A comparison of Wordsworth’s ‘Iwandered lonely like a cloud’ and Clarkes ‘Miracle on Saint David’s Day’.

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The title ‘I wandered unhappy as a cloud, ‘ says a lot about the poem, especially as it is also the first line. It immediately starts off the poem having a sense of inner disharmony, shown by words ‘wandered’, ‘lonely’ and ‘cloud’. ‘Wandered’ gives the impression of being purposeless and ‘lonely’ shows that this individual longs for a few sort of relationship. The word ‘cloud’ also pertains to the isolation and length between him and civilisation.

It could as well mean that the poet is usually comfortable with his loneliness and wandering, in the same way a impair seems comfortable alone. In addition, it starts off an evaluation between gentleman and characteristics, an idea illustrated throughout equally poems. It of the second poem ‘miracle on Saint David’s day’ starts straight off having a religious idea.

Though this is not particularly demonstrated through possibly poem, the very fact a ‘miracle’ is a revelation is. In the first poem it is shown by the words ‘when all by once’ and shown in the second poem by ‘he is instantly staring’. It seems that the theme of an progression for the better operates strongly during each composition. There is also a ethnic side to the second name, the words, ‘saint David’s day’ might be demonstrating welsh culture as st David is definitely the welsh saint.

The welsh theme likewise applies to the first composition as daffodils, ‘a host, of golden daffodils’ are the national flower of Wales. Maybe the welsh connection is to show strength within a community or perhaps seeing the greater picture to be happy. In the first stanza of the first poem it mentions a word of archaic vocabulary, ‘o’er’ something not used in the 2nd poem.

In the third brand of the initial poem the recently calm mood changes, ‘at once’ and ‘I saw, ‘ makes the mood take a even more excited and energetic convert. This as well happens inside the second poem, ‘I are reading poems to the insane’. These is also considered as facts, relating the two poems returning to the word ‘miracle’.

Throughout the second poem we have a theme of mental illness, this may not be shown in the first poem. In the 1st stanza of second composition, it is implied by the terms ‘open-mouthed’. These words as well mean in awe, in amazement of there natural beauty. The word fantastic, used in the first poem, line four represents the material wealth offers little delight but the daffodils brings emotional wealth, which is eternal. This kind of comparison operates through both poems, ‘labouring man’ in poem 2 remembers a poem just as the daffodils they don’t cost very much but can create timeless joy.

Equally poems display personification, ‘host’ in composition 1 . In poem a couple of the sun mimics the voyage of the poet person. At the end in the first stanza of each poem there is a transform. In the initial poem it seems the dark first few lines changes in to more of a confident out appearance. In the second poem the final seems to be edging pieces towards something, it seems to be getting more dark and building up to something.

In the second stanza of the second poem, the first collection is surprising, and a fantastic contrast for the subtle first stanza. It also creates a a sense of normality, as though the poet person is used to the. The initially poem appears to continue on looking at the bigger picture and producing the poet seem more and more content. In addition, it creates a picture of the superb creation and child just like wander.

Additionally, it seems like a nursery vocally mimic eachother, the complete opposite of the second poem. The very fact that there is a mentally disturbed atmosphere appears similar to like this of the initially line of the first composition. Also in the second stanza of the initial stanza the text ‘never-ending’ and ‘ten thousand’ gives the impression of a revelation, also braiding in with it of the second stanza. Additionally, it seems that because he is so passionate he exaggerates every fact showing his enthusiasm.

In the second poem the beautiful rhythmatic group of phrases is ended abruptly with all the technicality of the word ‘schizophrenic’. Going back to the welsh lifestyle, the words ‘as many also of fossil fuel, ‘ seems ironic while the welsh coal industry closed straight down, leaving forget about coal. In poem a couple of the fact that the mental individuals feel trapped and ‘caged’ reflects Wordsworth’s agony of loneliness. In the first poem Wordsworth uses old fashioned language, ‘gay’ and ‘jocund’.

