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Kingfisher Airlines Limited is an airline group based in India Its head office is in Andheri (East), Mumbai and Authorized Office in UB Town, Bangalore. Kingfisher Airlines, through its mother or father company United Breweries Group, has a 50% stake in low-cost jar Kingfisher Reddish colored. The flight has been facing financial problems for many years. Till December 2011, Kingfisher Airlines had the other largest share in India’s domestic flights market. Nevertheless due to a severe economic crisis faced by the airline at the start of 2012, they have the lowest business since 04 2012.

Vijay Mallya is looking at studies of Q3 of 2008, thinking that may there beany way to at least break even with this critical time of economic slow down. Aviation sector is very sensitive industry activated hard by recession across the globe. Kingfisher reviews Rs. 592. 96 crore net loss (from exhibit-1) for the quarter finished 31st January 2008.

Of india aviation sector is buckling under rising fuel rates & manpower costs and falling air traffic.

Sales was standing at Rs 1, 447 crore vs Rs 1, 353 crore, in line with Plane Airways, which usually also posted a net loss of Rs 214 crore for the quarter below review because of poor weight factors. The corporation claimed that technically, the financial results for the third quarter can not be compared with the corresponding quarter since the Vijay Malaya-led Kingfisher was not listed recently and this year’s result include figures of erstwhile Air flow Deccan, which in turn Kingfisher overtook last year. “High fuel and also other operating costs coupled with decrease load factors contributed to the losses for Kingfisher,  an industry viewer said. Within the operational the front, Kingfisher noticed corporate targeted traffic being strike during the one fourth because of the financial slowdown. Yields and front-end load aspect also suffered “The total impact in the price decrease in aviation turbine fuel is going to lower the airlines’ functioning costs, 


Kingfisher Airline is actually a private air travel based in Bangalore, India. The airlines held by Vijay Mallya of United Beverages Group. Kingfisher Airlines began its procedures on May 9, 2005 with a fleet of 5 Airbus A320 aircrafts. The destinations covered by Kingfisher Flight companies are Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Goa, Chennai, Hyderabad, Ahmadabad, Cochin, Guwahati, Kolkata, Pune, Agartala, Dibrugarh, Mangalore and Jaipur.

In a short span of time Kingfisher Airline provides carved a niche for by itself. The flight offers a lot of unique companies to it is customers. Included in this are: personal valet at the airport terminal to assist in baggage handling and boarding, exclusive lounges with private space, served with refreshments and music with the airport, digital on-demand, with extra-wide individualized screens inside the aircraft, sleeperette seats with extendable footrests, and three-course gourmet delicacies.


Kingfisher Flight companies currently functions with a completely new fleet of almost 8 AirbusA320 aircraft, 3 Airbus A319-100 aircraft and 5 ATR-72 airplane. It was thefirst airline in India to operate with all new aircrafts. Kingfisher Airlines isalso the first Indian aircarrier to purchase the Airbus A380. That placed orders for five A380s, five A350-800 aircrafts and 5Airbus A330-200 aircrafts in a deal valued in over $3 billion in June 12-15, 2005. With the sign of trouble in aviation sector, Kingfisher airlines and Fly airways (used to be competitors), formed connections (October, 2008) to substantially rationalize and reduce costs and offer improved requirements and a wider selection of air trips options to consumers with immediate impact.

¢Kingfisher airline has won global prizes at the SKYTRAX World Airline Awards wedding held just lately in Venedig des nordens (umgangssprachlich), Germany (2009).

¢Air France “KLM is in discussions with Fly Airways and Kingfisher Airline for having a code-share agreement. The conclusion of the agreement.


Dec. 2007Low-cost carrier Deccan and Vijay Mallya-led Kingfisher Airlines made a decision to merge and create a sole corporate organization to cut straight down operational costs and increase their voyage to profitability. Shares of Deccan Flying have bending in a very little over a month in anticipation of a reverse merger of Kingfisher Airlines in Deccan Flying. Details of Deccan-Kingfisher merger, value and change ratio will be worked out byaccountancy firm KPMG. Mallya would be the chairman and CEO of the merged organization, while business chairman of Deccan, Chief G L Gopinath could be the vice-chairman.


1 ) Kingfisher Flight companies Inks Proper Alliance with American Communicate. Partners release India’s first Airline Corporate Charge Card System Fast track Business Savings with exclusive Rebates, Discounts, and Employee Rewards with Full Club and Bonus Points.

2 . Tactical and detailed alliance with rival home-based carrier Jet Airways owned or operated by Naresh Goel last season.

Current approach of Kingfisher Airlines

Following strategies were implemented to make it one of the leading Air carriers in India.

Functional tactics

This planned to re-launch their commercial air service called UB Airway again which usually it had to withdraw that due to govt restrictions. The Company gave greatest services to its customers that were like providing top notch interiors, and in-flight entertainment systems. The company came up with only 1 class flight companies rather than other airlines that had Organization Class; Economic climate Class the idea was to combine Business Course experiences and Economy Class experiences in a single. Having a sole class freed up even more leg space for passengers when compared to regular economy course flights.

