I. Blood sweating and tears have been shed in this shirt. I have battled in this Hat, for The almighty, this university and my team. All my life I’ve played sports with the goal to never “plateau or to end getting better, to always obtain the next level. I’ve played sports since I used to be four years of age and this jersey embodies my personal experiences about this point. This jersey represents not only sports, but my personal accomplishments, my own defeats, my own passion, my hatred, the impact it has experienced on my life, and much more.

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Although most importantly this jersey symbolizes God in my life, and how sports has been the catalyst for The almighty to minister through myself. II. My spouse and i started off my personal college soccer career playing division one particular soccer by Sacramento State in the next hardest conference in the country, the top west. Like a freshman I had formed the 4th most a few minutes played overall team, I had formed a full ride, and some may possibly say my entire life had been build nicely.

But by then end with the season I discovered myself feeling empty, a thing was lacking.

The more I thought about it the clearer it became, I had all of this but We didn’t have what mattered most, The almighty. So I took a jump of faith and left longchamp state to pursue a deeper and stronger romantic relationship with God. I had simply no intention of playing sports anymore or perhaps coming to APU. But one among my good friends who takes on here at Azusa convinced me to come and check it out. Having carried out this I discovered myself in a position, for the first time in my life, where my personal faith and my enthusiasm have been capable to coincide, through wearing this jersey. 3. This provides me to my second point, which can be that not only am I capable to play soccer for Our god and signify my beliefs, but My spouse and i am in a position to actually ressortchef (umgangssprachlich) to people through my sport. This summer My spouse and i tried out to make a partially professional group known as the The south Seahorses. This team performs at the maximum level possible for college players while continue to allowing them to keep collegiate eligibility. The Seahorses are a Christian based organization whose main goal is to mildew young men in, not great soccer players who will be Christians, yet Christians who also are great soccer players.

You may wonder the actual difference is definitely, though it is extremely small in semantics the importance is nothing short of outstanding. I are now happy to call up myself a Christian whohappens to play soccer. The difference is what do you set first, your passion along with your goals, or God? For the first time in my life, I’ve put Our god above my goals, I have put aside my own dreams to have to provide God, and in return God has blessed me by allowing to my opinion to still pursue my personal goal by ministering through soccer. 4. As I said ahead of, this Hat embodies warring up to this time, why? Since soccer has been the center of my life, anything has revolved around this, and finally I am at this point able to incorporate the two biggest things in my life, my beliefs, and my personal passion for soccer, and am blessed to be able to practice both on a daily basis. For me the question that helped bring the most quality, was after i was asked, “Do you call yourself a soccer player who may be Christian, or maybe a Christian who also happens to play soccer? 

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