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While in Puerto Rico, I had a chance to experience and find out from the ones that live presently there. I learned about some of the great the country along with its people, mostly by using a artistic viewpoint. On the 2nd to last day, there were the chance to drop Old San Juan. 2 weeks . historical town that’s type of similar to Older Sacramento, yet more colourful and with increased history. It was full of tiny shops, stores, and apartments. We went into an art gallery that had various means of skill including goggles, paintings, ornement and so on. The gallery staff member gave the of the several masks that were bright, coming from all shapes and sizes and really colorful. When similar in design, they were made of several materials together a resemblance to African art. Afterwards, we noticed music and went down to the street where there were two canopies create and plenty of older people with chairs all around a makeshift dancefloor. The musicians performed salsa music, love ballads, and other traditional music. Mom and i danced with all the older ladies for hours, they will showed us their Puerto Rican electric glide and mastered our jugo dancing. When taking a break, we ended up being talking to two women by Puerto Vasto. They requested that the music group play a conventional song in order that we could watch one of the females dance, and find out how it incorporated African dancing factors. One of the girls that had been speaking with us then simply went on to indicate the different regions of the party, and give background as to why completely such a blend.

I had been surprised by all of the variety in Desfiladero Rico, then when you look by any means of the people there, the thing is a huge rainbow. They’re most shades, forms, and sizes. This speaks to their earlier and how that blended a lot of cultures jointly. I was in a position to see how similar our reputations were and it allowed me to feel comfortable and a sense of belonging. I loved it a lot and I cherished how open the people would have been to telling their own story and exactly how much that they knew of the history.

This knowledge has allowed myself to see many similarities that people share with the other person rather than the dissimilarities we have. If I ever obtain a chance to do business with people from this culture, Soon we will be able to be while open and warm with them as they were with me at night. I’ll truly feel a sense of community with these people as well, due to our distributed pasts. Having some of this knowledge also just takes my worldview a little more and i also appreciate the chances I have to try this.

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