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Nordic insurance firm creates “Birthual Reality” to help father and mother prepare themselves on what to anticipate during giving birth using VR experience entirely 360-degree

Virtuelle realität is becoming a large hit for the new generation nowadays since technology continues to improve through these years. Whether it’s to get games, architectural, arts, entertainment, business and health. It may be considered a hot craze towards the video gaming community but some of its interesting applications are also being developed in hospitals and universities likewise all across the world.

VR is used by Stanford kid’s hospital to picture congenital heart disorders while the Family members Reunions Job uses this to help immigrants be reunited with their people, in which includes new and interesting activities to the people.

Recently, Gjensidige Insurance, a Nordic insurance provider has used it to a new level by making you have childbirth entirely virtual reality intended for the very first time.

The 10-minute video that was shot at Örebro University Hospital in Sweden, shows you what truly happens during childbirth. From the preparation and labour for any young couple to the genuine delivery in the baby, before, during and after. The video will make you feel as you are experiencing it first-hand because of the 360 degrees view of the room through switching that to an over-the-shoulder camera angle as the expectant mother provides the baby.

Kristina Müller, the chief midwife at BB Stockholm medical center, believes this virtual reality encounter can really open up the peoples’ eyes in to understanding upon what actually happens every time a child is born. She is positive that the Birthual Reality can easily lessen the uneasiness and discomfort of some people if the preparation pertaining to childbirth is in front of these, for actual this time.

This VR experience can transform the perspective of so many people as to what really happens when a baby will be delivered, minimizing the distress and worry when the period arrives. It will help broaden their minds on how to behave and how to proceed during labor making it an excellent and helpful tool to help future father and mother on can be to come.

VR has been known as “fad” by the gaming community, but hostipal wards and universities remain determined on producing one-of-a-kind applications that can absolutely improve the patient’s outcome and experience.

The amount of proof doesn’t stop growing regarding how virtuelle wirklichkeit apps can really help patients overcome their fear and anxiety when it comes to medical center stays and the pain that is included with it ” and bearing in mind that Gjensidig not the slightest little proposes that VR experience will simplicity the torment of the birth ” that trusts that by taking this to a fresh level, the technology, in any event, is taking a step forward in helping foreseeable future mums and dads get ready for what to expect the moment their initial child will be delivered.

How about you? What are your ideas on the new Birthual Reality iphone app? Leave a feedback and share your useful thoughts.

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