The stories Walter Mitty and the Poor Relations Story are two stories that show people who everyone wants a much better life. Be it in reality or in fantasy.  Walter Mitty is a story about a person of the same brand who fantasises about a better and more highly effective existence, because his partner is major. Mitty is in retirement and obviously doesnt like his fresh life.  In the Poor Relationships Story it can be about a gentleman called Eileen who likewise wants a better life. But he lies and says he previously has a amazing life. The two men live in a make-believe world of their own.

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Walter Mitty is a great elderly man who has only retired and it is now forced to spend the associated with his your life driving his wife around. He is a really shy gentleman who hasnt go the confidence to stand up to his wife and has a fragile character. Consequently is used being a doormat intended for his partner to clean her foot on. He can constantly looking his imagination to find the person inside him, using his ideas of what he’d have favored to be. This individual seems to constantly drift off to scenes of him in control in the armed service or in a tight situation.

This individual seems to need power since his partner restricts his. The Poor relation, Michael, is actually a very subconscious man whom doesnt experience happy whatsoever with his your life. He then will lie to the people about his life and habitat. He is a poor person who is sole and is without job. This individual seems a very sad one who doesnt have a social life. This individual lives in run-down accommodation that is close to living in squalor. Thus he seems he needs to tell his family and contact lies, about his dream life. Such as he tells them that he lived in a fort when he truly lives in his bad accommodation. He as well told these people that he’s a wise businessman when he is actually a impossible businessman.

Both men happen to be social failures and have weak characters. Additionally they feel the need to use fantasy as being a sort of escape from the harsh reality that belongs to them lives and into a great life that they can seem satisfied with. Mitty simply has to commence daydreaming and he will be in his different life. He seems to swap into a armed forces dream. This individual wants electric power due to the not enough power he has more than his wife and his your life. Whereas inside the Poor Associations Story, Michael jordan is living a constant sit. He is constantly lying about his life and his existence. This is due to his a lot more so bad and he wants a new life but can’t be troubled to change that and expects things change thus he makes things up to make him appear more interesting.

Walter Mitty just has one day of his life revealed. He contains a regular trip to town along with his wife, which in turn shows his wifes dominance. He is bossed about and told what direction to go by his wife. This individual does a series of errands intended for his better half and during each of the errands he switches forward and backward between his fantasy and real lives. He cant keep his head in a single world this individual has to venture off to his illusion life. He also has a yearning for electric power.

The poor regards, Michael, has a few days of his life described. That tells us about his inexpensive life not in good lodgings. He’s always informing lies about his your life and how he lives. This individual also weighs round city offices to make it seem to be as if this individual has a good job in one of the big city businesses. He is a sad character who you can’t help although feel sorry intended for. He is placed about having friends also. He is a loner but hates to leave himself know that so this individual makes up his friends. Both equally men lead miserable lives that nor can stand. So instead of taking major measures that they spice up their own life making use of the realms of fantasy.

Michael jordan is a even more sad circumstance because he must live his fantasy existence all the time and live two lives, while Walter lives an not possible life. He lets his mind take off into his fantasy life. But it isnt just one point. He lives different scenarios depending on in which he is. For example when he can be against a wall this individual s before the firing squad and is gonna be murdered for a critical crime and also he goes toward a field where he is in the stand in the courtroom and is being questioned. He makes away he is an excellent marksman with any weapon. He desires to be more fascinating. He would like to be an adventure main character.

Both guys want achievement and a standing. They seem to be so run-down and put straight down by themselves and everybody else that they want to regain their manhood and self-respect.  In both lives they encounter a much better a prosperous life exactly where they have a good social ranking and power. Walter Mitty his preferred power in command. And Michael his business status and interpersonal life that is lacking in his life intended for so long. Walter Mitty generally seems to use his fantasy lifestyle to make his day better and exciting. Michael uses his fantasy life to escape from his sad your life and to a new life where he is socially acknowledged and desired. He desires to be a clever businessman and doesnt want to be seen as a inability in front of his relatives, thus he comprises this make-believe life which makes his friends and family think this individual has done some thing good together with his life.

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