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In the history of psychology, there have been many different fields appealing. Human development, especially, have been one of the interesting fields of study for most psychologists. Freud, Erikson, and Piaget are great theorists with identical, but different, ideas of human development. Their theories on man development experienced human beings getting through different periods as aging. Although the 3 theorists have common relationships that they designed their suggestions and theory stages to get human creation through the life-span, each theory represents own uniqueness about what these kinds of stages had been and what they focus on and where they relate individual development as well.

Freud is known as the father of mindset. According to Freud, he believed that human creation was fueled by inner forces (Essay UK, 2014). He believed our sexual being was your most powerful of all inner pushes throughout individual development. Therefore, Freud connected everything with sex. Therefore, nowadays, Freuds theory on human advancement is marked the psychosexual stages of development. In respect to Patre, the author in the Developing Person Through the Life, Freud presumed “human beings passed through diverse stages in your daily course based on which in turn part of their body gave them intimate gratification (Berger, 2014). inch

Erikson produced his theory inspired by simply Freud. Not merely Erickson dedicated to child creation, but he also added stages pertaining to the adult years. This individual focused on identification rather than libido, unlike Freud. Later right now, Erikson’s theory is known as the psychosocial levels of advancement. He is described for his eight phases of your life, trust vs mistrust, autonomy versus disgrace and uncertainty, initiative vs guilt, market versus inferiority, identity compared to identity distress, intimacy versus isolation, generativity versus wachstumsstillstand, and ethics versus hopelessness (Berger, 2014).

Piaget also supported developmental theory like Freud and Erikson. Her stages are recognized as the cognitive stages. These kinds of stages depend on what the kid can do. That being said, Piaget’s theory is focused on the learning and progress the child. Relating to Piaget, a child goes by through four stages since growing up. Although the two Piaget and Freud had been interested in the childs abilities and senses, Piaget would not relate the stages with sexual wants unlike Freud was. Piaget believes the four periods of development which is referred to as sensorimotor stage, the preoperational stage, the concrete operational stage, and the formal functional stage (Berger, 2014). These types of three theories on human being development each have their own good factors and ripoffs. In other words, each one of these theories has its own value because they are not absolutely wrong yet also are seen to receive a few criticism while theory is usually not a science, thus cannot be applied to some cases. To make a summary, Although every theory of Freud, Erickson, and Piaget is similar in its timetable and sequence of life situations, they are differed by their personal focuses. Freud focuses on sexual, Erikson focuses on the social ability, and Piaget concentrates on the children’s cognition and senses.

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