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Nursing theorist Jean Watson emphasizes the value of patient in promoting overall health and also protecting against illness in Theory of Human Caring. To Watson, it was essential to care for the whole person and to contact form a transpersonal caring relationship with people. According with her theory, patient can be shown in her ten carative factors and also the translated carative factors named caritas techniques. In the situation together with the 10 year old Hispanic boy with bronchial asthma, Watson would approach the situation with a alternative perspective, doing her far better to form a transpersonal caring relationship with him when also making use of her carative factors. To form a transpersonal caring relationship with him Watson would take a moment with the patient and his parents and go above the traditional aim assessment by simply displaying concern toward the patient’s further meaning relating to his individual health care scenario (Cara, 2003). Waston believes that in forming this kind of transpersonal romantic relationship, the health professional “seeks to identify, accurately identify, and interact with the inner current condition of spirit of another through genuine presencing and staying centered inside the caring moment” (Watson, “Theory of Human being Caring”).

Top priority Issues

The patient is known as a 10 year aged overweight Asian boy with decreased workout tolerance during recess because of increased asthma exacerbations. This had resulted in increased sessions to PNP at institution for inhaler use. 3 priority concerns for examination and attention planning incorporate ineffective asthma management, fat issues, plus the boy’s emotions about his asthma, excess weight and any other concerns. For all three concern issues, nächstenliebe process one particular, 3, 5, and on the lookout for will be applied. These caritas processes lead to a thorough examination of all his issues. Relating to her theory, caritas process 1 pertains to “practicing loving-kindness equanimity intended for self and other” (Watson, 2007, p. 131). As being a nurse, this essential to demonstrate kindness, listen closely, and show genuine concern toward the patient. Nächstenliebe process a few relates to “cultivating of one’s very own spiritual techniques, deepening self-awareness” (Watson, 3 years ago, p. 131). This elevated self-awareness and sensitivity leads to the registered nurse to be more capable of learning about the patient’s problems. Caritas method 4 pertains to the health professional developing and sustaining a helping-trusting, authentic caring romantic relationship with the patient and his family members (Watson, 3 years ago, p. 131). This relationship lets the patient and his friends and family be more secure and having faith in of sharing with their worries to the registered nurse. Finally, nächstenliebe process 9 relates to the nurse “assisting with gratification of standard human demands, while conserving human pride and wholeness” (Watson, 3 years ago, p. 134). Based on Watson’s hierarchy of needs, the issue of ineffective bronchial asthma management is definitely prioritized first, second is usually his excess weight issues, and lastly his emotions over his asthma and weight. These caritas techniques provide an effective way to begin and business lead an assessment to learn more about his issues and to form an transpersonal romance with him.

Clinical decision for Unproductive Asthma Managing

It is evident it is important to identify the cause of the patient’s elevated exacerbations. To get his certain issue of ineffective breathing difficulties management, caritas process 6 and six will be put on find out more data. Caritas procedure 6 involves the nurse “creatively using presence of self and ways of knowing¦ as part of the caring process” (Watson, 2007, g. 131). This translates to the nurse applying everything such as knowledge, predatory instincts, intuition, and skills to evaluate the patient and to help him manage his asthma. Caritas process 7 relates to engaging in genuine teaching-learning experiences that attend to whole person (Watson, 2007, l. 131). This kind of caritas method promotes the chance for the nurse as well as the patient to master from the other person. The patient great family can easily explain their particular concerns more than his increased exacerbations, then the nurse can use that information along with a formal evaluation to figure out what you should teach the individual to ensure that this individual knows how to efficiently control his asthma symptoms. The target is to improve the patient’s bronchial asthma control.

Surgery for Asthma Management

Applying Watsons’ caritas processes 1, 3, 4, 6th, 7 and 9, a comprehensive assessment is conducted. First, the person and his friends and family are asked to explain their particular concerns while the nurse is listening intently and showing genuine matter. Then, the patients asthma control is assessed using the asthma control chart which usually looks at his asthma symptoms and lung function. Up coming, any causes for his asthma is definitely identified. Every his breathing difficulties medications can also be identified. His technique for applying his prescription medication is then evaluated to ensure that he is properly administering his medication. Then, his adherence towards the prescribed medication program is evaluated. After the evaluation, the patient can be educated upon avoiding his identified triggers and the significance of adhering to the medication program. The dose for his inhaled corticosteroid is also increased based on the assessment. A follow up session is planned in one month to reflect on his asthma control. The worsening of his breathing difficulties could be probably due to his weight that leads to his next concern issue.

