Dreams in “Of Rodents and Men” is motivated under the poem “To A Mouse” by simply Robert Burns and the romantic relationship between the composition and the story is seen through the build-up towards the characters hopes and dreams at the time of the fantastic inflation and how they had trouble to keep up with their particular ambitions.

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The context in both texts clearly shows the fatality of the future plans the working category keep to in those days and the copy writers do this to illustrate the chances of normal persons succeeding and how being delivered into a hierarchy means that most likely destined to a class in society.

In Of Rodents and Men, Lennie is definitely introduced having a “shapeless face” and pet imagery can be used to represent his power, “bear drags his paws”, this portrayal of Lennie sets him apart from George in the structure.

As the storyline develops readers understanding of George’s and Lennie’s relationship does to, someone realises that the theme that keeps both the essential protagonists enthusiastic is the dream.

This is further created when Steinbeck introduces the dream initially, “I remember about the rabbits, George”, it is crystal clear to the viewers that Lennie is academically weak and in order for him to remember about the dream mentioned how much this means to him and it’s probably the thing that matters to him most.

Nevertheless early in the novel Steinbeck uses creature imagery to foreshadow the death of Lennie and the death from the dream, “shoot you for any coyote”, the writer highlights his vulnerability fantastic death down the road to suggest that his weakness academically is what possibly lead him to his fatality. In the beginning of the novel George gets into a quarrel with Lennie about ketchup, “we ain’t got any”, during George’s rant he clearly emphasizes in what he sees while the American dream in comparison to what they both see.

George leads onto imply that Lenny is a road block to his dream and this is partially accurate as it is what Lennie do towards the end of the book that wiped out the chances of the dream. George’s dream can be viewed as as a typical working course dream as it isn’t incredibly promising and has no long term outlook. The death in the dream in Of Rodents and Men seems to be blames on a selected individual, the death of George and Lennie’s desire is blamed on Lennie and later in the novel we learn the fact that death of Curley’s wife’s is because of her “ol lady”.

In the book Curley’s partner is pictured as a cultural outcast alongside the “nigga” but this time as a result of her sexuality as they lived in a sexist society. However beneath her make up her interior shows her dreams and how we were holding crushed as well, the reader as well finds out that her sexual weapon is always to grab the attention of the hacienda workers while no one provided her the recognition she needed. Curley’s wife’s dream is definitely fully unveiled towards the end of the new with her explain this to Lennie, she obviously illustrates her very self-employed dream nevertheless it is also clear that she’s very dependent on men with regards to making the dream an actuality.

This maybe the reason why her dream was locked away and only brought out when the lady needed this to psychologically look back at this; considering that she lived in a men’s society it means that girls are stagnated from the actual wanted to perform and were expected be a housewife. This is the main road block that Curley’s wife comes across making her dream futile. Over the novel someone realises the fact that characters that we’re too eager for their dream (Lennie and Curley’s wife) reaches their success, quite dramatically, with their death.

It seems that both characters had something in common – not enough power, the protagonists a new lack of power meaning that we were holding vulnerable to society however Curley’s wife attemptedto cover this by donning a lot of makeup nonetheless it is clear that your weakness will ultimately go against you. Furthermore the two characters fantasy was clearly futile from the beginning of the story as the two characters appeared to depend on another individual in order for their dreams to succeed.

In Lennie’s case it had been George and Curley’s partner needed a man. Steinbeck reephasizes the designs of Electricity and powerlessness with backlinks to the dream to suggest that there is certainly some sort of bond with making the dream and having the power to make this. This portrayal in Of Mice and Men illustrated not only the very fact that doing well during the Great Depression was very limited but the reality without power or status, which both equally characters was missing in, the probability of making the dream was nil.


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