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Excerpt via Capstone Task:


Accurate measurement of stress is critical to make appropriate clinical decisions in the management an excellent source of blood pressure in order to reduce heart risk and stop organ harm. This is important because an incorrect measurement of blood pressure could lead to a patient getting falsely categorized as hypertensive or mistakenly classified because having excessive normal or perhaps normal stress. It could also lead to faulty clinical decisions regarding individual progression in an exercise program (White et ‘s., 2013). This topic is one that will probably be worth examining mainly because blood pressure examining is one of the most inaccurately performed measurements in clinical treatments (White ain al., 2013). Efforts are recurring to increase hypertonie awareness, treatment, and control among adults, but the substantial prevalence of undiagnosed (22%) and uncontrolled (36%) hypertonie remains difficult (White ou al, 2013). For that reason, this kind of DNP should address that issue.

A great assessment of literature concerning education of nurses on how to properly measure blood pressure serves as the focus of this DNP: the review is going to impact cultural change since it aims at enhancing nurses expertise and consciousness concerning blood pressure among a specific population that exists entirely of veteransthe target demographic of this DNP. This job supports the mission of Walden College or university to promote great social alter because instructing nurses to accurately evaluate blood pressure will help you to improve the health outcomes of veterans by enhancing hypertension management. By simply improving registered nurse knowledge and skills regarding how to measure stress, nurses can perform more accurate diagnoses and help to make appropriate treatment decisions even more enhanced (Badeli Assadi, 2014; Fallon, 2015). If the task proves to be effective, recommendations can be made for various other veterans centers to include the training program within a quality improvement strategy. Therefore , this task is according to Walden University mission of promoting confident social difference in practice.

Difficulty Statement

Local Nursing Practice Problem

Studying blood pressure effectively is one of the the majority of fundamental types of proper care that a nurse can provide (Myers, 2014). Blood pressure tells a whole lot about the patients state; and so a large number of approaches to proper care, intervention and treatment are based on the initial stress reading. Basically, inaccurate blood pressure measurements can effects how a patient is perceived, diagnosed and treated. It is crucial that nurses be able to present blood pressure blood pressure measurements accurately, specifically veterans who also are a prone population and need quality care via nurses. 55, however , that a significant range of nurses will be failing to study blood pressure effectively (White ain al., 2013).

I currently work as the patient Aligned Proper care Team Manager (PACT) by a veteran government primary treatment clinic inside the Northeastern Usa. The primary care clinic delivers patients with services, which includes regular total annual checkups, blood work, and blood pressure checks/monitoring. As the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan come to end, plus the large U. S. army is dissembled, more experienced will need premium quality care as they seek to change to civilian life (Copper et approach., 2016). Nevertheless , healthcare providers serving the citizenry have fewer knowledge on the health needs of the human population in addition to inadequate expertise on how to evaluate blood pressure effectively (Creswell, 2014). Copper ainsi que al. (2016) explained which the inadequacy expertise about the needs of veterans prompted the American Academy of Nursing (AAM) to trigger the Perhaps you have ever dished up in the military initiative. The program deals with increasing awareness to boost the serious need of educating nurses delivering healthcare solutions to the sufferers about the initial and particular health conditions in the patient in order that appropriate proper care can be presented.


Hypertension is the most common primary diagnosis in the United States. It is a major risk factor pertaining to coronary heart disease, stroke, and reniforme failure, and affects 29% of the adult US inhabitants (Ukpabi Ewelike, 2017). 22% of persons who have hypertension are unaware they own it (Ukpabi Ewelike, 2017). Data upon hypertension between veterans indicate that thirty percent of the inhabitants has high blood pressure with 17% of the soldiers developing hypertension while operating (Gillespie, Hurvitz, Centers for Disease Control Prevention [CDC], 2013). Hypertension is definitely associated with circumstances such as cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and ischemic heart problems which reduce the quality of life in the individuals. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention Center (CDC) implies that 30% of hypertensive patients develop stroke and other cardiovascular issues, indicating the advantages of effective testing and management strategies (Gillespie et approach., 2013).

