A retail center is one or more buildings creating a complex of shops addressing merchandisers, with interconnecting walkways enabling surfers to walk from unit to unit, and also a parking area – a modern day, indoor version of the traditional marketplaces.

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As traders joined more roomy shops inside the early nineteenth century large streets created, but richer people (who could find the money for to travel to town centers pertaining to pleasure) began wanting shield from rain, so shopping arcades were developed. With new innovations like escalators these progressed into shopping malls and with the rise of the vehicle these evolved into departmental stores.

Via early on, the structure tended to be inward-facing, with department stores following ideas of how buyers could greatest be enticed in a managed environment. Comparable, the concept of a mall having one or more “anchor stores” or perhaps “big field stores” was pioneered early, with specific stores or perhaps smaller-scale chain stores designed to benefit from the consumers attracted by the big retailers.

B. Assertion of the Problem

The shopping mall will provide a restful shopping experience for customers. Also the system will allow more than one shop owner to build different retailers, to sell various products under one roof top i. at the. mall. The style, at its very

simple, provides for a setting that allows the subsequent:

* Store owner

5. Any person wishing to setup store in the shopping center can send out a proposal to the nearby mall owner. 2. The shopping mall owner approves the pitch and verifies the deal. 5. Shop owners can then create and maintain their own shop(s) in the mall.

2. Customers

* Customers when enter the nearby mall have to authenticate themselves over a central hardware. * Following authentication, the client is allotted a shopping cart software and can enter a particular shop of his or her choice for shopping.

C. Research Objectives

* Look into how the external and internal environment impacts on the consumers’ choice of departmental stores; * Recognize the purpose for which the consumers visit the different the departmental stores; * Determine the level to which individuals are satisfied with the different shopping malls; 5. Assess the magnitude to which consumers’ choice and patronage patterns impacts on the shopping malls’ marketing strategies to fulfill consumer’s desires and needs; * Measure the extent to which private transport impacts in patronage of shopping malls; 5. Assess the extent to which one-stop shopping malls with efficient service contribute to positive family experience; * And assess the level to which women and men prefer numerous facilities within the shopping mall.

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