By plotting the graphs it can be observed the y axis is comparable to v” plus the x axis is given since r (radius), the lean is given simply by (y2 – y1) / (x2 – x1). By simply working out the gradients it could be seen which the gradient for 50-gram masses is approximately 21, whilst the gradient pertaining to the 100-gram graph is approximately 53. twenty seven, approximately dual the gradient of the 50-gram graph. It is also observed the any two-points taken pertaining to the 60 gram graph will have a relatively close lean to any additional two points, hence the chart has an practically constant lean.

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The significance of all this will become discussed in the questions.


1 Precisely what is the relationship why these graphs indicate?

The graphs show that v”is proportional to radius as straight lines with constant gradients were achieved when pulling the charts of v”/r (as described before). This phenomenon is a result of the gradient being corresponding to mg/M, as v” = r mg/M, in our test all these mass factors had been controlled and kept regular ie 18.

49 gram bung was used and 40 or 95 gram mass was used because needed, as well gravity was constant therefore mg/M was constant therefore was the gradient. Hence mg/M is a constant and sixth is v (orbital velocity) is directly proportional to r (radius of orbit).

Furthermore if the graphs had been drawn it was seen that whenever that when the mass service providers were doubled form 40 to 95 grams the gradient also doubled. It absolutely was concluded that this is because the lean was given simply by mg/M. As a result when meters was doubled the gradient doubled. This kind of showed that if the mass of the target in orbit or mass of central object altered so too could v”/r.

two what does the slope of your v” versus l graph stand for?

Because v” = l mg/M it had been believed the gradient in the graph represented mg/M. proof of this is the graphs show that v”is proportional to radius as direct lines were achieved once drawing the graphs of v” verus r, mg/M is also a constant value which correlates while using constant slope achieved. Thus drawing the graphs and having a constant lean for each mass supported this kind of idea. The moment mass was doubled the gradient was also bending this likewise shows gradient is comparable to Mg/m in which when meters (mass carrier) is bending whole lean doubles displaying velocity boosts as mass increases.

several what part does gravity play in the leads to this experiment?

In this test gravity combined with masses give the centripetal power, which holds the rubberized stopper for a particular radius. The speeding factor with the force(ma)

Has by the acceleration of gravity. Therefore if the mass is usually 100 grms the centripetal force is given by 0. 1x being unfaithful. 8= 0. 98 And. The centripetal force should be equal to the gravitational force in order to hold the rubber stopper at a constant radius. Wherever Mv”/r = mg.


The gradient of the 100-gram graph has not been precisely dual the lean of the 50-gram graph. This can be attributed to straightforward human mistakes while determining results. Irrespective of all this the form of the graph was still as hypothesised just because a line of best suit was considered. Human errors include minor discrepancies to maintain a constant orbital velocity, Furthermore, when computing the radius of orbit, the angle during which the bung was spun was estimated and this may have also been a way to obtain error. As well whilst rotating the bung unintentional fidgeting of the hands was came across consequently altering the orbital velocity. Furthermore improvements to the original approach were made by simply measuring enough time taken pertaining to twenty oscillations rather than 10 in this manner any moment measuring error would be reduced.


The factors impacting on some of the things undergoing uniform circular motion were evaluated. The quantitative relationship between variables of force, speed and radius were determined. It was located that speed is directly proportional to radius as v”/r the moment plotted provided a straight collection with mg/M as gradient. The gradient for the 50-gram chart was identified to be around 26 and gradient with the 100-gram graph was located to be dual approx 53. slight mistakes were located and they were attributed to human being errors including measuring. However the effects of these errors were minimised by taking a type of best fit at some point giving a straight-line graph addressing v” is definitely proportional to r.


Jacaranda HSC Science PHYSICS 2 Michael jordan Andriessen, Philip Pentland



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