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Research from A-Level Coursework:

Revenues for the Miami Dade Police Section 2011 to 2012

Income Source

Quantity (in thousands of dollars)

Standard Funds

$488, 535

911 Fees

$13, 249

Car parking / Traffic Surcharges

$4, 190

Federal Grants

$9, 204


$15, 738

Contract Companies

$63, 262


$4, 172

(“FY 2011-2012 Price range, ” 2011)

These amounts are displaying how the New mexico Dade Law enforcement officials Department receives additional varieties of income via various costs, contract providers, grants and other programs. The combination of these elements is used to provide the community with protective solutions.

How are the revenue sums expected to enhancements made on the future?

The U. H. Government

In the future, revenues to get the U. S. federal government are expected to boost. Evidence of this is often seen by looking that the below table (which is showing income projections from 2012 to 2014).

Revenues Predictions for the U. T. Government by 2012 to 2015


Individual Income Tax

Corporate Income Tax

Social Insurance and Retirement living Receipts

Bar Taxes


$1. sixteen trillion

$370. 24 billion

$869. 70 billion

$65. 06 billion


$1. 35 trillion

$347. 74 billion

$959. 07 billion

$88. 05 billion


$1. 47 trillion

$429. 59 billion

$1. 32 trillion

$98. 57 billion

(“Fiscal Yr 2013 Budget, ” 2012) (“Fiscal Year 2013 Historic Tables, inches 2012)

These kinds of figures will be indicating that income for the us government are expected to increase between 2012 and 2014.

The State of Fl

The State of Florida is expected to see a distinct trend having a slow embrace the total levels of revenues. An illustration of this this can be viewed by looking at the below table (which is definitely highlighting how these numbers are expected to change between 2012 and 2013).

Revenues intended for the State of Florida from 2012 to 2013



Lottery Statements

Tobacco Pay out

Other Areas


$31. 62 billion

$1. 09 billion dollars

$370. sixty million

$24. 19 billion dollars


$31. 12 billion

$1. 02 billion

$370. 60 million

$22. eighty five billion

(“Governors 2012 Finances, ” 2012)

These figures are showing how the express will carry on and face pressure from less than expected earnings.

The City of Miami

When it comes to the City of Miami, the federal government is likely to see below expected profits. Evidence of this could be seen searching at the listed below chart (which is looking for future cash flow growth for 2012 and 2013).

Revenue Predictions for the town of Arkansas from 2012 to 2013


Total Amount of Revenues


$699. 70 billion


$693. 83 billion

(“City of Ohio Annual Finances, ” 2012)

The statistics are exhibiting how revenues are expected to decline intended for the city during this time period. Part of the cause of this, is usually from the ongoing effects of the real estate market as well as its impact on the local economy.

The Miami Dade Police Department

The earnings are expected to decline to get the Arkansas Dade Police Department in the future. This is because metropolis is continuing to face budgetary challenges. In the next year, these amounts are required to be about 10% reduce. This has pressured the office to seek added layoffs and so they want the bigger benefits costs passed on to employees. Problems are important, in showing the challenges facing the division from reduced fees, grants and other causes of revenues. (“In Miami Dade Union Fight, ” 2012) (“FY 2011-2012 Budget, inches 2011)

How exactly does the budget match the mission of each website?

The way the budget suits for each site is to address specific problems that are impacting on a certain level of government. In the federal perspective, it is built to deal with issues that are affecting events on a national basis. For example , one agency that is helping to support farmers is the Department of Agriculture. They offer a number of programs to ensure that they have access to assets that will help them to be successful over the long-term. The way that this occurs is through possessing a series of loans from non-public and government programs. In the last two years, the us government has been increasing the numbers of funding just for this area. The below stand is highlighting the different programs and the types of assistance which can be provided by the us government.

The Applications that are provided by the Section of Cultivation from 2011 to 2012


Federal government Direct 2011

Federal Immediate 2012

Non-public Lender Supported 2011

Exclusive Lenders Recognized 2012

Farmville farm Loans

$1. 93 billion

$2. 02 billion

$3. 06 billion dollars

$3. 09 billion

Commodity Credit Corporation

$7. 12 billion

$7. 33 billion

$4. seventy six billion

$5. 05 billion

Rural Programs / Organization Service

$7. 02 billion dollars

$9. fifty nine billion

$1. 82 billion

$1. 37 billion

Non-urban Housing Support

$2. 16 billion

$2. 25 billion

$15. up to 29 billion

$24. /33 billion dollars

(“Fiscal 12 months 2013 Price range, ” 2012)

These numbers are exhibiting how the focus of the national government’s budget is to talk about issues that happen to be impacting the country as a whole.

Just how that the california’s budget is in line with its domain should be to address areas that are affecting the people of Fl. For example , the estimated spending budget projections pertaining to funding education are expected to be $142. 50 billion. This can be an increase of $137. 30 billion to get 2011. These types of numbers are crucial, in showcasing how the state government is focusing on addressing all those issues that are impacting the citizens of Florida. (“Governors 2012 Budget, ” 2012)

As far as the town of Arkansas is concerned, they may be focused on addressing those issues that of most value on the neighborhood level. For instance , in 2011 there are a number of different solutions that were presented to the average person. The below table is illustrating the areas where these kinds of funds had been spent during this period.

Areas that Received Main Amounts of Money from the Associated with Miami this year


Amount Spent

Code Enforcement

$3. 09 mil

Solid Waste

$18. 93 million

Public Works

$14. 05 mil


$68. 04 million


$117. 61 billion dollars

Parks and Recreation

$21. 56 mil

(“City of Miami Gross annual Budget, inches 2012)

These numbers will be showing the way the local government is targeted on delivering those companies that are in the most require.

The Miami Dade Law enforcement officials Department budget is designed to present additional financial assistance in dealing with possible hazards to the community. Evidence of this is seen simply by with the following areas that are receiving considerable amounts of funding to include: facility projects, technology, fuel / courts costs and expenses associated with contract providers just to name a few. (“FY 2011-2012 Price range, ” 2011) This is demonstrating how most resources of the department focus on achieving these kinds of objectives at all times.

How can the budget be increased and income estimation become accurately seen at each level?

The best way that the budgetary method can be better at each level is to consider the worst case scenario. This will likely ensure that almost all projections happen to be based upon conventional estimates. In the event there are unexpected shocks, is when these types of numbers can reflect more realistic projections. This is unlike the current strategy that is happening at all numbers of government. What is happening is there is more of a give attention to how to make these kinds of numbers look great (based upon political considerations).

At the same time the state of hawaii, city and police department need to come together to create specifications for dealing with potential shortfalls. The way

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