

Due to dangerous of outside elements protection 2 ” stage effect cream blocks ultraviolet rays two times more effective, stop skin damage and keeps the tone of skin clean and all-natural all day long. 18. Time Lock _ anti-ageing “Adenosine complex and proteins of pea ” answer, bringing liveliness and juvenility to skin Adenosine ” wrinkles removal effect proved by Korea Food; amp; Drug Government. Moisturizing Component ” bean’s fermentation substances; sodium hyaluronate. HYDROLYZED PEA PROTEIN ” pea’s proteins 19. Time Lock _ anti-ageing Adenosine

Wrinkle removing effect proved by Korea Food; amp; Drug Operations. Adenosine takes away all kinds of lines and wrinkles (from great wrinkles, have a good laugh lines until deep wrinkles) and delivers energy and elasticity to fading epidermis, rejuvenating this. Pea’s aminoacids The healthy proteins are seperated from pea and then following refining process and enzymatic treatment liposome initiate a reaction on peptides of little molecular size what boosts stem cellular activity. Vitamin Sodium hyaluronate Protects epidermis and retains it smooth and healthier; Keeps epidermis moisturized all day long; controls the moisture level abundantly. 20.

NEWE TIME LOCKING MECHANISM SERUM forty ml Fast absorbing serum, which deeply fills pores and skin with firmness, removes various kinds of wrinkles and makes skin long lasting and fresh. NEWE PERIOD LOCK CREAM 50 g Cream incorporate enrich numerous nutritions which in turn get consumed by pores and skin fast and prevent dryness. Item also shields skin via outside injuries and makes that look healthful and peaceful. NEWE TIME LOCK CREAM 20 milliliters Protects sensitive skin around eye area gently, provides it with moist and nutritions, inhibits eye wrinkles and makes skin for eye region look strong. NEWE PERIOD LOCK HIGH GRADE BB CREAM

SPF 40PA++, WRINKLES, FAST 3 PERIOD EFFECT 45 ml Because of high level of ultraviolet safeguard SPF 40 PA++, lightening effect and wrinkles take out effect three or more phase result BB cream regenerates ruined skin, keeps skin moisture, healthy and beautiful for a long time. 21. Platinum Therapy _whitening; amp; anti-ageing ” 00% pure precious metal, EGF, caviar, peptides “skin becomes a masterpiece Gold therapy Gold ” 99. 9% pure rare metal Arbutin Adenosine ” adenosine, anti-wrinkles pieces, arbutin; lightening effect proven by Korea Food; amplifying device; Drug Supervision.

Caviar ” caviar extract 22. Pure gold component Gold is well known around the world while an absolutely hazardous component makes skin dazzling and clean. It removes endotoxins and skin waste materials, prevents several skin problems and rejuvenates skin deeply. Caviar Caviar is famous as one of the best 3 world delicacies. The extract richly brings nutritions to epidermis, provides that with firmness and will keep soft and beautiful. Arbutin Adenosine Lightening effect proven by Korea Food; amp; Drug Government.

As anti-wrinkles components Arbutin and Adenosine relieve pores and skin pigmentation, makes skin expending smooth, take away all types of lines and wrinkles and provides skin with strength and firmness. 23. Precious metal Therapy _ whitening; amplifier; anti-ageing NEWE GOLD REMEDY SERUM forty ml Including components of platinum gel-type serum gets absorbed quickly possibly by deep parts of derma, has a impressive effect and makes skin even more shiny and bright. NEWE GOLD THERAPY CREAM 50 g two phase quickly absorbed anti-wrinkles cream, which offers skin with nutritions and moist, rendering it smooth, smooth and gorgeous.

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