Earthquake, Human Location, Tsunami, Elemental Energy

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Volcanoes in many cases are associated with flames, earthquakes, victims and damage. The activity of nature generally turns tranquil mountains with smoky clothes into fire vents with lava and smoke escaping . and turning everything in fire and burning it.

Why do volcanoes erupt and where will such an outstanding energy comes from inside the globe?

After the radioactivity phenomenon was discovered, especially one of uranium and thorium, scientists began to understand that the heat is conserved inside the globe because of the radioactive decay of some chemical substance elements. The studies manufactured in the field of indivisible energy problems proved this fact again.

Accumulation of warmth energy in the earth makes the earth subject heated. The temperature gets so high the fact that matter needs to melt although under the underhand of the upper earth levels it remains solid. In the places where the pressure in the upper earth layers is not so excessive (it happens because of the motion of brown crust area and in the places with tectonic cracks) the heated masses convert from stable phase into liquid.

The masses of melted rock saturated by smells in the profound layers of earth are called magma. Beneath the high pressure of releasing gas, magma passes the way and forms scenic vent or perhaps volcanic canal. Released gas, by the way of explosions free of charge the way to get lava, breaking and tossing the pieces of rock on high altitude. This phenomenon is also followed by earthquakes in the environs of volcano.

The volcano starts by eruption of content of black smoke within the altitude by 1 to 5-kilometer. It gets extensive and more extensive at the same time bits of rock are usually erupted from your volcano’s vent. The amount of bits of rocks, vapors, smoke and ashes often increases the volume of ten mil cubic metres or even 90 million cubic meters. The size of erupted gases can be different, between volcano gas items are: blends of chlorine, sylph gas, hydrogen, nitrogen, combinations of oxygen with other gases, normal water steams, and so forth

There are several many acting volcanoes nowadays, many of them are situated in the Pacific region, since it’s a host to high tectonic activity (the facts including earthquakes in Japan, Hawaii, Pacific Isles and the motion of Australian continent are excellent examples that witness large rate of geological process of crust).

One of the interesting instances about volcanoes happened in Mexico, 1943 on the plane farm property. It was created on a planes farmland and also the name of the best village-Paricutin. The witness of the volcano’s delivery was an Indian- who owns the cultivated fields. He plowed and sensed that the ground was having hotter and hotter coming from day-to-day, then he saw the steams of smoking and high in volume rumble beneath the ground. He escaped.

Presently there began the earthquake and clouds of sand, dirt and dust were erupted from the beginning, then the lava flowed. The eruption was lasting up to two years and later on the activity of volcano didn’t prevent. Now the peak of a relatively new-born volcano is approximately 2300 meters.

Inside the Pacific, inside the strait of Zond there is a volcanic island Krakatau that has a shape of half-moon. The scenic vent is definitely hidden under the water. Back in of 1883 during the volcano’s eruption the huge explosion occurred. The biggest area of the mountain was destroyed and appeared inside the sea, as well as the resultant motion was thus strong that huge waves were discovered

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