The company started dealing with its customers as “GUEST rather than people. The company estbalished itself by providing their guests with additional legroom and bigger seats so as to provide better comfort. KFA has established its eyesight to become India’s largest airline both can be capacity and in market share. KFA’s Promotional Tactics & Sales strategies

It developed a very attractive Promotional line “Fly the great times andit reflected inside the experience the firm offered to their passengers. KFA is also released Kingfisher express In order to make use of the growing LCCsegment. Likewise launched the facility of web check-in, allowing travelers to printing their boarding passes via and the introduction from the Roving Agent at the airport terminal. The Roving Agent is much like a check-in counter on the road. You no longer need to go to the check-in countertop and await long. As part of its

Advertising strategy

the marketing team of KFA showcased the airline because “the fresh flying experience. The following pursuits were taken as part of the promotional strategy¦Advertisements hoardings at airports depicted the stylish decorations of the “Fun liners, which in turn conveyed fresh, fun-filled, and world class image.

INOX multiplexes in Mumbai publicized KFA’s special offers for a month.

KFA was the recognized travel airlines for the cast and crew of “Mangal Pandey- the movie.

KFA made use of several fashion displays, celebrity golf matches, Beginning of the year parties allto build it is “Kingfisher company.

The UB groups’ month to month magazine called “Pegasus published information about-face along with other info related to UB group.

KFA launched many attractive presents to promote the sales like the “King Card in association with ICICI Bank, in August 2005. It was meant to make loyal buyers for KFA by providing rewards like happy access to lounges, restaurants, free refreshments by airports, usage of 180 golf equipment across India, special attracts for lifestyle shows.

In October, KFA launched “Chill Times Give “in the month of August 2005 and Sept 2005. In October that they launched the “King Savings Offer “which said “Fly like a California king, don’t perform like one. KFA targeted the repeated fliersbusiness traveller segment, that has been dominated by simply Jet Breathing passages. By offering a ” Ruler Saver Booklet, this booklet contained 6 free airfare tickets and was presented as a free gift if the voyager bought two such booklets each worth Rs. 21, 999. People could take advantage off this offer in the event that they confirmed there Aircraft Privilege Affiliate (Gold or perhaps Platinum) cards.

Financial approaches:

KFA came up with many new economical strategic techniques that managed to get one of the leaders of aviators industry the organization had adopted following approaches:

1 . The corporation is about to spend near Rs 45 crore upon various mass media and below-the-line marketing actions for 12 months 2009-10

2 . Cut down the salaries with the staff like trainee preliminary now attracting Rs20k while compare to Rs2. 0lacs.

three or more. To fuck the financial disaster the KFL is taking into consideration an option of retrenchment.

4. It acquired brand new A320 aircrafts powered by the habitacle that was a paperless environment.

5. KFA was first American indian carrier to position an purchase for A380s.

Expansion strategy

To further the expansion plan KFA put in its wager to buy Sahara in Nov 2005. On the other hand negotiation found a standstill the moment KFA experienced the value of Sahara Airlines of around US$750mn to US$1 bn. was too high. KFA has plans to make a primary Public Give (IPO) and raise around US$200 mn that would be employed for its fleet acquisition and route enlargement activities. KFA set up Kingfisher International Incorporation. (KII), an auxilliary brand in ALL OF US for its international operations. KFA plans to operate international routs by end of 3 years ago. But KFA had however to receive agreement from the Of india government. According to American indian government home air carriers aren’t allowed to flyinternational routes without five year of household flying encounter. But Mr. Mallya said if this individual failed to persuade the government to change its guidelines, it would commence an flight in a overseas country and fly it to India.

Human Resource Approaches

Prior to launch, KFA signed a “non-poaching alliance with Air Deccan under which both the flight companies agreed to not hire every single other’s employee. KFA’s air travel attendants referred to as “Flying models were picked through a national level version contest. KFA also pressured the fact that its staff had to be competent enough to meet the airlines’ high support standards. Mr. Mallya stated “Kingfisher Flight companies Limited contains a first class managing team not simply at top rated most level but as well in the second line. This can be part of the UB group’s determination to individual resources.

*Recommended Strategies

1 ) Should tie up with different point out tourism (like Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu etc) to promote domestic surroundings traffic.

installment payments on your Running on the net contests to increase traffic

several. Looking at joining up with premium hotels, so that the customers of hotels straight choose Kingfisher airlines intended for traveling.

4. To minimize air fuel price and other functioning expenses of aircraft they have to purchase new more fuel efficient and advance technology based airplane.

5. Code sharing with additional airlines.

6th. Rescheduling of flights in order to adjust the burden.

7. Even more tie ups are required just like they can also be a part of LEGEND alliance.

eight. At the time of economic downturn making collusions and cartels could be a very good


9. In this scenario it can be imperative for virtually any airline to generate its company and have focused marketing strategy and created a fresh category of Aviation hospitality as a result making service and hospitality as primary focus.

twelve. The Company ought to join hands with certain banks just like ICICI, SBI etc . to provide e-ticketing.


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