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911 and Beyond Presage an Era of New Terrorism? What Problems Performs this Pose in Terms of Risk Management?

To get airports as well as the airline market worldwide, the poker site seizures of September 11, 2001 were completely catastrophic, especially in the United States, and resulted in significant changes in risk assessment and security methods. In the United States, every airline security was removed from the hands of the airlines and private companies and converted over to the us government. Essentially, the Transportation Protection Administration required control of the screening of passengers, freight and suitcase. Because it was the most influential country on the globe and the most significant market, the U. T. was also able to persist that various other countries follow its modified security techniques as well, or be denied access to American air space. Security procedures that had been in place for many years were significantly overhauled and intensified, due to the fact that this generation of terrorists was far better trained, financed and organized than those before. Even worse, were most fanatical and prepared to make suicide in the belief that God could bless these people as martyrs to the cause. No one experienced really anticipated that they would use airplane as traveling by air bombs to cause optimum death and destruction to ground focuses on. Prior to Sept. 2010 11th, the worst case scenario dreamed by risk managers and insurance companies was that two passenger planes could collide, or perhaps that hijackers would dominate planes and demand money or the releasing of politics prisoners. After September 11th, they can imagine terrorists who would make use of nuclear, chemical or natural weapons to destroy a large city.

A lot of American airlines were influenced into individual bankruptcy by the Sept. 2010 11th episodes, and this was in an industry that had for ages been in poor condition after deregulation in 1978. Stock beliefs for all airlines worldwide fell by 30%, but in the U. S. they collapsed overnight, together the government not really responded with billions of us dollars in emergency grants and loans the whole industry may have failed. Provided these traumatic events, the airline market has taken the position which it simply cannot make it through any more attacks like these. They must always be eliminated at all costs, and governments must pick up a lot of the costs rather than attempting to move these on passengers. This kind of meant more cash for new technology, including suitcases screening products, explosive sensors, bomb and chemical sniffing dogs, microchips in identity documents and facial and iris reputation software. Within a few years, more than 45, 500 people were employed by the TSA, including a large number of armed air flow marshals, although other countries resisted this policy, as they did the arming of pilots and flight staff. Since the insurance industry was unwilling or unable to offer coverage for terrorist problems, this resulted in governments likewise had to act in this area lest the air industry cease to function. Passengers had been profiled, particularly young Muslim and Arabic males in manners that often seem racist and contrary to municipal rights. Travellers have been inconvenienced by lengthy lines and intensified screening, including side searches, and inevitably security personnel have been accused of inefficiencies, racism, violence of more serious, all of which unwraps governments and airlines to lawsuits. Pertaining to the flight companies, though, who also lost a lot of passengers after September 11th that they would not recover intended for four years, all of this become more intense security is completely essential to prevent another such incident that might destroy public confidence on the market.


In counterterrorism policy, risk assessment may follow many different models, just like COSO, which include assessment, response, governance, prevention and minimization, as well as the development of metrics to assess all potential risks. RAND Corporation, however, “advocates events-based models including detailed evaluation of weeknesses and result of particular terrorist assault scenarios” (Kennedy and McGarrell 2011, p. 2). Its purpose is note to provide optimal secureness but to stop major errors like the inability to predict the Sept. 2010 11th attacks. Risk analysis is probabilistic of necessity, and always thinks a wide variety of factors such as details and cleverness about terrorists, surveillance and mitigation in determining the most likely hazards and avoiding them. Open public support is vital in counterterrorism, especially because of the threat to “privacy and freedom of movement” (Kennedy and McGarrell, p. 3). In its individual risk assessments, the U. S. federal government always combines analysis of threats, vulnerabilities and outcomes, with assets applied to one of the most likely targets and most susceptible areas, with big metropolitan areas like New You are able to and its well-known monuments at the top of the list. Airport and airline secureness, however , will be based upon the premise that “we should be right constantly, the terrorist needs just to be correct once” (Kennedy and McGarrell, p. 3). Their risk management policy is the fact all terrorist attacks must be prevented in humanly possible since the industry simply cannot withstand an additional catastrophe like September 11th.

Companies that do not engage in risk management today are at risk in break, and less than all-out conflict, no increased danger exists to airports and flight companies than the risk of terrorism. For the airline industry, occasions like Sept. 2010 11, 2001 represent a catastrophic risk that could demonstrate lethal, so much so that a repetition of these grille must be prevented at all costs. These types of attacks were devastating within the global level to the point where it is “now skeptical that the industry will endure in its present state” (Makinen 2002, l. 54). In the immediate wake of the disorders, governments were attempting to determine whether terrorism could even be considered an insurable risk or whether it had been simply an act of war, because Congress labeled the Sept 11th episodes. The damage towards the American air carriers was with no “precedent in aviation history, ” and it forced U. H. Airways and United Air carriers into personal bankruptcy (Makinen, l. 4). This cost the industry by least $40 billion and its consequences only a few insurers were “offering limited, restricted, and pricey insurance policies pertaining to terrorism” (Makinen, p. 5). Without these, air carriers simply would not be able to operate in certain areas or have to fly at their own risk, unless government authorities step in and offer insurance. This also induced “a once-and-for-all drop in productivity in the airline industry” as it had to devote even more resources and money to heightened numbers of security and increased voyager fees to protect it (Makinen, p. 13).

The main objective of terrorism is to promote fear and insecurity inside the public head all out of proportion for the actual military and monetary damage that terrorist organizations can instill. This is why they depend seriously on advertising publicity to spread panic and dread, and if the perception with the threat is great enough in that case there will be greater “willingness to set restrictions upon civil liberties to increase basic safety and security” (Breckenridge and Zimbardo 2007, p. 117). Terrorists also understand that dramatic televised pictures of their serves have a larger impact and shock worth than print out stories. Airline passengers will demand more intense security tests, while at the same time become irritated at the delays, long lines and invasion of privacy. Fear will also activate a “pessimistic assessment of risk, inches although air carriers and travellers will generally assume that another individual is always very likely to be a patient of terrorism rather than themselves (Breckenridge and Zimbardo, s. 118). All who have already knowledgeable violent trauma like these is definitely the most likely to react with extreme fear and anxiety and to have problems with psychiatric disorders. On the other hand, genuine “mass hysteria and anxiety is uncommon, ” besides in situations the place that the dangers are immediate as well as the chances of escape very limited (Breckenridge and Zimbardo, p. 119).

Airlines and passengers also tend to take too lightly the risks since actual terrorist acts continue to be relatively uncommon compared to incidents and organic disasters. Michael Rothschild predicted that an person has a one in 400 potential for dying of heart disease and a one in 600 potential for dying of cancer in any given 12 months, the odds of airline individuals experiencing a terrorist attack are one out of 500, 500 (Breckenridge and Zimbardo, p. 119). Nevertheless the public understanding of risk is much more than that, my numbers were so high that after Sept 11th the airline and travel sector lost $60 billion in the U. S. alone and drove a number of major airlines into personal bankruptcy. Airline travel around did not come back to pre-September 11th levels till 2005, and the overall results on the global airline and travel sector were huge. For evident reasons, in that case, airports and airlines stick to risk elimination policy with terrorism and can take any kind of steps essential to prevent also one terrorist incident. A repetition of your attack just like September eleventh could very well destroy an airline, especially in recessionary times such as. This is simply not a risk that the industry or any specific airline can endure, in spite of governments prepared to step in and prop

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