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I choose to go over Thats Therefore Raven show. It is a friends and family comedy tv program that shown on Disney channel in the 2000s. I choose this demonstrate because it shows how Dark Americans happen to be discriminated resistant to the white persons. The present is about an increased school woman who has physic visions which allow her to be able to see into the future. On February, next 2005 the show introduced an event called True Colors. This episode was their Dark-colored History Month special and addressed issues about racism which we still face in our lives today.

In this event, in particular, Raven (the primary character) who is an Dark-colored female, and her closest friend, Chelsea, who will be a White female, the two applied for work at a clothing retail outlet. The director of the retail outlet had equally girls finish different tasks related to the work including folding, organizing, and selling a complete outfit to just one of the customers. Raven did at all jobs and Sw3 humorously and miserably failed at all responsibilities. Raven would not get the job but , her friend Chelsea did. Raven was confused about the managers decision to use her good friend over very little because the lady knew your woman had performed better inside the interview. Raven then a new physic vision into the future wherever she sees the director of the retail outlet telling her friend Sw3 that your woman doesnt seek the services of black people. Hurt with what she got seen in her vision, Raven, her close friends, and her family go over times within their own lives where that they experienced racism.

Green, M. (2012). The Best of Both Sides: Youth, Sexuality, and a Post-Feminist Feeling in Disneys Hannah Montana. Feminist Press Studies. 660-675.

The writer of this article displays how Disney channel shows contemporary Usa girlhood plus the aspect of femininity in connection to celebrity where main figure is seen as post-feminist Subject. This article will be valuable as it displays how ladies are discriminated because of their sexuality.

Bells. R. (2015). Racializing Raven: Race and Gender in Thats Therefore Raven. Humboldt

Journal of Social Contact, Vol. thirty seven, Race, Male or female Class in Popular Tradition

(2015), pp. 55-66

This article shows the between education of dark American girl and the photo in the press. This article is useful as it will assist me to show how black American lady is discriminated despite being successful in school.

Collins, L. H. (2004). Black sex politics: Photography equipment Americans, sexuality, and the fresh racism. Routledge.

This guide shows how black American children are denied an opportunity to sign up for schools like other kids in America. The mother with the author would not get a chance to go to university. The book also shows how dark Americans are denied possibilities even to gain access to social features with the white wines. The book is significant as it may help me showing how dark-colored Americans are seen as lesser people because of their skin colours.

Let me use the theory of existentialism to show several peoples in order to solve the present problem of discrimination. I will also support many visitors to view other people despite their very own color or gender since human beings. For example , black People in america should be viewed and cared for as the whites because they are also human beings.

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