In the short story “The Stolen Get together, ” Lillian Heker uses theme to state the label of society, an infinitely fragile balance, the slightest transform might break. The picture starts out with Rosaura and her mother, Herminia, looking forward to Senora Ines as asked. Rosaura points out to her mom that the cause they are ready is for a great gift. She items towards Senora Ines giving out a gift in the blue bag to the young boys and a great gift from the lilac bag towards the girls.

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When Senora Ines finally reaches Rosaura, instead of giving a gift, the girl rummages through her bag and in her hands show up two bills: “For an immediate, Rosaura thought that all she’d offer her two presents: the bracelet as well as the yo-yo. Senora Ines bent down like about to seek out something. Rosaura also bent forward, stretching out out her arm. Although she never completed the movement. Senora Ines failed to look in the pink carrier. Nor did she try looking in the bluebag.

Instead she rummaged in her purse.

In her palm appeared two bills…..  Rosaura felt her arms stiffen, stick near her body, and then the girl noticed her mother’s hand on her glenohumeral joint. Instinctively she pressed very little against her mother’s human body. That was all. Other than her sight. Rosaura’s sight had a chilly, clear appear that fixed itself on Senora Ines’s face. Senora Ines, motionless, stood there with her hand outstretched. As if the girl didn’t care to draw it back. As if the slightest alter might break an definitely delicate equilibrium. ” This first thing we all notice can be how Rosaura is anticipating a gift nevertheless is instead given two dollar bills.

The frustration of not receiving a surprise from the green or green bag is usually small in comparison to what this process symbolizes.. With this moment, Rosaura learns that there is a trademark society, an infinitely delicate balance, the slightest transform might shatter and at the same time knows that she was by no means a guest although only viewed as the maid’s daughter The last few lines in the story identify a range that divides the rich and the non-rich. This is the series that separates Rosaura from Senora Ines’s world.

Lillian Heker uses this area of the story to try and show how the slightest transform might shatter an infinitely delicate stability. In short, the action of Senora Ines giving funds instead of a surprise tells us that Senora Ines hasn’t noticed that this is a significant moment plus the choice of giving money instead of a gift, provides a far greater consequence than any person could have thought. The use of the previous couple of lines stage towards out how culture is divided and a small change will shatter a great infinitely sensitive balance.


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