Incorrect readings may result in misdiagnosis and inappropriate treatment decisions which may have negative effects on the health and well-being of patients, including veterans (Badeli Assadi, 2014; Fallon, 2015; Schonberger ainsi que al., 2015). Cooper et al. (2016) noted that nurses featuring healthcare providers, such as computing blood pressure, shortage comprehensive education programs to compliment their know-how and grow their skills. Due to the fact approximately 44% of the expert population tries medical attention in the Veterans Affairs centers in the usa, these nurses need to possess the knowledge and skills necessary for assessing experts for hypertension so that accurate screening can be conducted and appropriate treatment recommended (Nathaniel Hardman, 2017).

Significance to Nursing

Water piping et al. (2016) revealed that an educational program especially for patient attention in major care settings and other civilian hospitals could increase rns knowledge in what makes up appropriate parts, control, and hypertension self-management practices. With nurses becoming knowledgeable for the needs with their patients, as well as the circumstances underneath which hypertonie developed, they can design suitable hypertension control and managing strategies, thus reducing the high risk of mortality and morbidity linked to hypertension (Badeli Assadi, 2014; Fallon, 2015; Kertai Gan, 2015; Schonberger et ing., 2015). In addition , because nursing staff participate in affected person education, increased knowledge, abilities, and attitudes on consistent blood pressure monitoring can boost communication and promote affected person engagement.

Goal Statement


The overall performance gap relevant to hypertension dimension is mainly associated with the lack of staff, equipment, and nurse educational resources since evidenced by increase in misdiagnoses (Fallon, 2015). Nurses have responsibility to assess and monitor blood pressure in the clinical establishing. However , in respect to Machado et al. (2017), as a result of lack of satisfactory knowledge about correct blood pressure (BP) measurement operations, nurses generate numerous mistakes when currently taking blood pressure readings. Underestimating true blood pressure simply by 5 mm Hg could mislabel more than 20 mil Americans with prehypertension when true hypertension is present; likewise, it has been believed that the consequences of an without treatment 5 mm Hg of excessive systolic blood pressure would be a 25% maximize over current levels of perilous strokes and fatal myocardial infarctions for the individuals (Fallon, 2015). Conversely, overestimating the case blood pressure by 5 millimeter Hg might lead to incorrect treatment with antihypertension medications in practically 30 million. Misclassification of patients leads to an increased quantity of untreated people who have hypertension, which often contributes to the entire burden of conditions among the inhabitants, to include veterans (Himmelfarb, Commodore-Mensah, Hill, 2016). Correct way of measuring of blood pressure is inspired by understanding and skill of healthcare professionals. The knowledge and skills relating to the dimension of blood pressure are important in the management of hypertension between veterans.

This DNP provides the potential to treat the gap-in-practice by providing here is how education can assist nurses attain correct way of measuring of stress. If the job shows that these kinds of education is beneficial in producing the desired result among the concentrate on population, training could be offered among healthcare professionals working with a number of patients.

Helping Practice-Focused Query

The practice-focused question to get used in the analysis is: Truly does literature support the use of a training program in blood pressure checks to further improve the rns knowledge, abilities, and attitudes necessary to encourage patients standard of living?

Nature with the Doctoral Project

Sources of Data

The project will apply evidence-based materials derived from peer reviewed, academic articles employing CINAHL, Medline Plus, Pub Med, and Walden School databases. The review was limited to British language literary works published between 2013 and 2018. Keywords and phrases used during the literature search included major care, hypertension, accurate computing of stress, barriers to take care of blood pressure readings, and stress teaching methods.


These types of sources of evidence indicate that inaccurate dimension of blood pressure among experienced can cause cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors and related difficulties (Leblanc, Cloutier, Poirier, 2015; Lee Rhee, 2016; McGlynn Kerr, 2016). According to Nitzan, Slotki, and Shavit (2017), erroneous measurement of blood pressure can also lead to misdiagnosis of individuals in need of prognosis and treatment. The evidence justifies that this issue is important to a career in nursing because the findings can be used to decrease the inappropriate measurement and prevent possible death (Sepucha Scholl, 2014).


