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) The modification of the personality is a reflexion of the very transformation of world. Atlanta is definitely the big scene hosting these developments.

As a symbol in the south, Atlanta represents the life span philosophy where the color of skin is immediately connected with the development of the interpersonal persona. All the lack everyone was slaves and treated as if they really worth less than the white kinds. In this regard Scarlet is a relevant example. Repeatedly she believes to very little that dark people are unworthy: “How ridiculous negroes had been! They by no means thought of anything at all unless we were holding told. inches (Mitchell, 89) or “How dared they will laugh, the black apes!… She’d love to have them most whipped until the blood happened to run down… What devils the Yankees were to set all of them free! inch (Mitchell, 120)

There was a definite division of society in the old south, with the blacks getting denied with their human rights while the white wines generally loved richness and comfort. The situation was incredibly unjust and went resistant to the principles relating to which all of the human being are equal and benefit from the same rights and liberties. Inside the destruction from the south and its representative The atlanta area we see an attempt of eliminating the mindset according that the value of you happen to be given by the color of his skin.

The social demands were thus big that change was inevitable. Therefore the only likely denouement was the destruction with the men and territories which embodied days gone by values. Using this point-of-view Atl becomes the symbol from the past. Nevertheless , since the action of the book does not stop at the city’s destruction and abandonment for the will with the Union military, the city could be symbolically considered as a placing for transformation, for expansion. The deaths and the damage involved underline the difficulty and pain implied by outstanding change.

Overall it is safe to say the fact that setting in “Gone with the wind” includes a very strong symbolic dimension. Associated with the events described by writer, The atlanta area is a symbol of days gone by, but also of the modification that America underwent at the times of the Civil war.


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