Margarita Suárez, a 19-year-old swimmer, is competitively going swimming in a race from San Pedro to San Catalina while her family manuals her approach from a ship. With the support and on-going praise of her family members and her passion pertaining to the sport, Margarita Suárez strongly pushes very little through the chilly Pacific Ocean not just in achieve her hopes, dreams, and the reward, but as well to bring her family take great pride in and prize.

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While the girl does stand for her very own cultural identity as Cuban immigrants against an unaccepting American world, Margarita Suárez is more than just a cultural hero and legs of a solid family bond – the girl with an meaningful figure in the savior, Christ.

Margarita and the others about her will be biblical characters fleshed out, given real human feeling and true human mistake. They are amicable people whose traits form the biblical figures in characters you can relate to. Perla Suárez can be an successful swimmer, graced with the skill of rate and mastery over the water.

She is one with the ocean, since her mammalian relative, the “seal” (40).

Aida Suárez, her mother, is awe-struck by her daughters absolute talent, and believes “a spirit, an ocean heart, must have entered [her] physique while [she] was carrying her” (41), remniscent of Jesus’ intacto conception. She is not able to begin to “think a daughter of” (40) hers would grow up to always be such a special, unique kid. Her silent surprise and delight is just like how Jesus’ mother, Mary, must have sensed. Both moms of two important kids, Mary and Aida are one of the same person; Aida Suárez is the Cuban Virgin mobile Mary.

Mary is the ideal female figure in the Bible. Created an eternal virgin totally free of sin, she is obedient to every whim of God, modest, and kind. Yet unlike the complacent, submissive Mary observed in stained glass windows and the Scriptures, Aida can be passionate, aggressive, and full of emotion. She actually is Mary set in a raw reality, raging with sharpened motherly intuition and realistic caution. Evening of Margarita’s conception, Aida was “hysterical, yelling [at Eduardo], tearing in [him] with [her] nails” (41). The lady did not but accept or recognize her future, merely having been stolen away from her home, her comfortable haven. But the girl becomes used by her spouse, Eduardo, and quickly “seduced” (42) by his irresistability, desire enflamed with lust. This is unlike Mary with the Bible, who also blindly accepted her fate when your woman was advised by arch-angel Gabriel that she was going to be impregnated by Our god without

copulating with Joseph, changing life as she understood it.

The very first time Aida place Margarita inside the water:  “she came to life, the girl grew ahead of [her] sight. She relocated, she smiled, she cherished it a lot more than me. Your woman didn’t desire my breasts any longer. The girl wanted the water” (40). From that minute, Aida realized that there was clearly something special her: her beloved daughter was fated to be a natural-born swimmer. Margarita is enraptured with delight when she actually is put into water, its fact engulfing her entire being. It is her first conversation with the water, which is both a physical and spiritual avertissement. This event describes her goal and confirms her destiny. She is baptized, or initiated, as Jesus Christ was. Baptized in the Water of Test, Jesus Christ was immersed inside the water as a child by St Joseph the Baptist. This purged his soul of evil and freed him from bad thing, as Margarita’s immersion purged her soul of uncertainty and made her direction and purpose anytime clear. To get Jesus it is to sacrifice himself to save the human race from the absolute depths of Hell, for Chiribita it is to swimming from San Pedro to Santa Catalina and take honor to her family and her race. Nevertheless who to steer such ability but her father? Her Father is the supreme expert. In The Cuban Swimmer, Eduardo Suárez is definitely the holder of the megaphone that shouts instructions and course to Chiribita while she actually is making her way for the boat. She is directionless devoid of her father, as Christ is misplaced without Our god. The only person Margarita listens to. Then when the different Suarez’s acquire apprehensive and commence to worry, it is Eduardo’s sublime words, like The lord’s, that is affected person and calmly reassuring.

Sue Suarez is usually his sister’s Simon of Cyrene, assisting her through the dark oceans and hard winds. He is her sibling: they are of the identical blood, but are different people with different callings. Perla is swimming to get pride to get Simon plus the rest of her family, because Jesus Christ is usually fighting just to save his family member, the whole of mankind. Nevertheless , because Sue is individual, he makes mistakes and frequently leads Margot into trouble. Simon comedies around and dances, exuding a lively attitude accompanied by this depth. He tutorials her, although he would not foresee the “oil slick” (38) that creates Margot to avoid the first time. Eduardo calls him an “idiot” (43) and doesn’t “understand [him because] he is certainly not like” Perla (43), the holy kid.

Eduardo’s deprecating attitude towards Simon delves further than precisely what is first seen on the surface area. His don’t like for Bob replicates The lord’s own anger towards the people for also being within a state of mortal condemnation[n]: damning and �nico sin. Consequently , Simon not simply embodies the helpful Claire of Cyrene who helped carry the burden of the Combination, but as well the entire human race, who happen to be heavenly in image and figure, although remain earthbound.

Margarita Suarez, the less likely Cuban swimmer from a poor, immigrant friends and family, is the redeemer of new foreign nationals coming to the united states to start a brand new life. The negative picture the USA unjustly brands associated with out of hate and fear is negated simply by her achievement, proving their self to be more than spawn of a vile migrant, but a talented swimmer and gorgeous human being.

Exceeding the unwelcoming racism, Chiribita Suarez performed more than just 1000 dollars and a rare metal cup — she has busted through the pressured oppression of racism in immigrants. She’s the amazing Jesus Christ, keeping immigrants via relentless, reasonless racism and prejudiced limit. The hundreds watching this race in the news were demonstrated the extraordinary relatives compassion and effort, transforming their particular public graphic from a beastly zugezogener family planning to exploit American resources to a true, human family which includes true human feelings. The race tore down the line between the white colored, and people, American or Cuban alike, delight in “jubilation” (48). The Suarez family is likened to well-known and revered Christian figures


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