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Technology plus the Learner-Centered Learning Environment

One of the primary goals of teachers and educators can be ensuring that student learning works. The educational program within the United States is constantly staying evaluated and re-evaluated to determine what technology and programs are best suited to enhance student achievement. In modern times technology is now synonymous with progress, transform, and advancement and learning. It has become a staple inside the lives of every day citizens, in classes and in corporations.

Technology can impact the classroom in positive techniques by supporting educators and teachers in creating a team oriented learning community exactly where participants must explore the world by taking advantage of their own unique abilities, abilities and interests. Technology can also support educators and teachers assess student’s learning capability, learning style and knowledge body of research, all essential elements of a learner-centered class room environment. The ways that technology facilitates the learner-centered environment are explored in greater fine detail below.

Success Factors in their classroom

Over the course of the very last several years there were several factors identified that favorably effects a learners learning in the classroom environment. Lately teachers have got begun seeing that creation of the learner-centered classroom environment can be an optimum condition to get learning (Brown, 2003). A learner-centered classroom environment, as opposed to a articles centered or teacher concentrated learning environment, provides a more contextually relevant classroom placing for students that are diverse and bring to the classroom multiple experiences.

Before one can explain the manner in which technology benefits the learner-centered classroom environment, one must first know what a learner-centered environment involves.

The learner-centered environment involves a classroom environment that focuses and capitalizes for the unique abilities, abilities, experience and interests of person students. The American Internal Association create a task push that founded several suggestions for creation of a learner-centered environment. They further arranged each of the learner-centered principles in four groups including: (1) cognitive and metacognitive factors; (2) mindset and efficient factors; (3) developmental and social elements; and (4) individual dissimilarities factors (Brown, 2003: 99).

Each of these groups can be used on a classroom environment utilizing information technology to boost learning. Many ways that technology can facilitate a learning centered environment with respect to all these elements is definitely described beneath.

Learner-Centered Environment and Technology

For learning to be successful a classroom has to be learner rather than content focused, meaning that professors must be hypersensitive to scholar’s individual needs and consider novice related elements such as before knowledge, talents, interests, interpersonal orientations and in many cases diverse scholar cultures for learning to be successful (Brown, 2003). Once a tutor has identified each of these components they can plan content in a manner ideal to address every element of the learner (McCombs, 2001).

A learner centered environment will incorporate the use of technology mainly because technology is an ever before present element of the lives of most pupils. Most student’s prior understanding, talents and interests will involve some understanding of the personal computer or some type of technology. Learners not subjected to technology in the beginning will have plenty of problems succeeding in the world later in life as increasing numbers of aspects of contemporary living are influenced simply by technological advancements.

One way that teachers may utilize technology in the learner centered environment is to evaluate student’s understanding, talents, passions and tradition via survey software, activities and questionnaires. Assessment is a critical component of the learner-centered class room environment (Brown, 2003). By simply assessing student’s knowledge and skills via the web, the teacher not only acquires the info they need to set up an effective learner-centered environment, nevertheless also works in revealing students to technology.

Instructions must also always be provided by a early childhood appropriate age level for young students to surpass and succeed in the spanish student centered class (Manning Bucher, 2000). As a result teachers must assess whether the concepts examined and abilities required to complete tasks successfully match the student’s talents from a social and cognitive perspective (Brown, 2003).

Technology enables many paths for producing age ideal learning material. The information provided on the internet and by way of computers is often as complex or as simplified as necessary to aid students master. From the early on kindergarten years children are able to use technology to learn about designs, colors, dialect and more.

Teaching must also be geared toward various and different learning designs in order to be powerful, because learners learn in multiple ways (Speaker, 2001; Brown, 2003). A spanish student centered class room environment is going to focus on a number of approaches and teaching strategies rather than one particular. Sensory encounters may be coupled with verbal types to accommodate every single students requires. Technology in their classroom provides the prefect opportunity to bring in several different instructing approaches.

A trainer might introduce new material via a classic lecture or teacher led learning strategy, then enables students to engage in physical and image learning via the web or perhaps via basic computer courses. They can apply the information learned immediately within an interactive and fun method.

For a spanish student centered class to be successful additionally, it must present learning in an environment that is certainly “contextually relevant” to scholar experiences and prior learning; thus a teacher should begin by presenting material that students find out and then improvement to the unfamiliar, by centering on real world illustrations and accurate experiences (Brown, 2003). In this type of environment it is critical that teachers give activities that allow students to utilize new ideas and solutions in meaningful and sensible ways (Brown, 2003). Critically relevant and contextually relevant in females naturally could indicate a need for technology supplemented learning.

It is also crucial in a novice centered environment that college students are provided with choices regarding assignments plus the manner in which that they perform and deliver tasks; this again reflects on the notion that learners have many distinct learning designs, thus what works for starters student is probably not optimal for any students (Brown, 2003; Care to, 2001). In such a case students can be provided the choice of delivering tasks via the internet or created using computer-based software programs. This really is a simple and effective method to present technology in to the classroom in a non-opposing or forceful manner. The computer works extremely well as one approach to adapting in order to learning and delivery designs.

Burns (2002) along with several other educators and research workers embarked on a recent project with K-12 educators that proved helpful toward making use of technology for the learner-centered environment. The program engaged six schools defined as low performing or high risk. The instruction for anyone schools experienced primarily been teacher focused with little to no technology employ. Via the utilization of technology even so the classroom environments were transformed from ‘distant’ into a highly effective learning and collaborative environment where professors began credit reporting better operate from students and less disciplinary issues, hence creating a learning environment that was successful and community oriented (Burns, 2002). The transformation was due in part to the novice centered procedure as well as usage of technology to assist with teaching and learning.

Technology can greatest be used in a learner concentrated environment when it is engaged with content straight; thus activities should be developed that concentrate on cultivating skills and learning concepts rather than focusing on a unique body of knowledge (Burns, 2002). Technology can be utilized as a great educational aid or application.

Technology can also provide a structure where the community at large can participate in the growth and expansion process of college students (Fulton, 2001). Students can now interact with people and share tips whether inside the same class room or around the world. Students and teachers equally have the ability to “pose challenging questions to one another, point out valuable assets, and provide quick responses to questions” (Fulton, 2001). By nature the use of technology transforms the classroom into a learning community where team-work and group participation will be encouraged, a major aspect of

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