Many people have indications of dread and unhappiness relating to man distress and report to search for counselling or perhaps drug treatment pertaining to common emotional difficulties including phobias, loss of a job, bereavement and airport terminal illnesses. Clinically these thoughts are categorised as ‘anxiety or depression’ and understood to be ‘mental overall health problems’ (Barker e big t al, 2010).

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This composition will addresses the causation and embrace the diagnosis of anxiety and depression and exactly how counselling and psychotherapy is beneficial in its famous context. Most of all the dissertation will look with the medical treatment as well as the role of medicine in the biopsychosocial perspective to address mental medical issues. Taking into account analysis figures in relation to the newspaper articles by David Batty (The Mom or dad, 2011) and Janet Street-porter (Daily Snail mail, 2010). Both the newspaper content articles argue anxiety and depression are becoming quite typical mental health problems in the human population of the UK.

Effecting 14. 2 % women (The Daily Mail, 2010). While the use of antidepressants has grown by greater than a quarter in only three years in britain (The Mom or dad, 2010). More people are revealing of struggling with depression than previously due to overall economy, financial doubt and having busy lives (Batty, 2011 and Street-Porter, 2010). As a result tough monetary times include contributed to even more people encountering mental health issues (The Mom or dad, 2011) especially in the north-west which got the highest antidepressant use in 2010-11 with 7. 2m prescriptions dispensed (Batty, 2011) when compared with people moving into the City of London (Street-Porter, 2010).

It is noted panic and despression symptoms are forms of distress making psychological benefits not recognized by the person (Pilgrim, 2010). Therefore experiencing feelings of fear and sadness are generally normal and appropriate reactions to life occasions. Thus analysis words of anxiety and despression symptoms are used (Excerpt 1, 2010) challenging analysis labelling (Barker et ‘s, 2010). That may be regarded as a fashion label linked to a medical problem amongst the middle section classes, remarkably successful very well off women and celebrities (Street-Porter, 2010). One example is madness can be reframed since ‘biopolar disorder’ as talked about by Steven Fry (Except 2,  2010).

Misery reframed as ‘common mental well being problems’ because Trisha Goddard discuses of getting a stigma attached with mental health issues (Excerpt two, 2010). Consequently being given a mental health diagnosis of depression or anxiety is experienced differently by simply people “as it reduces all other diagnosis” (Excerpt a couple of, 2010) for the reason that a person is to not blame for their very own feelings. While not being clinically diagnosed or not wanting a diagnosis meant that a person was somehow responsible for their own emotions and well- being.

And so “failure to tackle despression symptoms hurts us all that make a misery with the lives of sufferers, being the NHS in time, medication and hampers business by forcing many people out of work” (The Guardian, 2011) due to depressive disorder. Therefore burning off £8. 97bn in potential earnings 12 months costing the economy nearly £11bn in National Health Assistance care and drug medications (The Mom or dad, 2011). Terming the three key axioms while ‘medical naturalism’ (Pilgrim, 2010) which remain the hereditary origins of mental health issues in psychiatry. However there exists disagreement about the conceptual distinction between diagnosis and formulation (Pilgrim, 2010).

As formulation focuses on the private meaning of psychological distress and personal which means is unimportant to diagnosis. Therefore if medical diagnosis is correct after that formulation can be invalid and vice versa (Pilgrim, 2010). Consequently the client’s aspects of principal and supplementary gains coming from symptoms that form the foundation formulation as opposed to the diagnosis since the analysis view is usually linked to the great medicine that understands relax (Pilgrim, 2010).

Moreover David Healy (Excerpt, 4, 2010) says culturally the types of problems that receive treated because an illness currently are not the type of problems that could have been recognised as an illness in the past, which have been diagnosed as clinical depression. Recent examples of the causation of atheoretical mental illnesses are offered in the Analysis and Record Manual of Mental Disorders (Pilgrim, 2010). That concentrates on agreed symptom checklist to label ‘depression and anxiety’ used today by counsellors and psychotherapists.

