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The paper “Crime Data Mining: An Overview and Case Studies” by simply Chen et al stocks results of several little studies produced to explore applying the field of data exploration to struggling with crime. It seems an obvious location to assist police force in carrying out their duties, especially with the advent of info mining possessing “the assurance of making that easy, hassle-free, and practical to explore substantial databases”. The paper records increased matter about national security following 9/11 terrorist attacks and “information overload” as surrounding drivers to get the task and associated studies. Referring to the problems of terrorist problems and info overload, Chen et al note that info mining to get “law observance and brains analysis holds the assurance of improving such concerns. “


Chen ou al be aware that “It pays to to review crime data exploration in two dimensions: offense types and security worries and offense data mining approaches and techniques. inches The premise on this statement looks quite relevant to those considering crime info mining as the various research reveal the type of lawbreaker activity getting investigated may yield greater results with different approaches. Chen et al describe multiple methods that may be found in crime info mining:

Entity extraction continues to be used to quickly identify person, address, motor vehicle, narcotic drug, and personal houses from authorities narrative reviews (Chau ain al., 2002). Clustering approaches such as “concept space” have been completely used to automatically associate several objects (such as individuals, organizations, vehicles) in criminal offenses records (Hauck et al., 2002). Change detection has been applied in fraud diagnosis, network intrusion detection, and other crime studies that involve tracing abnormal activities. Classification has been used to detect email spamming in order to find authors who also send out unsolicited emails (de Vel ainsi que al., 2001). String comparator has been used to detect misleading information in criminal records (Wang et approach., 2002). Online social network analysis continues to be used to evaluate criminals’ jobs and interactions among agencies in a legal network.

The conventional paper presents several case research including just how those case studies had been performed and the results.

a. Organization Extraction to get Police Story Reports

This kind of study suggests a neural network to extract choices in police reports based upon three parts. The initial part can be “Noun Phrasing” which “extracts noun key phrases as known as entities via documents based upon syntactical analysis”. The second part is “Finite State Equipment and Lexical Lookup” which utilizes a finite condition machine to check on words within just preceding and following keyword phrases in the law enforcement officials report intended for matches inside the reference term. The third part is a Neural Network employing “feedforward/backpropagation” to predict the most likely form of entity (e. g. name, address, etc . ). Chen et approach found that their strategy “achieved encouraging precision and recall prices for person names and narcotic medications (74 – 85%), but did not be as good for details and personal properties (47 – 60%) (Chau et approach., 2002). inches

b. Uncovering Criminal Identity Deceptions: A great Algorithmic Way

The next approach covered was designed to detect deceitful identity info provided by bad guys to law enforcement officials. By using a data source of the Tucson Police Section the Chen et al research staff was able to create a taxonomy of deceptive personality information “that consisted of brand deceptions, address deceptions, date-of-birth deceptions, and identity amount deceptions. inches This taxonomy revealed that criminals typically altered their true identity information with minor variances in spelling and out of sequence numbers. To identify this kind of fraud they developed an algorithm to compare corresponding fields between multiple records “by calculating the Euclidean Range of disagreement measures over-all attribute domains. ” The Euclidean Distance was then simply used with a trigger degree of a pre-determined level to recognize deceptive records. Using a sample from the Tucson Police Division, Chen ou al revealed that their very own algorithm was 94% exact in finding deceptive identity information.

c. Authorship Analysis in Cybercrime

Another approach presented was an effort to quickly detect details of writers posting communications online. The authors known that the confidential nature of online actions makes cybercrime very difficult to review and thus a device to assist can be useful. Chen et ing developed a framework including “three types of message features, which includes style guns, structural features, and content-specific features. inch This platform was after that tested by utilizing experimental data sets of email and online text messages. During the screening, three algorithms were implemented including “decision trees, backpropagation neural sites, and Support Vector Machines” in make an effort to determine authorship of on-line material. We were holding able to anticipate authors with varying degrees of accuracy coming from 70-97% with respect to the type on the net messages. Chen et al found the Support Vector Machine protocol performed best in their analysis.

d. Criminal Network Analysis

Your fourth topic protected was Criminal Network Research. The research is based on examining social networks together with the premise that organized criminal organizations type networks to carry out their illegal activities. Simply by analyzing these networks you can be able to identify structural relationships and/or hierarchies. To decipher the underlying structural firm of the network Chen ainsi que al employed a method known as Social Network Analysis broken in to four parts. The first part was Network Removal which applied existing records of the Tucson Police Division to form systems “because scammers who dedicated crimes together usually were related. ” [1] The next portion was Subgroup Detection that was designed to detect hierarchical subgroups based on strength of discovered relationships. The 3rd part was Interaction Routine Discovery which was used to “reveal patterns of between-group discussion. ” [1] The final portion was Central Member Identity which recognized central users of the legal organization simply by determining procedures of the associations previously established. The experts also demonstrate a number depicting a network of 60 scammers which mainly appears as a large internet, however the second figure reveals a composition derived from the criminal network throughout the previously mentioned processes which will shows a solid chain-like composition.

Paper’s Summary

Chen et ‘s provided a brief conclusion through which they noted their belief that crime data exploration has a promising future. Additionally they note that there are many other applying data exploration that could be looked into further.

My personal Conclusion

Overall I actually felt which the paper was very useful and promising for potential utilization of data mining to fight criminal offense. My first interest in this topic was regarding the probability of detect recently unknown lawbreaker activities via large data, such as various kinds of fraud. However , this kind of paper confirmed promising results of several different methods which may be deployed several purposes to help analyze several types of crime. Numerous things I have discovered from the daily news are that different methods will work better several purposes and/or different data types. Having knowledge of data mining algorithms, tools, and what info formats they perform better with might be a great property for any data mining activity. It is quite noticeable that distinct data exploration tasks will require different approaches. Another region that would improve data mining outcomes can be for the info scientists to work directly with their customer(s) and/or those entering info. For example , if perhaps this team were to work with the Tucson Police Department to improve just how officers document police reviews it may improve the outcome or efficiency in the data exploration methods.

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