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Overall, the use of market, psychographic and geographic segmentation has allowed all of us to reduce the different potential target markets considerably. These types of different marketplaces each offer distinct levels of possibility of exploitation by a solar panel installation firm. The targeting of every different part will be reviewed in the next section of this statement.

Targeting Approach

The aimed towards strategy is employed to find ways to get the product with each of the sections that have been targeted. For solar panel systems in Australia, you will discover three key segments when understood by demographics – consumers underneath $100, 1000; consumers above $100, 000 and small businesses These sectors are all desirable for a company that is wanting to build a good presence inside the Australian market going forward.

There are numerous of approaches to target different markets. Differentiated or section marketing would result in every segment being targeted having a product that is different to get the demands of the particular segment. Undifferentiated marketing could involve offering a single merchandise to the complete market, while niche marketing would focus on just one segment in the market (No author, 2010). The Australian market is relatively small , therefore it may be difficult, even with the concentrated eight. 4 million people in Sydney and Melbourne merged, to build sufficient economies of scale to generate the solar power business with a niche strategy. The market merely lacks the clean, differentiated niches that would support the viability of the niche market technique.

Worth considering is that the two primary consumer portions as divided by demographics and the different consumer segments by psychographics have almost no differentiation regarding their product needs, however the small business market does have some differentiation regarding product demands. In particular, small companies may need increased amounts of electricity, more sophisticated devices and devices on multiple sites. This kind of difference between your two segments marks a place where the promoting can be differentiated.

Within the consumer segment, although there are significant differences involving the demographic and psychographic segments that have been discovered, an undifferentiated approach in particular with respect to merchandise should produce positive results. The main differences among these sectors will happen with respect to the advertising message and with the under $22.99, 000 segment there may be several financing needs that have being met as part of the product difference.

Because of the weak market pertaining to manufacturing of solar panels nationwide, it is predicted that most in the ones marketed will have to be imported, either from China or Asia. As a result, the undifferentiated technique will allow the organization to importance in bulk the equipment needed to install solar panels inside the residential marketplace. This will give the company a chance to develop cost savings in purchasing. In addition , many consumers, which include those with good orientation to environmentally-friendly goods, are improbable to have a high level of class with respect to solar power panels. Thus, they are unlikely to demand a higher level of customization or personalization in their solar panels, which again leads to the conclusion that an undifferentiated strategy needs to be successful. Aspects of the marketing message, just like financing support or appeals to emotion, may be built into a built-in campaign quickly or may be incorporated into one ad if need be.

Positioning Strategy

The placement strategy must take into account the approach that the product is positioned against the competitors, although also it must take into account the setting of the merchandise in relation to the buyer. Solar panels are a largely undifferentiated product for some consumers. Although there are some differences in terms of quality and power of solar panels, the most important aspect on which the company can distinguish against competitors is with respect to service. The set up and assistance function provides the consumer which has a degree of confidence in the company and in the item. A focus about service likewise addresses the fact that the client is making a significant instant financial pay out for a merchandise that will take several years to pay for itself in energy savings. This fact means that there is likely to be a high amount of buyer’s sorrow on the part of the buyer, and the services function may limit not simply the incidence of potential buyer’s remorse but its impact on the business in terms of comes back and reimbursments.

Therefore , we recommend that the solar panel systems are positioned at the high end from the market. The panels themselves will be great quality, but the service will probably support the premium placement. By developing the best revenue and installation workforce, the corporation can develop a source of competitive advantage, which would be not possible with a tight focus on product. Therefore , focusing on premium setting based on services gives the corporation the best possibility to deal with any potential price competition or any division advantages that potential competitors may include.

Positioning the merchandise relative to the buyer will require conditions couple of distinct dimensions. These specific messages could possibly be delivered in separate marketing and sales communications, but can be combined into a single communication if need be. The initially key concept is the financial argument. Presented the rising cost of fossil fuels, it is simple for the consumer to accept the disagreement that solar power panels will be a more effective way of at the rear of their homes in the future. Additionally , the high amounts of the sun that Sydney enjoys will help lend a great emotion aspect to the economic appeal. For instance , it could be remarked that if solar energy panels can save buyers money in a cloudy nation like Indonesia, those rewards are going to be much more noticeable nationwide.

The financial argument can be utilized both intended for families previously mentioned and under the $100, 000 threshold. For families above, the economic argument needs to be easy to understand as they are likely to have got a higher education level nevertheless also are more likely to have excessive cash which to make a great investment. That the government incentive no longer exists should be dismissed in the current marketing message as it is irrelevant to the present purchase decision. For people below the $100, 000 threshold, they nonetheless receive the monetary incentive, and may see a shorter payback period sooner as a result. The lower and middle ends of this marketplace are unlikely to make this investment because they may shortage the necessary disposable income, however , towards the more advanced of the $22.99, 000 threshold, disposable income may can be found and it is these consumers who should be targeted most strongly within this section.

The psychological appeal to “green” ideals can be used upon both market groups. This appeal may be especially strong when combined with the economic argument. The emotional appeal points out the common sense of applying solar power within a sunny nation and the environmental benefits of getting off coal-powered electricity. Themes just like pollution, durability and environmental stewardship should be explored included in the marketing communication. The sales and marketing communications should give attention to making buyers feel guilt about having not previously installed solar panels and indicate a sense of honest and meaning superiority upon consumers who have already installed solar energy panels. This mental appeal will need to tap into the feelings that many customers already feel, but have yet to be changed into action. It really is hoped the company can easily derive substantial sales by converting this sort of sentiments into action above the coming years. The more buyers adopt solar panel technology, the stronger these kinds of messages ought to become, in order to convince the uninstalled foundation that they are losing out on all of the moral, ethical and financial benefits associated with solar panel technology.

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