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The family members would certainly have been more comfortable in the event the hospital built more of an effort to understand all their culture and beliefs. The Lees were treated as though they were indignant and unconcerned to the requirements of their child which was not the case at all. A healthcare facility could have enrolled the help of rich Hmong natives who have are more accustomed to American traditions. Your husband could have helped both parties, the Lees to know medical requirements and the hospital staff to understand the importance of cultural practices. Both parties would have used a reliable intermediary, Fadiman (1997) identifies this like a “cultural broker” (p. 265).

Another factor that would make this knowledge easier pertaining to the Lees would have been if the medical experts had an knowledge of some of the essential religious traditions and beliefs of their tradition. Of particular importance towards the Hmong may be the concept of death. The physician’s told the Lees many times during Lia’s last hospitalization that your woman was going to die in a few hours. For the Hmong, predicting a loss of life is unspeakable, they believe it makes the pat come nearer to the declining person. The Hmong believe that it means that you is accepting the person’s death (Fadiman, 1997).

The Shelter family is totally illiterate. They are unable to go through either The english language or Hmong but they can easily write their names, an art and craft they had to find out in order to travel to the United States. The family can speak Hmong but this provides the extent of their ability to get in touch with others. Therefore , when attempting to communicate with the Lees hospital staff can benefit from an understanding of Hmong culture and language. Medical information can be more easily disseminated to the Lees if the circumstances that they were attempting to describe existed in Hmong terminology. The reality that there were often certainly not Hmong variation made conversation difficult. However , if the health care providers had been in a position to learn about Hmong culture they may have been better suited explain the problem to these people. This would have also helped to make sure that the manner through which they did clarify things has not been misinterpreted or perhaps offensive in nature.

There are certainly better ways that the specific situation could have been found for all put in parties. Nevertheless , it is always easier to determine how we would handle a situation when we are seeing it externally looking in. The doctors in the situation genuinely believed that they had made the best selections for Lia’s medical care particularly presented their notion of the parents as non-complaint. However , on many occasions it was doctors’ culture that made it difficult for them to open themselves for the beliefs and traditions from the Lees.

Even though the Lees recognized the need to take care of Lia when ever her symptoms were extreme, they were not looking for similar complete image resolution of symptoms as the doctors as they believed that Lia got special keen powers. It could have been useful to the Lee’s if the doctors were able to study enough about their culture and wishes to understand the traditions and their place in the Hmong community. There have been many times when the hospital staff struggled with the Lee’s unnecessarily and could possess allowed these to perform their own rituals locating a level of treatment that all functions could cope with. Aftercare companies could have been even more structured which includes visiting healthcare professionals to ensure that the family may dispense Lia’s medication and also incorporating Hmong remedies into the treatment plan. There is certainly evidence that Lia features defied modern day medicine set up life that she is constantly on the lead is less than optimal.


Fadiman, a. (1997). The spirit draws

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