In both poems they apparently focus on the wealth of thoughts and normal happiness and less concerned with currency. In Clarke’s poem all of the patients seem to be extremes, one absent, 1 absorbed. The mental individuals in her poem are most often like cattle, led to where there supposed to be, a revelation occurs which leads into a rebel among the list of flock. This could symbolise the mans understanding of sanity. When he is a labouring man the truth he doesn’t speak might be a sign of stupidity, yet that is stricken.

When he repeats the composition, it reminds me of the key phrase, ‘just since I don’t, doesn’t imply I can’t’. In Wordsworths poem I do believe he is convinced that cash breeds disappointment, and returning to the welsh culture because they lost presently there coal they had less money plus more time to appreciate the world around them as they had lost presently there jobs. In stanza a few of Clarke’s poem it seems like to take a more natural part. Something inside him, might be comparative to Wordsworth’s inner eye, was given energy by the natural and emotional express of the man as he was standing up. In the final stanza of Wordsworth’s poem this changes to this current tense.

The happiness and wonder in the last stanzas continues to be replaced by a ‘pensive’ mood, it seems he’s in a condition of major depression. In the third line of the final stanza fresh sense of one’s is included with the piece, ‘flash’ gives a sudden disposition change. In stanza 6 of Clarke’s poem there seems to be a deliberate repetition of Wordsworth’s key phrase ‘ten thousand’ as if echoing the suggestions of Wordsworth. Going back again to the welsh culture, could be the daffodils represent the welsh tradition, still and magnificent.

In the 7th stanza the text ‘valleys school’ are used. That they link to the coal miner as this is his memory of bliss, in addition to that place he had a thing to say. Likewise, before he spoke this individual seemed stupid and miserable, now you observe he’s not illiterate as he went to college. These words smash the previous assumptions of him becoming completely struggling to help or think intended for himself. The pit closures aftermath of 1980 has been an ideas to the poem as many shed there careers and became low income stricken and in some cases addicted to drugs.

The mines were shut down because they will no longer made money; this may also be suggesting once again that believing money is more important than pleasure will business lead only to unhappiness. This seems to be the main ethical of both poems. In Wordsworths previous stanza it also says the words ‘inward eye’, this might be relating to just how we look after the beauty everywhere, and the back to the inside eye may be the thing that records all of the beauty we now have seen and shows it to us again when we need it.

Wordsworth seems to require this enjoyment when he has become taken away in the source of that, so the ‘bliss’ comes from rising it many when it’s gone. Likewise going back towards the child just like rhyming plan, the simpleness of the sentence structure and dialect, ‘and’ is employed repeatedly, generally seems to reflect the child like question and chasteness to the world around them.

The healing process seems to be at the end of both poems, in Wordsworths it’s his appreciation and happiness, in Clarke’s it’s also the man rediscovering his inner happiness, but in this kind of poem he’s voicing it and not keeping it to himself, Once again back to welsh culture, Clarke’s poem generally seems to go into the music of talk and the welsh cultural identity is centred around music and grooving, making his words a performance. It appears that Clarke provides a view that the welsh ethnic voice is being lost and so they need to regain it. This can be shown by last line of the poem, ‘and the daffodils are flame’. The ‘flame; is the revolution and that’s what Clarke’s trimming towards.

They have to break free in the chains pounds and tone there viewpoints on the globe. It seems although both poetry are written in a several time and style they both have a strong theme that cash does not produce happiness, and mostly causes misery. Clarkes poem was written in response to wordsworths one and has only built within the idea coming from a different point of view. Wordsworth seems to have been created in a progressive, nursery vocally mimic eachother style when as clarkes style seems to be focusing on a tough, difficult and shocking framework. Its like Clarke is attempting to tone wordsworths tips, but cause them to become more lively.

Altogether apparently the poetry are both analyzing the same concepts but interperating them in different styles.

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