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Seoul is a big, bright, and chaotic city you should add to your “must move here” list. The beauty of this kind of huge town with almost 10 mil people is the fact it’s affordable, walkable, and always has some exciting event gowns perfect for people watching. Even though I had been to Seoul many times when I taught in Southern Korea after university, I used to be itching to return four years later on a long layover. During five days I actually ate me into a food coma, reminisced outside of the 7-Elevens, and walked uncountable miles every day through the busy streets.

Be it cab, subway, coach, or walking distance, it’s easy to obtain all over Seoul. Even if you just have a few days, you’ll be able to easily pop throughout the exciting metropolis and take full advantage of witnessing the of the world that has been up and coming considering that the 1950s.

Here are seven things you must check out in Seoul.

Walk almost everywhere. One of my favorite things to do when ever exploring a brand new city is usually walking around and achieving lost. Yet , with our very little internet options attached to our bodies it’s quite simply impossible to really get lost. Though Google Maps can be not successful in Seoul, downloading Seoul Map Off-line will keep you on track a high level00 bit concerned with a wrong convert. Walking is a wonderful way to determine parts of the location that not necessarily accessible from your taxi window or subway commute. Likewise, it’s free! While wandering through Seoul you’ll lump into cute little places that would or else be unfamiliar if commuting by rims. Whether you find one of the numerous cutesy coffee shops, bookstores, heart designed photo booths, test out new street meals, or work out at among the various outdoor stations having a local ajumma, you’ll have a lot to amuse you by foot. If you don’t find out where to start with this big metropolis, check out this app that will help you navigate a Seoul self-guided walking tour.

However, Seoul public transit is usually top notch. Should you be feeling a lttle bit like your ft may fall off by days and nights end, squeeze on in the subway with millions of Seoulites.

Check out Gyeongbokgung Building. Start that walking travel with a unhurried morning stroll through Gyeongbokgung Palace. It’s a ginormous Misunderstandings designed framework sitting for the northern side of the city that was originally completed in the late 14th century. It absolutely was later reconstructed in the nineteenth century yet soon enough practically completely demolished again during the Japanese occupation after the time for the 100 years. However , in more recent years, Gyeongbokgung Palace has become partially refurbished and now contains about 1 / 3rd of the 500 buildings which were originally located on site.

Once inside, you’ll have a possibility to place through the multiple passages while you’re watching Koreans dressed in traditional Hanbok clothing to help you feel as if get stepped back in time. You can get the mix of record, culture, and architecture all in one quick afternoon at Gyeongbokgung Palace.

Meander through Bukchon Hanok Village. Talking about history, you may mosey in over to this authentic area in the metropolis. The Bukchon Hanok Community is just a stone’s throw coming from Gyeongbokgung Building and contains the country’s greatest preserved hanoks. The hanoks are the traditional Korean style houses which were first created in the fourteenth century. Back in the day, depending on your lifestyle of han-ock you lived in determined the class. Today you’ll see people walking around in traditional apparel, be able to go to the various outdoor markets jumped up almost everywhere, and have pics in the unique structures. This area brings together a distinctive history that is certainly still noticed in the present day. 2 weeks . fun area to check out and view a lot of older Korean language culture.

Hike in Bukhansan Countrywide Park. If you want a break from the city, no requirement to go considerably. Just north of Seoul is that hill your yearning. It’s hikable year very long, but springtime and fall will be the finest weather. At just 2, 744 feet above sea level is Baegundae peak, the greatest in the park, and it’s not just a very difficult trek. However , you will discover multiple tracks, so you can select your length of hike and difficulty level before you head into your outdoor jaunt. You’ll just needs some good shoes and boots, full normal water bottles, and several snacks to your adventure.

If you want to hike the mountain accurate Korean design, be sure to take your brightly colored windbreakers, visors, trekking poles, and a bottle of makgeolli to get the summit.

Head to the bangs. Bang in Korean means “room””and you will find a room because of it all. It can fun to acquire a taste of Korean tradition by encountering at least one of the different bangs. For anyone who is feeling sore from that hike or walking all day then you can definitely head to a jimjillbang. Right here you can relax in a great bubbly spa or obtain a scrub down from a great elderly Korean. If it’s wet and you aren’t go outdoors, head to a DVD-bang. This is otherwise called your very own private movie theatre where you choose a film through the ’90s that you forgot been around. Want to party? Get some close friends and sing your heart out at a karaoke room”also termed as a noraebang. Absolutely nothing screams Korean culture just like screeching along to some popular K-Pop songs.

When you’ve seen these types of symbols “ë°©” then you find out you are on the right observe for a slamming time.

Shop with the Gwangjang Marketplace. Are you desiring a smell that you’ll never forget? Of course you are. Try to spend an afternoon grabbing lunch break in one of Korea’s earliest traditional markets: the massive Gwangjang Market. Jogging through Gwangjang Market might be a whole new kind of culture impact. You can easily spend an entire day here blending through tons of locals and tourists. You can wide eyed and entertained while watching residents stir up buckets of kimchi, quickly flip Korean language pancakes pertaining to hundreds of famished customers, and witnessing live octopus obtain chopped to bits.

There are more than 5, 1000 various retailers throughout this kind of 450, 1000 square feet market that will get you everything you need plus more. Be it garments, cosmetics, meals, juice, designs, and more. Although you may don’t want to buy anything, be sure to at least test out a brand new type of food just for the ability. You will appreciate walking through this crazy-busy-wonderful-colorful-pungent market.

Eat almost everything. My mouth area was watering for some bulgogi the second My spouse and i stepped from the airplane by Incheon International airport after 4 years. I had developed one absolute goal for my own few days back in the ROK and that was to EAT. Eating your path around Seoul is a celebration in itself. Not only is Korean language food totally delish, although I love the fact that Korean food culture enables you to sit at restaurants for hours without being rushed outside. All you need to do is push a button and”voila! “the meals magically looks before your eyes.

Be open to trying everything in front of the eyes. Seoul offers plenty of unique spicy, savory, lovely, and stinky snacks. Furthermore, you receive loads of free side food with your meals.

Here are just a few points I be sure to binge in when traveling in Seoul.

Before per night out: Korean language BBQ, Dakgalbi, or Shabu Shabu

On the rainy time: Pajeon and Makgeolli

Street food hopping: Kimbap and Dukbokki

Take a seat fast food: Bibimbap, mandu, and doenjang jjigae

For the brave: Natural octopus

Sweet: Patbingsu

On top of that, none of them of those meals will certainly break the bank. Ingesting local foodstuff (and having local soju) in Korea is very affordable so that you won’t have to keep back. Another area of Gochujang please!

Be sure you slow down and take in each of the people that go by. You’ll see pretty couples together in their coordinating outfits, aspiring K-Pop music artists dancing inside the streets, and men in suits contending for that can throw again the most soju. It’s quite a site if you have not yet been to the little peninsula in Asia. You’ll like witnessing the cultural pride of South Korea while exploring Seoul.

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