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William Bouguereau is regarded as among history’s true artistic geniuses, and among his unparalleled accomplishments, was responsible for starting French academies to girls (Ross pp). He is arguably the greatest painter of the individual figure, taking not only the physical body structure, but the refined nuances of personality and mood, in addition to the souls and spirits of his themes (Ross pp). If Rembrandt captured the soul of age, then Bouguereau captured the soul of youth (Ross pp).

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Bouguereau once said, “One must seek Magnificence and Fact… There’s just one kind of art work. It is the portrait that presents the eye with perfection, the type of beautiful and impeccable enamel you find in Veronese and Titian” (Bouguereau pp). To compliment himself while attending the Ecole des Beaux-Arts, this individual worked being a bookkeeper for the wine service provider and colored lithographic product labels for a regional grocer (Bouguereau pp). After normal office hours, in the evening, this individual created sketches from memory space, and this willpower and self-control resulted in an extraordinary production of art during his profession, more than seven-hundred finished works (Bouguereau pp). Although this individual achieved a high level of public acclaim and financial success, he was generous with his time and financial assistance in helping unable young designers (Bouguereau pp).

Trained in time-honored sculpture and painting, Bouguereau made research of contact form and technique and prior to starting a painting, would expert the history of the subject by completing numerous drawings (Bouguereau pp). The outline of his paintings happen to be demonstrated inside the tender portrayals of children and domestic scenes, his take pleasure in of abundant color, fantastic obvious skill and passion for the timeless classics (Bouguereau pp).

Adolphe Bill Bouguereau, 1825-1905, exhibited in Paris Salons for more than 60 years (Adolphe pp). As a result of his schooling and skill, he compared with the functions of the impressionists because to him we were holding no more than sketches left unfinished (Adolphe pp). Following his death, Bouguereau and his paintings fell out of favor with students and the public alike (Aldolphe pp). On the other hand during the last one fourth of the 20th century there was clearly a reconditioned interest and reappraisal of his works, including a main retrospective exhibition in Paris, france during the mid-1980’s (Aldolphe pp).

Fred Ross notes that when one considered as the level of skill and create, and the reality the great majority of his works are life-size, no one can dispute that this is one of the largest bodies of work ever before produced by any artist (Ross pp). Furthermore, more than half of such paintings happen to be true works of art, thus Bouguereau is a great artist whom ranks among the masters of western art, such

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