The later Mr. Woodburn was recognized as a extractor of artwork, and often used in that potential, both by simply English noblemen and men, and by the government. His assortment of pictures, which include works of the Italian, Flemish, Dutch, and German colleges, was recently put up on the market by general public auction. Since might be predicted from the location he occupied, many of them will be productions of any high buy, and the large sums that they were offered showed the estimation through which they are kept by enthusiasts. Of the German school, three were identified as Rafiaelles, a lot of as individuals of Leonardo da Vinci, and one particular as the work of Buonarotti. Doubts have been completely expressed as to the authenticity of some of these, especially that of Christ bearing a Cross, by Da Vinci, and the Saint John, by Rafiaelle.

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These kinds of doubts will be founded to some extent on the physiological modelling of the figures, and partly within the elaborate foldings of the blind. That they had been pretty generally entertained, is proved by prices where these images were knocked down. The whole pro ceeds of the sale were? 7, 500. Among the paintings which sold ideal were the next:? The Madonna of the I am maculate Conception, which was decorated by Murillo for the Royal Group of Spain, and when belonged to the Infante Put on Gabriel, was purchased by simply Mr. Farrar for you, 000 guineas. It is referred to in the list as the finest in England. Mister. Uwins bought The Adoration of the Virgin mobile, by Giorgione, for five-hundred guineas, in the name of the government. This picture presents the Virgin mobile sitting with the infant Jesus, St . Frederick oy her side, and a Venetian general in armour kneeling before her. while his horse is held with a page. A convent is seen in the. length.

The structure of the picture is peculiar, but the colouring is very abundant and the treatment majestic, espe cially that of the O Mother, whose attitude and features screen great spirituality. The Magdalen, by Titian, fetched 210 guineas. A Spacious Scenery, with a Town on a Water and Numbers, painted by Wouvermans, and bear ing date 1699, formerly inside the Duchess para Berris gallery realised 405 guineas. The Virgin Weeping over the Body of Christ, by Guercino, produced two hundred fifity guineas, The Holy Relatives, by Vaga, 370 guineas, The Marriage of Saint Catherine, by Poussin, 175 guineas, The Virgin mobile and St Joseph kneeling over the infant Jesus, by Perugino, 153 guineas, The Tribute Funds, a make up of a dozen figures, by Rembrandt, personalized by MArdell, 380 guineas, The Virgin mobile, by Raffaeilini, 145 guineas, Saint Ruben, in a Surroundings, Preaching, by simply Raffaelle, hundratrettiofem guineas. Different lots were? Bacchus and Ariadne around the Shore with the Island of Naxos, with Nymphs and Satyrs, by Guido, intended for 145 guineas, The Virgin, by Hemling, for 121 guineas, two paintings of rural displays, by Cuyp, for 115 guineas each, A Scenery, by Wouvermans, for 18-1 guineas, A great Italian Surroundings, by Wilson, for a hundred and fifty guineas, A Classical Property scape, simply by Claude, for 101 guineas, A Frozen Riv, with a Village, by Van der Neer, for 100 guineas, An inside, by Terburg, for 93 guineas, and The Duke of Urbino obtaining the Order in the Garter, by simply Francesca, intended for 80 guineas. This previous was purchased by Colonel Phipps.

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