The evidence will be organized thematically, with categories for blood pressure accuracy methods, blood pressure

High Blood Pressure, Continuing Education, Nursing Practice, Cardiovascular Disease

Research from Capstone Project:


Correct measurement of blood pressure is important for making suitable clinical decisions in the supervision of high blood pressure in order to lessen cardiovascular risk and prevent organ damage. This is important because an inaccurate measurement of stress could lead to an individual being mistakenly classified because hypertensive or perhaps falsely categorized as having high typical or typical blood pressure. It might also result in faulty scientific decisions concerning patient progression in an exercise routine (White ou al., 2013). This subject is one that is worth examining because blood pressure reading is one of the most dubiously performed measurements in medical medicine (White et al., 2013). Hard work is ongoing to improve hypertension understanding, treatment, and control among adults, however the high prevalence of undiagnosed (22%) and uncontrolled (36%) hypertension remains a challenge (White et al, 2013). Because of this, this DNP aims to address that issue.

An assessment of literary works regarding education of rns on how to correctly measure stress serves as the focus of this DNP: the review will influence social modify because it is aimed at enhancing nursing staff knowledge and awareness relating to blood pressure between a specific populace that exists exclusively of veteransthe target demographic with this DNP. This project supports the objective of Walden University to advertise positive sociable change because teaching rns to accurately measure stress can help to enhance the health final results of experienced by boosting hypertension managing. By improving nurse know-how and skills regarding how to assess blood pressure, rns can perform more accurate diagnoses and make suitable treatment decisions more increased (Badeli Assadi, 2014; Fallon, 2015). In the event the project shows to be effective, advice can be made for other veterans centers to incorporate the education software as part of an excellent improvement technique. Therefore , this kind of project is usually consistent with Walden University mission of promoting positive sociable change in practice.

Problem Assertion

Local Nursing Practice Difficulty

Reading blood pressure accurately is among the most fundamental types of care that a nurse can provide (Myers, 2014). Blood pressure tells so much about the sufferers condition; so many methods to care, treatment and treatment are based on the initial blood pressure studying. In other words, incorrect readings can easily impact how a patient is usually perceived, diagnosed and cured. It is essential that nurses be able to provide stress readings effectively, especially for experienced who certainly are a vulnerable inhabitants and require quality care from nursing staff. The problem is, yet , that a significant number of healthcare professionals are screwing up to read stress accurately (White et ‘s., 2013).

We currently are a Patient In-line Care Group Coordinator (PACT) at a veteran administration principal care clinic in the Northeastern United States. The primary care center provides sufferers with providers, including standard annual checkups, blood work, and stress checks/monitoring. Because the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan come to end, and the huge U. H. army is dissembled, more veterans will require high-quality treatment as they seek to transition to civilian existence (Copper ainsi que al., 2016). However , health care providers offering the population have got less knowledge on the overall health needs with the population additionally to not enough knowledge means measure stress accurately (Creswell, 2014). Copper mineral et ing. (2016) described that the inability of knowledge about the health requires of experienced prompted the American School of Nursing (AAM) to initiate the Have you ever served in the military motivation. The program handles raising consciousness to reinforce the dire need of educating nursing staff delivering health-related services to the patients regarding the unique and specific medical conditions of the patient so that ideal care could be provided.


Hypertension is the most common primary diagnosis in the United States. It is a major risk element for coronary heart disease, stroke, and renal failure, and impacts 29% of the adult ALL OF US population (Ukpabi Ewelike, 2017). 22% of persons with hypertension are unaware that they have this (Ukpabi Ewelike, 2017). Info on hypertension among veterans indicate that 30% of the population features high blood pressure with 17% from the soldiers developing hypertension while in service (Gillespie, Hurvitz, Centers for Disease Control Prevention [CDC], 2013). Hypertonie is connected with conditions just like cardiovascular diseases, stroke, and ischemic heart disease which reduce the standard of living of the persons. The Center pertaining to Disease Control and Elimination Center (CDC) indicates that 30% of hypertensive individuals develop stroke and other aerobic complications, suggesting the need for effective screening and management approaches (Gillespie ain al., 2013).

