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This is an interesting point-of-view about Aylmer and functions with his character. Others discover Georgiana’s birthmark as something which is essentially hers and therefore, will need to remain with her. Shakinovsky goes even more to say that it is a “metaphor for her identity, her sexuality, her being” (Shakinovsky). Aylmer is blind to this fact entirely. He are unable to see that “in removing the mark, this individual removes all there is of her” (Shakinovsky). He wasn’t able to accept the fact that this individual could not just remember to remove a portion of her – it was any nothing.

Shakinovsky reinforces the actual that all of the characters in “The Birthmark” realize that Georgiana cannot be segregated from her birthmark, besides Aylmer. However , as the storyline progresses, the birthmark turns into “Aylmer’s target, and since, because the sign of her subjectivity, it represents Georgiana, it becomes she who is his object” (Shakinovsky). Again, we come across how Aylmer’s love of science overpowers the love this individual feels for his wife. He is foolish enough to risk her entire life in what happens when he pours the elixir on the geranium. It is necessary to note which the geranium was covered with “unsightly blotches” (Hawthorne 611) because it displays Aylmer’s impression of the birthmark. Georgiana’s loss of life is the final indication that her birthmark was a beautiful part of her life which should have never recently been removed.

In summary, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s story, “The Birthmark, inches is a distressing account of what can occur when individual desire is usually allowed to go out of control. Blind desire knows not any danger and Aylmer proves that looking to perfect characteristics. This turns into his perilous mistake. Aylmer chooses that will put his like for research above his love intended for his partner, which likewise proves to be a horrible problem. Rosenberg says that Aylmer’s tale “proposes that human nature is a chemical substance – a sacred secret. The only way to effect a celebration in the body is not through handiwork – separateness, voyeurism, science, etc . – but through unification, sympathy and love” (Rosenberg). Certainly, Aylmer’s try to perfect something that nature considered already best illustrates that mankind ought to recognize his place in the universe and live within the bounds which might be set for him.

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