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It is winter. The times are frosty. The days also. We scurry out of the nice apartment each morning to be inside the warm office as soon as possible. Almost never do we waste a thought on the reassuring warmth that lets us survive the cold winters. The reality is that this temperature (heating and hot water) costs more than 80 percent of the energy we really need for the home. Just 20 percent from the energy runs in the form of electrical power into lumination and home appliances. Even so, when we conserve electricity, we think of killing a pointless lamp instead of consuming the heating. After all, you can not manage around at home with the skiing jacket. Apologies planet. In order to reduce this large energy item, all modern houses are jam-packed thick. 180mm polystyrene or rock made of wool slabs will be the ingredients for the standard facade insulation. At Minergie properties it may also become quiet regarding 200mm. Where, of course , every single window expose and every roofing beam can be insulated with dozens of diverse products, it was not until a few years ago that you just blithely dismissed your way in to the dear big world. Padding was in the same way foreign as climate transform and so various older complexes are still naked and without restraint in the landscape. If you want to clothe these kinds of old homes with 200mm insulation, the windows turn into peepholes as well as the monument is standing with raised index finger before the door. Deterring an old hardwood frame residence with a facade insulation is normally out of the question and so the insulation has to be installed inside. If the rooms are all of a sudden 400mm small, simply because the insulation needs its place, the client does not have pleasure. Expression instead of absorption A product that is 75 percent thinner compared to the conventional insulation and yet performs the same overall performance would have to deceived architects for a lot of reasons to begin the air.

This is what Ambito Polla, an ex carpenter who also today operates a small family business, thought so. He has been offering a product known as ACTIS for some years, which can be made by a spanish company. A product that works so differently than the most common insulation components, that it conjures up a puzzled frowning for the forehead of several experienced belly experts. Regular rock constructed from wool, which most likely also skins between your roof beams, absorbs the winter frosty. This problems through the material until it moves into the loft at the other end. The thicker the material, the more cold it can absorb as well as the less that gets into the inside. It works the same way in the summer together with the heat. Nevertheless , ACTIS includes thin foils coated with aluminum. These types of do not absorb the cold, but reflect it. Since the sound surf are reflected on a noises barrier for the highway, the films mirrored the cold waves. Currently in this declaration the problems of Mr Polla begin. Problems that he has been struggling with for over 10 years today. Because this justification sounds like many people like mischief.

Previously at the phrase cold waves goes down various professionals in the store. Exist such ocean at all? Actually one incurs in a matching Google search only on weather condition phenomena. More fertile is a Internet search for heat waves. You quickly come across the word heat trend heating. A heater that works with infrared radiation. Infrared. Also a term under which in turn more persons can imagine some thing. But frosty waves? The long guard recognition In order to sell his product, Ámbito Polla had to rely on a certificate in the SIA, the Swiss executive and can be association. Every insulation material has a so-called U-value. A number that explains to the adviser how very well a materials is isolating. These values are established by EMPA, the Swiss Federal Labs for Components Testing and Research. The SIA gets control the values from the EMPA and then puts out them within their brochures. According to Fonte, however , the competent expert did not need to know anything about so-called cold waves. The ACTIS products had been approved by the EMPAalso usually tested while using usual test method, the so-called sizzling box method. A method that, according to Polla, did not even consider the expression of the cold waves. Hence, his item received a value which corresponded to only 1 / 3rd of the benefit mentioned simply by Polla. It was just the beginning of a multi-year back-and-forth between Fonte and the accountable testing center. He would not fare any better with his powerful attempts on the construction entrance. Many architects put him back after five minutes. Actually a quick internet search on this kind of reflective slideshow leads to several forum web pages that talk about giddiness and mischief. Dependable information cannot be found. Just Pollas Home page, which seems to be a little out of fashion, seems reasonably serious.

From space to the modern day rescue umbrella To underpin the effectiveness of these slides, Polla gives many examples in the interview. Since 1928, the steel buildings of the initial skyscrapers in the united states on the to the south side have been protected from your heat with folded and polished light weight aluminum sheets. Afterwards, NASA applied such refractive films inside the outer skin of their spaceships. Today, the insides in the thermos containers are made of silver-coated reflective material. Every family fridge, every the oven is protected with lightweight aluminum foil. If perhaps someone comes with an accident, by minus 12 degrees in the mountains. Can be he even now protected with military blanket from very cold? No! They are thin foils coated with aluminum. To be able to receive full recognition likewise on landmass Europe, ACTISbuild two more test homes through the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany. This report via 2009 is still available online under the name Potentials and Limitations of Infrared Reflective Insulation Materials. The mean heating capacity for maintaining the space temperature of 21 C during the study period considered (11. 12. 2007 to 21. 01. 2008) is about two times as high in the attic space with the infrared-reflective insulation system as in the mineral wool-insulated roof space, concludes the report. Polla refers to this kind of report inside the interview while manipulated, as in the ACTIS experimental residence broke as well as the measurement layout of the musical instruments was transformed. Other settings of operation and calculation Another problème of these ACTIS films is their poor comparability to insulating components. Abdominal experts are used to obtaining twice as high a U-value with a twice as thick part of efficiency. 200mm rockwool insulates twice as well because 100mm rockwool. Very easily. To get the photo slides, however , this kind of bill does not work. Doubling the thickness in the films would not give double the efficiency value. The textbooks will need to already be rewritten in the business school, or at least supplemented. To be able to calculate the insulation value of its item, Polla therefore gives the so-called R-value but not the usual U-value. It was also a great comfort for him, as the EMPAhad agreed to issue him a qualification with the R value. Regardless if this benefit was still a third too low in accordance to Fonte. In the meantime, Gallina hopes that his product will receive full recognition with the European level and that the Switzerland EMPA could then have to make credits. Because according to Fonte, the professional who had rejected him acknowledgement in the relevant commission for a long time at SWISSPOR works today, The largest associated with the Swiss stone made of woll and a glass industry. This kind of industry is definitely afraid of the reflective movies. Thats often the case, says Polla. 1st, a new system is laughed for. Then you try to talk terribly and when you understand that it works, you try to displace the product with incorrect measuring methods. In this last phase we are now.

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