Ahead of we focus on our lessons for Today, let us include first a task songentitled “Its I whom build community”Ready? Yes sir! Okay, allow us to do it all together. Its I ( 3x) who build community(4x)*You*WeRoll over the ocean, rotate over the seaRoll over the ocean and the profound blue ocean. (The students willdo the action song)Very good! Do you like it? Yes sir!

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Class, what was our lesson lastmeeting? Sir, the lesson last meetingwas exactly about the meaning, source and sort of drugs.

Very good! Where will the term drugderived? The term medicine derivedfrom the Dutch word droog which means dry. Well said! What do you mean simply by theword medicine in the filed of medicine? In neuro-scientific medicine, drug is any chemicalsubstance intended for work with indiagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment and reduction of conditions in family pets.

3. Inspiration

Class, Let me show you a quick video clip. What you are going to carry out is to watch andafterwards I’ll ask the reactions basedfrom the video presented.

Am I comprehended class? Yes, sir! Today, what experienced you seen fromthe video presented? We all observed which the personsuffered a severe pain, He is hallucinating andexperienced problems inbreathing. So what do you think are the reasons whythese particular scenarios happen? These types of situations happenbecause of the effects of taking or abusing medicines. Very very good! B. Developing Activities1.

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This morning, we are going to discussall about the category of drugs according touse and effect.

a. Setting of Standards

But before that, what will you need to do while yourteacher is talking about in front? Hear, behave, sitproperly, understandthe lessons, cooperate, and participate. Am i able to expect that from you? Yes, sir!

2 . Lesson Proper

Class, Let me group you into three. This willbe the group 1, a couple of and a few. I have below some strips/photocopied materials that contains the three classificationof drugs relating to uses and result. All you have to dois to discuss the subject, note/lists and write the importantdetails on your manila paper. Am i not understood? Yes, sir! Let me give you 5 mins to do it. Following yourgroup dialogue, you are going to choose 1 representativeto report it in the class. Am I realized? Yes, friend! Go to the respective groups now.


Instructor supervises his students atlanta divorce attorneys group. Learners report the actual have had mentioned in their group. Teacher gives additional information and makes some annotations asregards towards the topic offered.

IV. Analysis

In a ½ crosswise of pad newspaper, explain in brief. 1 . Exactly what are the effects of harming stimulants, depressants, and hallucinogensto: a. yourself b. familyc. community

Versus. Assignment

Come with an advance studying about the topic “Prevention of drug abuse”. MAPEH-I textbook, pp. 378-380

You may also want to consider the following: comprehensive lesson prepare in educating reading


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