West Side History is a modern-day rendition of Shakespeares traditional, Romeo and Juliet. Placed in the 1950s in the west part of New York, gang rivalry and take pleasure in story all-in-one. To present day standards the two of these gangs are more inclined to be compared to a mentally stimulating games club than the usual gang. Both rival gangs are composed of descendants of European foreign nationals (Jets), as well as the other Muelle Rican (Sharks). The element of racism is extremely apparent, but it really is the root racism/ racial stereotypes and gendering through this film that influence the audience.

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Inside the first landscape the two gangs have different racial and physical features. Most of the Jets are brunette, strong and healthy. Where as the Fishes are all dark haired and dark skinned, the light Americans speak first in many of the scenes, making negative remarks about the Desfiladero Ricans. Inside the first landscape when the law enforcement show up the Puerto Ricans are bought to keep. The police official wishes to only speak with the Jets. Any office making the next statement Get the friends away of in this article, Bernardo, and stay out! Please! Son, oh, youngster.

As if this neighborhood wasnt crummy enough. Its like the police possess the time and also the energy to handle the Desfiladero Ricans, they can be not well worth their period. Not only can there be racism in the movie there is gendering. Females are seen while housewives that belong in the house, cooking, washing, and taking good care of the children. When ever Anybody a white woman begs to participate the Jets she is informed to go home the roadways are no place for a woman. Some of the Aircraft taunt her that no-one would want to rest with her, to them a a womens position resides simply in her beauty.

The women are present through the fight views, to watch and cheer within the men, but they are not good enough to fight along with them. Anita reinforces the feisty sexually charged latino stereotype. She sings about how exactly shes likely to get her kicks and have a private small mix with her boyfriend Bernardo in This evening. Throughout the video she attempts to protect her best friend Maria and expresses her stress about Maria internet dating Tony. The Jets appear to look at ladies as nothing more than objects, and Tony is a Jet. Nancy begs Anita to bring Tony adamowicz a message in Docs candy store.

When your woman arrives she actually is taunted and encounters violence at the hands of the Jets. If Doc hadn’t stepped away would Anita have been raped or had been they merely taunting her? This field just reephasizes the role of women inside the eyes from the Jets. Between two gangs a conflict transpires, the Jets need to maintain their territory and social status, The Jets are not willing to quit. The Jets prepare for a war/rumble. All of us fought hard for this lawn and we aint just gonna give it up. These types of PRs vary. They keep upon coming just like cockroaches.

It is often years since I formerly watched this kind of movie, and I was most likely 15. I watched it with the innocence of a 12-15 year old in 1995. Seeing this movie again 19 years later on I was amazed. I know which it has always been a rivalry between gangs, although I hardly ever actually stopped to look at the racism or perhaps gendering in this particular movie. Not simply is there blatant racism there were subtle occasions of racism for instance Natalie Wood who also plays Maria is not even Puerto Rican. The girl who also played Anita her closest friend could have very easily played the lead part. She i believe is a far better actress.

Besides for the racism, I absolutely enjoyed this movie once again 19 years later. The acting could have been a little more persuasive, but with the truly amazing dance scenes who demands acting! Overall this is a stunning film regarding the challenges of youthful immigrants in a harsh white colored neighborhood and lets not forget the love tale. Under all of this ugliness there is also a beautiful like story, two innocent and unsuspecting kids fall hopelessly in love with the main one person they can be supposed to hate. They look earlier all the gruesome features their friends and family see and want to run away and become happy together.

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