Do you have a smartphone? If so , which manufacturer did you get, and for what reason? Yes I actually do have a smartphone. Usually I like every one of the brands when it comes to phones nevertheless my personal view is with apple. I was a very repeated user of all of the apple companies I have most of them. The reason why I like all the apple products can be they provide many facilities which will brands noesn’t need like better display quality effective appear etc .

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this all things draws in me toward apple. Then when someone request me about my decision I must declare apple is the foremost because this is the only company which changes the phone if the customer get some problem in the phone. Others just repair their telephones but only apple change the phone and provide a brand new phone right approach.

Should apple introduce a reduced cost i phone to attract buyers who are not willing or able to shell out a premium pertaining to an Apple system? Yes apple should expose a lower price IPhone mainly because middle school people know how to run iPhone and they also desire to use iPhone but because of high cost of apple product they may be not able to get apple equipment.

In the event apple present iPhone which usually cost is low and easily cost-effective by midsection class buyers then everyone is able to buy iPhone, iPad, ipod touch easily. Additionally it is a easiest way to increase earnings of apple organization simply by launching low cost iPhone in developing countries. Recently apple launches iPhone 5c which can be low cost phone ever introduced by apple company and requirement of apple from this item was quite high but its result was negative from its expectations and this mobile phone was refused by most of the people.

Do you think apple can continue to increase by developing breakthrough items that create fresh market, as it did with the IPod, iPhone, iPad? Yes i do think apple can continue to grow by developing break through products that create new marketplace, as it do with the Ipod touch, iPhone, iPad because Apple. inc is one of the biggest company in the cellphone industry that is certainly the reason why individuals were also excited to get the approaching apple goods.

How has Samsung’s global marketing strategy empowered it to compete soeffectively against apple? Samsung consumer electronics mainly relies on market research. Samsung hire large amount of employee whom work in diverse country’s research center which will provide details about consumer inclination, taste of consumer while apple would not spend fortune on researching the market. Moreover Samsung korea spend big money on product promotion, advertisement. Samsung sponsors many huge concert events, leagues in entire the world. Samsung frequently launch telephones in short time frame gap whereas apple just launch a couple of product in a given time. Prices of Samsung goods are also cost-effective by every single class of shoppers.


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