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Describe and measure the behavioural method of treating fears.

One behavioural method of treating phobias is through systematic desensitisation (SD). That’s where patients steadily are brought to or think about the stimulus with the phobia and are also taught leisure techniques in a hierarchy to eventually deal with the phobia. The additional is flooding which is a similar thing with no hierarchy, and the individual is immediately introduced to the stimulus in reducing their fear.

A problem towards the flooding technique is it is not for every single patient since individual differences have to be taken into consideration i. electronic. the fact that some people will be more sensitive than others the moment exposed to the stimulus. Furthermore, it can be very traumatic, which means that they could quit throughout the treatment which will ultimately minimizes the effectiveness of the therapy for some people. Therefore , the effectiveness of flooding can be undermined due to this.

However, support for the surging technique comes from the fact that it can be very effective for many who choose to stay with it. For example: Craske et ‘s (2008) concluded that flooding and SD had been equally good at treating phobias. In a study conducted simply by Choy ain al, that they agreed that both remedies were efficient at reducing the symptoms of phobias, but water damage was more effective at immediately treating the phobia. Therefore , this demonstrates if the extended life is there while using patients, and so they can get over the issue of the process being traumatic, it is likely to become highly effective way of treating phobic disorders.

When it comes to SD, support comes from that being powerful in treating an array of phobias. This can be further increased in the examine by McGrath et ing, who reported that regarding 75% of phobics respond to SD. Because of this the success of this behavioural approach appears to sit with actual contact with the feared stimulus. Therefore , in vivo methods are probably better than individuals using photos or imagining the feared stimulus. Yet , this point links to a examine conducted by simply Ohman ain al, who have found that SD is definitely not as successful in treating phobic disorders that have an underlying evolutionary success component we. e. anxiety about the dark, meaning that they are really only powerful in treating phobic disorders that have been obtained as a result of personal experience.

In addition to this, support for SECURE DIGITAL also comes from the fact which it can be self-administered, which has been proved to be successful by simply Humphrey- Interpersonal phobia. Tarik Al-Kubaisy hired 99 phobic patients, and found that self-administered therapy was as powerful as therapist-guided therapy. This kind of links for the economic benefits associated with this in real-world applications- as it can cheaper, which is able to be utilized by anyone despite their monetary stability/status. Therefore , SD works well, due to its adaptability to various ways that it can be accomplished.

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