Medical judgments pertaining to Weight Problems

Just like the first problem with his bronchial asthma management, menschenliebe process 6th and six will be utilized toward the issue about his weight. Menschenliebe process 6 implies using all techniques for knowing to care for the patient and for this problem, studies will be looked at. It has been shown that individuals who have excess weight have improved risk for health issues. The results of a meta-analysis of asthmatic children and adolescents revealed that obese children compared to nonobese colleagues had a small but significant increased risk of asthma surexcitation (Ahmadizar ainsi que al, 2016). The writers of an additional study concluded that asthmatic over weight and obese adults who lose weight experience a high symptomatic remission level and significant improvements in asthma control (Juel, Ali, Nilas, Ulrik, 2012). In addition to the effects about asthma, weight problems increases the risk of developing diabetes mellitus type 2. Applying caritas process six, it will be significant learn from the individual about his food habits and his readiness to lose weight plus the educating the sufferer and his relatives about the importance of dropping health to raised his wellness. The target is to intended for the patient wonderful family to verbalize understanding of weight loss rewards, readiness to manage your weight, and to begin a weight loss plan.

Interventions for Weight Issues

First, the patient’s fat, BMI, and readiness to get started on a weight loss regime is definitely assessed. A nutrition assessment that includes a daily food intake, estimated caloric intake, activity at moments of eating, feeling at moments of eating, and snacking patterns is performed. In addition , the patient great family should be questioned issues culture’s cuisine. Latin American cuisine may consist of dishes high in calories from fat and carbohydrates. Afterwards, the patient is knowledgeable on eating healthy, not overeating appetizers, limiting sugar-sweetened drinks, drinking more drinking water, and eating less fast food. His family will probably be taught about healthy cooking food methods and cooking food options with less sugars and fats. Although this individual has been having difficulty with exercising due to his breathing difficulties, he will get at least 60 minutes each day of physical exercise on most times of the week and with any luck , the above detailed interventions intended for his asthma will help with any surexcitation.

Clinical Reasoning for Expression of Feelings

It’s important for the patient to voice his feelings toward having breathing difficulties and his weight and their effects on his your life. Unfortunately lovato can be a common occurrence at school and someone who can be overweight or obese is usually an easy target for bullies. Bullying can have harmful effects on his social well being. Besides the previously mentioned caritas procedures, caritas method 5 and 8 should be applied. Menschenliebe process 5 relates to the nurse “being present to, and supportive of, the expression of positive and negative feelings” (Watson, 3 years ago, p. 131). Caritas procedure 8 refers to the nurse “creating recovery environment at all levels” therefore the patient is comfortable and may heal. The goal is for him be comfortable in articulating his thoughts and verbalizing seeking suggest if required.

Interventions intended for Expressions of Feelings

A inviting environment is provided for the individual, attending to sound, comfort, and privacy. The nurse promotes the patient to freely communicate reflection of feelings and experiences of his asthma, weight, institution or anything else.

Outcome reviews

Watson’s theory has no stated outcomes, nevertheless she got emphasized the value of developing a transpersonal relationship while using patient. Following your application of the caritas operations and interventions, a transpersonal relationship was reached while using patient as well as the goals had been met. The combination of education and the elevated dose with the corticosteroid tremendously improved the patient’s bronchial asthma control with exercised activated exacerbations developing very rarely. In addition , with the education on much healthier meals and improved bronchial asthma control which will led to routine workouts, the patient has was able to lose a several pounds. In developing a transpersonal relationship while using nurse, the individual was able to declare to staying bullied together sought counsel from his school’s direction counselor. With Watson’s theory as a guideline, the patient’s physical and social wellness successfully superior.

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