Movie Assessment, Shawshank Redemption

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This is the story of Andy Dufresne (Tim Robbins), the vice-president of your bank, found guilty of his wifes tough. Andy claims that he has been inaccurately accused, but all facts points toward Andy and nobody else. Because of this, he is delivered to the Shawshank prison, to serve a double your life sentence. In comes Reddish (Morgan Freeman), he is a convict portion a phrase at the Shawshank prison. Dr. murphy is the ever-popular prisoner, adept at having things smuggled into the jail at fellow prisoner’s asks for. He discovers Andy as a rather diverse person. Primarily, Andy is usually withdrawn and introvert. Later, he approaches Red concerning a deal. Reddish colored gets the essential item smuggled in for him.

Down the line. Slowly, Red and Andy both move a good friendship. They stand through the years facing oppression, discomfort, despair, experiencing some great moments of solidarity and in Yellows case, a lot of useless therapy checks wherein hes constantly rejected. Andy is given work at the prison library. He slowly increases reputation among the guards helping them with a variety of bank related stuff: Taxation, Loans, Education of kids etc . Even the warden starts obtaining his frequent accounts done by Andy. So the years roll on. As time passes, nobody argues to the idea of Andy becoming innocent, mainly because apparently, by a prison, everybodys innocent. Yet years after, the appearance of a fresh prison inmate Tommy (Gil Bellows) changes the world permanently. The major revelation leads to a crazy drive inside Andy to get salvation. What happens next is among the greatest sequences of motion picture history. It is the human propensity to get oneself leading us for all the great moments in life. This is exactly what The Shawshank Redemption is focused on.


Many film techniques were used throughout the film being a clever means of conveying primary themes. The application of camera sides was a crystal clear way of defining a character types personality. The warden, Norton, is often noticed from low angles which will highlights his high status in the prison and his specialist. While Andy is inside Shawshank do not see a large number of variations of colour, generally just gradation of grey. These types of dull, without life colours focus on the prisoners lack of electricity and for most of the prisoners, their very own lack of wish. This clashes against the shades shown through the reunion of Andy and Red. The audience no longer perceives grey, depressing colours, yet instead perceives the dazzling sand and vibrant colours of the Pacific Ocean. This reveals the audience just how Andy has ceased to be controlled by the conformity of prison life, features regained power and is at this point, finally free.

In the same way in another scene when Brook releases his bird, Jake, from the jail we see how lighting was used to show the theme, that hope is key to payoff. In this field the penitentiary library is very dark and could only see the light from the windows where Mike was present. When Jake is introduced by Brook we see him going straight into the light, this kind of signifies that he flies into liberty and has hope when he is certainly not restrained by institutionalism. Mike flying out of a windowpane to liberty, gives a even more optimistic look at of Andys human nature. It foreshadows Andy’s get away from Shawshank redemption. As quoted simply by red in voice over I must remind me personally that a lot of birds usually are meant to be caged: their down are just as well bright. Nevertheless we see Stream walking in the darkness and out of the camera shot. This leaves all of us with a shot of darkness which focuses on the theme how Stream had got busy about to die and had shed redemption, wish and flexibility. This loss of identity is likewise shown simply by him strolling into the night with his brain down. Talk about loss of expect and how this individual feels defeated by the company.


In the film Shawshank Redemption the director has used numerous techniques including music, audio, colours, lighting and camera angles to provide the main motif and aim of movie. The lightening and cinematography perform very important functions in the video. The movie uses long requires, close ups and slow zoom towards characters to help make the story more intimate to impact audiences. When recording the prison guards, the camera aspects are low making the guards seem more powerful and looked up to. When filming the criminals, the camera angles look down on them generally from the heavens which reveals their insufficient power. Close-ups are often employed for Red and Andy because they are the main character types and the focus of the story.

The movie is narrated simply by Morgan Freeman who explains to Andy’s history of how having been convicted, his life in prison and his escape. Freeman has the best voice to share a story that makes you to hear more. Costumes are grey/blue prison consistent. These colours are dark and unfavorable that lifestyle in penitentiary is intolerable and horrible. The movie shows a side of penitentiary that we tend not to usually view. As the movie progresses, all of us as audience come to trust that the characters are not that bad even though they are in prison. As luck would have it most of them will be innocent. All of us as market then begin to empathize with the inmates and want those to escape and be totally free. Throughout the movie Andy gets assaulted frequently. This causes us to feel sorry him even though he can in penitentiary for homicide.

The film is great because of the good plot that develops. Film production company portrays a man who manages to lose everything and lands in prison. But as the movie moves on, he is able to locate some moments of happiness with other folks in the same situation. The film under no circumstances uses effects but continues to be able to continue to keep our curiosity through character development and a great screenplay.

One of the main weaknesses with the movie is character expansion. Andy makes many good friends while in prison although we by no means find out how his friends ended in jail. But it would have recently been good to carry out a scene at the end where that shows what Red and Andy performing a couple years later. We strongly feel the music needs to have been more driven. This movie genuinely deserved a great iconic soundtrack. More so than the brilliant acting simply by Mr. Freeman and Mister. Robbins, along with the great leading by Frank Darabont, the cinematography is pretty flawless plus the film contains a consistent movement to this. It also posseses an engaging plan and environment that matches the overall styles quite well. The Shawshank Redemption is a very individual story which has a lot of strong and mental scenes.

The film highlights the triumphs, the tragedies, and the deeper which means that we seek within our own lives. We would surely recommend this movie to everybody as film production company is full of existence lessons that happen to be certainly better understood and felt after watching it. The movie shows the connection being distributed between two men during the years of their very own imprisonment whom share thoughts and find solace in one another, ultimately introducing their approach to salvation. The movie as well shows keeping one’s self significance inside the most diminished and unattainable place.


Shawshank Redemption is definitely an amazing quest of a gentleman who carries so much discomfort for numerous years in addition to the end amazes everyone with his plan. Lien by Morgan freeman adds to the beauty of the film. 2 weeks . journey of mans change and payoff. Some parrots arent intended to be cagedtheir wings are just too bright and Get busy livin’ or get occupied dyin. Lines like these immortalize the movie. That teaches all of us to have trust in yourself and consider life as it comes.

I would give this film ‘A’ grade as the director through a strong screenplay and cinematography along with stellar shows from the stars has beautifully portrayed the power of an individual’s will and hope. The story sharing with is such which it never gets dull and keeps the audience interested and leaves a very good impression in the long run. Sometimes life can turn to look like a prison, where you might be reprimanded for anything you did not do or most of the occasions, life provides you with a hard blow without any purpose. You demand for help only to after learn which the only person who can save you is you. In the film as Andy is wrongly convicted of your double tough and offered two existence sentences. It truly is his brains and internal strength that help him to deal with his dilemma, great ultimate escape reveals nearly anything is possible in the event you believe and possess the will to fight all odds. Although most importantly to Hope even in the bleakest phases of life. It is hope that drives Andy to get his cell’s wall having a rock sludge hammer.

The task which is considered to have taken a person 1000 years to complete, he done it in under twenty years. It is hope that inspires Andy to write a letter towards the state government for funds to renovate the decrepit jail library pertaining to consistent half a dozen years, which in turn, according to Warden Norton, was a great impossible activity. It is desire that helps Andy to stay ready and persistent in The Shawshank to get the crime he in fact never determined and find some friends within a place exactly where integrity and self-respect falls short of, it is desire and trust of Andy that removes Red via jail helping him live his fantasy, it is desire that finally rewards Andy with flexibility. Thus while Andy says Hope is an excellent thing. Maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies.

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