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On June 14, 1977, Congress authorized a great act establishing the official flag of the region. The flag and anthem were made for all residents of the United States of America. Not only the flag but also the country begun off the values of “liberty and rights for all. inches In the 1950’s and 60’s began the civil rights movement that was the begin of a lengthy journey for integration and equality of colored persons. In Matn Luther Nobleman “Letter to Birmingham Imprisonment, ” Ruler responds to eight clergymen who consider King’s actions as “unwise and early. ” Laws and regulations are cultural constructs created to symbolize our ideals of “liberty and justice for all, ” yet there comes a time when it becomes our obligation to break these laws in the face of injustice. “Several a few months ago the affiliate here in Birmingham asked us being on call to engage in non-violent direct actions programI was invited here” (King 1281). King talked up for the individuals who were quietened and overlooked because in the event that he disregarded the “gospels call, inches change might have never commenced.

In “Letter to Birmingham Jail, ” King answers the eight clergymen’s claims upon him becoming “unwise and untimely. inches In the starting paragraph from the letter, California king explains for what reason he was in Birmingham in the first place. He shares with the clergymen that he was invited as a result of his company ties. “Several months ago the affiliate here in Greater london asked all of us to be about callI was invited here” (King 1281). The clergymen believe that King or outsiders shouldnt stress about other people, that means, if we were holding not from Birmingham they have to keep to their particular matters. King refutes the statement by simply addressing that Birmingham can be his business due to company ties with his office in Alabama and mainly because he was invited. “Injustice anywhere is actually a threat to justice everywhereanyone who comes from the United States can not be considered an outsider anywhere within their bounds” (King 1282-1283). Ruler argues that even if he weren’t in Birmingham, injustice is still injustice no matter the position. All Usa citizens are one and really should have the same privileges anywhere. Everyone was denied their rights to peaceful protest which was unjust behavior thus because of this, Full decided that he needed to get the attention of the people and demonstration either way.

Justice remains not seen today and even in todays society people are bothered and shunned for struggling with for proper rights or having a position. A good example that is extensively discussed today is the football player Colin Kaepernick who initially sitting on the counter during the anthem but afterwards began getting a knee after a discussion with former NFL player and veteran Nate Boyer recommended that to demonstrate respect to military. Kaepernick noticed the racial disparities in our justice systems and felt which our country which usually represents ideals of “liberty and justice” in the two flag and anthem are not living up to each of our founding fathers ideals. Irrespective of Kaepernick contacting fellow players and soldiers, Kaepernick found that taking a knee confirmed respect, and symbolised the acknowledgment of suffering nationwide. This non-violent protest created a commotion of angry People in the usa suggesting that Kaepernick disrespected the flag and guy soldiers equally. In the case of Kaepernick he would not violate virtually any law although created interpersonal tension. Inside the letter, California king brings the topic of the value of stress and how stress focuses a place for conversation. ” Nonviolent direct actions seeks to produce such an emergency and foster such a tension that a community that has constantly refused to make a deal is forced to deal with the issue”(King 1284). Our bodies then and now is designed in ways that seem to pose around competition and poverty. This is the reason pertaining to protest, due to lack of interest on a subject matter that has been around for ages, people truly feel obligated to consider a symbolize all the injustice. “I have got earnestly compared with violent pressure, but there exists a type of constructive, nonviolent pressure which is essential for growth” (King 1284). Just lately in The state of alabama, the Chief executive of Us declared that taking a knee is disrespectful to the country.

Simply by calling out their non-violent protest, hundreds of sports athletes coast to coast responded to this claim by taking a knee through the anthem and linking arms showing that individuals are a single and as individuals it is the duty to acknowledge more than one way to guard your nation. King’s heavy use of images depicts his frustrations of your energy and ease. “We possess waited 340 years for our constitutional and The almighty given rights. But when you have experienced vicious enemies lynch the mothers and fathers at will and drown your siblings and brothers at whim, when you have viewed hate-filled-policemen bane, kick, and kill your black brothers and sistersthen you will realise why I find it hard to wait” (King 1285). Simply by witnessing these types of brutal serves not only is a community facing endangerment, but to the detrimental forces with just motives as well. This kind of brutality makes tension and mistrust. Officials are created to shield and serve all people not solely any kind of specific race or place. The issue of Kaepernick and all the other participant who just lately took a knee can be described as red sardines, the real issues are the injustices that are still occuring in the United States from Kings letter crafted in 1963. Fifty-five years later, we are still facing the same concern. In the case of Martin Luther California king we need to prevent questioning the patriotism of any man and focus on why America can be not “justice for all. inch Every resident in the United States will need to experience what the founding fathers wanted and fought that was accurate liberty and real proper rights. The flag and anthem belong to all of us, the flag at the time and now, would not represent the nation they approach it was intended to. The question asked throughout the notice and even with taking a knees is when is it appropriate to protest? Protest to the 8-10 clergymen and also to many today should be at the convenience of others. On the discipline or protesting in the streets as Full did and even more recently with #BlackLivesMatter, and tweeting personal opinion on a private bank account is all shunned upon. Taking a stance should not be illegal when ever fighting pertaining to justice. The fact that racial injustice nonetheless exists can be a more terrifying thought than protesting at all to bring attention to injustice.

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