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Excerpt from Dissertation:

Ahmed Shihoon, students of Woodbury University, Institution of Organization, the section of Accounting and Financing. I did my own Educational Internship at Safa Co. Limited. located at Jeddah inside the Saudi Arabia, plus the internship helped me to build up the accounting and administration experiences in the company. The name of my director was Prophet Bin Shihon, and guided me in every my tasks, and my duties would have been to review the company financial transactions, prepare diary entries along with depositing bill. My time-table was around 48 hours per week and the internship started on twenty one December 2013 and end by 2009 January 2014.

Place of Internships

Fig one particular: Safa. Co. Organization Graph

As being revealed in the Safa organizational chart, the company is definitely headed by managing movie director, who redirects the overall company operations. The assistant controlling director and general supervisor assist the managing movie director in the business operations. Underneath the general administrator and helper managing overseer are the accounting manager, branch managers, senior accountant, potential manager. The accounting staffs assist the accounting supervisor in the procedures of the accounting department. The organization also has large numbers of sales representatives who happen to be under the part managers and sales and marketing managers.

Major Company Activities

Safa Co., Ltd. opened it is business activities in 1990 and the business headquarter is found at Jeddah. The company also offers branches at Dammam and Riyadh built with full services such as travel, warehouses, as well as after-sale services. Each of the business branches is being managed by the general director and aided with a complete team who helps in the smooth operations of the business throughout the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The company business actions involve adding different type of house wares from diverse countries globally making the organization to become among the leaders inside your home wares business in Arab saudi. The company have been able to achieve a leading position in providing the house products because it is main business philosophy should be to maintain top quality services intended for the customers’ satisfaction.

Aside from engaging in the warehouse business, the company is also a leader in the hypermarkets and supermarkets organization in Arab saudi. Moreover, the Safa Company. Ltd. is known as a sister business to the Danube and Bindawood groups. By simply importing throughout the world, the Safa Co. Limited. specializes in offering the following types of products:

1 . Acrylic items.

2 . Aluminium cookware.

three or more. Glassware.

5. Kitchen tools and devices.

5. Melamine ware.

six. Plastic products.

7. Porcelain ware

almost eight. Stainless steel goods.

9. Wood made products.

Essentially, the company offers wide varieties of product underneath its current brands. For instance , the company imports the Walther Glass via Germany that consists of Goblet bowls, Wedding cake Plates, and Glass floral vases. The Moneta brands are imported in the Italy that includes Aluminum kitchenware. The company imports the Regent brand in the Hong Kong that consists of stainless steel categories including salad containers, food warmers, and tea warmers. Yet , the company makes its item in China under the brand Rissa. The Rissa manufacturer is the gizmos and cookware.

Other company brands include Saflon and Safinox imported from Chicken that specializes in Lightweight aluminum cookware, and stainless pots and pans respectively. The organization also imports the Smart Cook brand from China that specializes in various kitchen item such as kitchenware and utensils. The company also imports product from Southern Korea beneath the brand Everin with item specialization in cutting panels and plastic-type tight storage units.

Strategy the Organization employed to deliver its Products

The Safa Co. Ltd. has accumulated 20 years of business experience in taking care of the a comprehensive portfolio of house items and home product. The corporation distributes its products to large market sectors in Saudi Arabia; the company as well distributes its products to remote control areas in Saudi Arabia. The company delivers usana products to three market segments in Saudi Arabia including:

Western place

Central region

Eastern place, and Other section of the country.

At western place, the company products its products to consumer at Jeddah, Great place, and Medina. Moreover, the business supplies its products to potential buyers at central regions mainly cities of Riyadh, Qaseem, and Karj. In the far eastern region, the corporation delivers usana products at the primary cities in Dammam, Dahran, and Khobar. The Desk 1 discloses the company syndication outlets.

Table 1: Safa Co. Limited Distribution Retailers


European Region

Eastern Region

Central Region

Various other Regions

Total Segments

Home Shops


Gift Outlets


almost 8




International airport Corners











Total Region


As being revealed in the stand 1, the organization supplies the almost all its item to the household shops. Out of the 605 portions that the firm focuses in the Saudi Arabia, the family unit shops will be 530 segments, more than??? of all the total segments. Yet , the company loves market advantages in the european region than other regions in the country. For instance, the company records marketplace of the 180 households shops in the american region. The business also information 150 inside the central location, while the eastern region ranks third intended for household marketplaces.

The company also enjoys market advantages from your gift retailers. Contrary to the household shops, the organization only information 37 sectors for the gift outlets. Safa Company., Ltd. as well supplies their product for the chain of supermarkets, and the total portions for the supermarkets happen to be 35. The company has been capable to enjoy marketplace advantages at the supermarket sections because Safa Co. Limited. is a sister company to Danube and Bindawood teams, and the technique has assisted the company to penetrate the Saudi Arabian market. Rubbish bin Dawood group is a leader in the string of hypermarket, and grocery store business in Saudi Arabia. Trash can Dawood group also has many department stores in Saudi Arabia together with the annual turnover of 500 usd million. Moreover, the Danube stores, supermarket and supermarkets are recognized in Riyadh and Jeddah. Partnership with all the Bin Dawood and Danude has assisted the Safa Co., Limited. To penetrate all the locations in the Arab saudi, which assisted the company to take pleasure from the market positive aspects.

Safa Co. Advertising Approach

Safa Co., Ltd. uses the online and offline advertising and marketing techniques to make people aware of the products offered available for sale. The company offline adverting methods are the following: First, the company works in conjunction with the traditional wholesalers and modern day trade merchants. Typically, the regular wholesalers possess direct connections with many trade suppliers across Arab saudi. Moreover, the organization has been capable of advertise its products through suppliers scattered across the nation. The company as well employs many professional sales teams who have assist in promoting the company merchandise across the country. The organization is able to reach the potential consumers through the sales team and retailers scattered country wide

More important, the Bin Dawood groups also have assisted the business to reach many consumer in Saudi Arabia by giving a large space in the Bin Dawood super market and supermarket. Typically, Safa Co. has the capacity to enjoy marketplace advantages in the Saudi Arabia because the size of the nation population. As of July 2009, the country population is approximately twenty-seven. 5 million, where the expatriates reach 8 million. Typically, approximately 88% of Saudi population comes from urban areas. How big the Saudi population plays a role in the company marketplace advantages, which in turn assists the corporation to reach many consumer. In addition, the Saudi citizens can also be enjoying excessive levels of personal and non reusable income producing the company to relish market positive aspects from lot consumer. The organization also advertises its products in the local newspaper, car radio and tv set stations around the world and the advertising strategy makes million of people to be aware of the organization product.

The organization also uses the online marketing technique to reach large number of people within and outside the Saudi Arabia. For example , the company has internet site that makes some people to be aware of the merchandise that the firm offers for sale. The company web page has the Webpage revealing the major products which the company offers for sale. The merchandise page reveals different types of product that the company is usually selling. The About us web page provides the firm history and overview of its organization operations. The Branches site provides the address of the business headquarter and addresses of other two branches. The company also unwraps a page in the Facebook.

In spite of the company on the net presence, the corporation has not yet fully considered the advantages in the internet technology. Contrary to the various other house ware distributors in the advanced countries that have taken the advantages in the internet to advertise their merchandise worldwide, Safa Co., Ltd. has not but used the world wide web technology to offer their merchandise. Nevertheless, the organization has been capable of reach an incredible number of consumers using the traditional off-line advertising program.

III: Career and Schooling

Reasons for undertaking the internship with the Safa Co.

Several reasons which will make me to sought pertaining to the internships opportunities with

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