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Labor-Capital Conflict of the 1920s

Labor-capital confrontations had been long brewing since the start of the commercial age plus the start of urbanization. While the owners of the ways of production accumulated capital, wealth became targeted into the hands of the few. Labor movements emerged at Europe and in usa, transforming the political, economic, and interpersonal landscapes of countries. The environment by which labor-capital fights developed need to therefore be understood in a broader historic context. Market liberalization and globalization led to increased options for labor exploitation, in stalwart industries such as steel and other weighty manufacturing. Simultaneously, exploitation of workers triggered worker unrest, strikes, and protests.

Since Glen Jeansonne notes, the post-World Warfare period of the 1920s was characterized by overreach and extra: “Businessmen in the 1920s can boast of considerable accomplishments, yet business grew overconfident, pompous. In their passion and greed the irresponsible elements available community claimed too much, sought too much. “[footnoteRef: 1] Thus, the environment by which labor-capital differences arose was one in which Big Business was becoming too big and overassertive – the member of staff was being altered and exploited and the force for confrontation was inevitable. Strikes “by coal, textile, and train workers” became a staple,[footnoteRef: 2] kicked off by the 1919 Seattle General Affect and metal strike which will impacted cities across the region, and led to the failure of union leadership and organization within the next decade. That and the very fact that demand for jobs (as a result of the flood of immigrants and migrant personnel looking for positions effectively reduced the influence of the unions).[footnoteRef: 3] [1: Glen Jeansonne, Modification and Reaction: America, 1921-1945 (IL: Waveland Press, 2004), 64. ] [2: Glen Jeansonne, Modification and Response: America, 1921-1945 (IL: Waveland Press, 2004), 34. ] [3: Laura Owen, “Worker Turnover inside the 1920s: What Labor-Supply Quarrels Don’t Inform us, ” The Journal of Economic Record, vol. fifty-five, no . 4 (1995): 822. ]

The solid arm of presidency, rather than break the monopolists and businesses that exploited labor to get higher revenue, catered for the demands of Big Business and routinely break the back of strikers, unleashing authorities and army on them to acquire production going again.

In this manner the entrepreneurs prevailed and the success was reflected in the new high-rises and skyscrapers – the architecture for the future – that began to master the urban city skylines: “steal and glass

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