Incorrect psychic readings can result in misdiagnosis and unacceptable treatment decisions which may possess adverse effects around the health and well-being of people, including veterans (Badeli Assadi, 2014; Fallon, 2015; Schonberger et al., 2015). Cooper et al. (2016) mentioned that healthcare professionals providing healthcare services, including measuring blood pressure, lack thorough education programs to support their knowledge and enhance their skills. Considering that about 44% with the veteran human population seeks medical help at the Experienced Affairs centers in the US, these types of nurses ought to possess the understanding and skills required for evaluating veterans intended for high blood pressure to ensure that correct testing can be conducted and appropriate treatment suggested (Nathaniel Hardman, 2017).

Significance to Medical

Copper ain al. (2016) showed that an educational program specifically for individual care in primary treatment settings and other civilian hospitals could enhance nurses know-how on what constitutes suitable blood pressure measurements, control, and hypertonie self-management practices. With nursing staff being knowledgeable on the requires of their patients, and the conditions under which hypertension produced, they can style appropriate hypertension control and management tactics, thereby reducing the high risk of mortality and morbidity associated with hypertension (Badeli Assadi, 2014; Fallon, 2015; Kertai Gan, 2015; Schonberger ainsi que al., 2015). Additionally , mainly because nurses engage in patient education, improved know-how, skills, and attitudes upon consistent stress monitoring may enhance communication and enhance patient involvement.

Purpose Affirmation


The performance space related to hypertonie measurement is principally associated with the deficiency of staff, equipment, and registered nurse educational assets as evidenced by the embrace misdiagnoses (Fallon, 2015). Rns have the responsibility to assess and monitor stress in the medical setting. Yet , according to Machado et al. (2017), because of the insufficient adequate know-how about accurate stress (BP) dimension processes, nurses make several errors when taking blood pressure readings. Underestimating true blood pressure by 5 mm Hg would mislabel more than twenty million People in the usa with prehypertension when the case hypertension exists; also, it is often predicted which the consequences of an untreated your five mm Hg of excessive systolic stress would be a 25% increase over current levels of fatal cerebral vascular accidents and fatal myocardial infarctions for these individuals (Fallon, 2015). Conversely, overestimating true stress by 5 mm Hg would lead to inappropriate treatment with antihypertension medications in almost 30 million. Misclassification of sufferers leads to a greater number of untreated individuals with hypertension, which in turn contributes to the overall responsibility of diseases among the list of population, to include veterans (Himmelfarb, Commodore-Mensah, Hillside, 2016). Accurate measurement of blood pressure is influenced by knowledge and skill of nurses. The information and abilities relating to the measurement of blood pressure are crucial in the managing of hypertonie among experienced.

This DNP has the probability of address the gap-in-practice by providing information on how education can help nursing staff obtain appropriate measurement of blood pressure. In the event the project shows that such education is effective in producing the required outcome among the list of target inhabitants, continuing education could be promoted between nurses dealing with a variety of sufferers.

Guiding Practice-Focused Question

The practice-focused question to be utilized in the study is: Does materials support conditions continuing education program in blood pressure investigations to improve the nurses understanding, skills, and attitudes required to promote individuals quality of life?

Mother nature of the Doctoral Project

Types of Evidence

The project can apply evidence-based literature derived from peer analyzed, scholarly content using CINAHL, Medline In addition, Pub Med, and Walden University sources. The review was restricted to English language literature printed between 2013 and 2018. Key words utilized during the literary works search included primary treatment, hypertension, appropriate measuring of blood pressure, boundaries to correct stress readings, and blood pressure instructing methods.


These types of evidence indicate that erroneous measurement of blood pressure amongst veterans might cause cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk factors and related complications (Leblanc, Cloutier, Poirier, 2015; Lee Rhee, 2016; McGlynn Kerr, 2016). In accordance to Nitzan, Slotki, and Shavit (2017), inaccurate way of measuring of blood pressure could also cause misdiagnosis of patients needing diagnosis and treatment. Evidence justifies that problem is essential to the nursing profession because the findings may be used to reduce the incorrect measurement preventing possible death (Sepucha Scholl, 2014).


The evidence will probably be organized thematically, with classes for blood pressure accuracy strategies, blood pressure

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