Subsequently, it has increased the diagnosis of mental illnesses that individuals who are being referenced from GP’s to counsellors or psychotherapists over time because of the flaws in the DSM- 4 diagnostic (APA, 1994, offered in Pilgrim, 2010) requirements used to specify mental health problems. Therefore prescription medications for anti-anxiety drugs went up from just over 6m to six. 5 meters in the same period whilst prescriptions pertaining to sleeping pills rose 3% from around 9. 9m to 10. 2m. And also the other associated with increase are due to pharmaceutical drug industry promoting their prescription drugs on dealing with the symptoms of a condition for diagnosis rather than the cause (Excerpt 4, 2010).

So medications prescribed for another medical condition just like high blood pressure can easily have internal effects causing depression (Toates, 2010). non-etheless the Countrywide Health Services information centre says prescriptions for antidepressant increased simply by 28% via 34m in 2007-8 to 43. 4m in 2010-11 and medications for antidepressants such as Prozac increased coming from 34m in 2007-08 to 43. 4m in 2010-11(The Guardian, 2011).

However , “psychiatrists, therapists and clients will be divided around the benefits and drawbacks of using medication to treat people who have profound major depression or anxiety” (Excerpt a few, 2010). Based on the biopsychosocial perspective that is parallel to the patient’s psychology, biology and sociable context. Records drugs target the biology of the human brain relevant to the psychopharmacology applied.

The internal effects are ‘psychoactive’ via medically approved and against the law drugs influencing the brain as well as the conscious head; altering the activity at synapses due to diverse drugs having different results (Toates, 2010). Therefore if the drug works well the mindset and the interpersonal context the psychological involvement alter the head and interpersonal context, thus affecting the biology in the brain with no drug (Toates, 2010). On the other hand whatever the defence it is asserted that natural intervention should not be seen as the first type of defence (Toates, 2010) and categorising mental illnesses obscures the biographical and sociable complexity of human stress (Pilgrim, 2010).

Effectively this has “linked to a increase in the quantity of people with the illness” (The Guardian, 2011) and “research by the House of Commons found the cost to the NHS of treating the illness is far more than £520m a year” (Batty, 2011). As a result a study by Layard on the Despression symptoms Report (2006b) highlighted the extent of tension and depressive disorder impacted persons claiming inability benefits which in turn led to the Department of Health to boost the availability of mental health therapies (Barker et ing, 2010). When the client and therapist might meet for 15 to 20 periods to work through the emerging material to help the client to develop a deeper understanding of inner clashes and issues (Excerpt 6th, 2010).

The National Institute for Clinical Excellence guidelines (NICE, 2009) stated that psychological healing is as successful as drug treatment in the short term and beneficial in the long term and the last government made a decision that the NHS make counselling available for an entire variety of mental illness ranging from stress, despression symptoms to panic and anxiety attacks and low self- worth (The Mom or dad, 2011). For most people ‘the speaking cure’ (Parker, 2010) is a lifeline permitting them to deal with their mental health problem (The Guardian, 2011). Therefore huge numbers of people are seeking confer with counsellors or therapists sooner or later in their lives (Barker ain al, 2010).

As increased awareness inside the media by celebrities including, Stephen Smolder and Trisha Goddard (Excerpt 2 and 3, 2010) have discussed their emotional experiences of drug treatments and different therapies. Even so not all those people who are suffering stress or despression symptoms choose to be cared for therapeutically and with antidepressants that influences one in 6 people in Britain (Barker et ing, 2010). A large number of people select reading self-help books on people’s activities on mental illnesses since Jim Brownish chose to (Excerpt 1, 2010).

Or through counselling helplines such as Samaritans and ChildLine. Many persons also use alcoholic beverages and entertainment drugs to take care of their mental difficulties as a substitute treatment (Excerpt 2, 2010). In Conclusion this kind of essay provides described and summarised ideas of anxiety and depression in relation with the two newspaper articles.

The traditional theory labeled ‘medical naturalism’ established by Emil Kraepelin on the increase of anxiety and depression. The biopsychosocial perspective demonstrated the pros and cons from the use of prescription drugs and treatments in treating mental illness plus the DSM requirements discussed the diagnostic labelling of mental illness and how labelling impacts people emotionally that are based on understanding human distress complementing or conflicting with each other.

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