With this assignment I am analysing two poems, ‘Cousin Kate’ and ‘The Seduction’. Christina Rosetti wrote ‘Cousin Kate’ in 1879. In this poem Christina describes a cottage maiden who was uncovered by a prosperous Lord who have appears to get excited about her but deceives her because fifty percent way through it becomes noticeable that he is using her for her capability to have a child. The Lord needs a boy in order to have a great heir to his items.

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During his time with all the maiden he comes across Kate who is the maidens younger cousin. Our creator then ditches the Maiden for younger sexier relative Kate. If the Lord is to use Kate the Maiden finds she is pregnant with the Lords child and has a selecting. She has merged feelings on her behalf son, while she is embarrassed with him because she is not really married to his dad but as well proud of him because he is hers. The Maiden would not inform the Lord about their kid.

Kate fails to inform the Lord that the girl with incapable of having children because she knows that if the lady tells our creator he will ‘dump’ her another. The Seduction is written by Eileen McAuley and is located in the 1980’s in Blackpool. The poem is about a teenage lady who fades clubbing for what seems to be her first time.

1 / 2 way during the night a boy about the same age persuades the girl to join him in an unromantic place near a river and gets her heavily inebriated. He then seduces her into having sexual activity. Then following 3 months she discover the girl with pregnant because of that one nightstand. The main elements of ‘Cousin Kate’ are love and associations, marriage, motherhood abuse of power and wealth, unfaithfulness and the jobs of the woman characters. Let me start with the element of take pleasure in, there are three different types of love and human relationships shown in ‘Cousin Kate’.

One type of appreciate and romantic relationship shown is definitely the true love presented from the New maiden towards the Lord plus the relationship the lady had with him. She’d over appear everything this individual did with her, which this individual threw back her confront when he ditched her on her cousin Kate. It became apparent that all this individual wanted coming from her was the sexual pleasure.

The other sort of love and relationship is the pretend like that Kate shows the Lord. She didn’t care the particular Lord performed to her because all the girl really wants can be his cash and riches. The Lord also shows pretend love towards both the Holiday cottage Maiden and Cousin Kate, he shows this like in order to make use of them for his pleasure and to help him get a son/heir. He as well couldn’t care less about his relationships with them for as long has this individual got what he needed.

Next I will move onto relationship. There is merely one marriage in this poem and that is between cousin Kate and the Lord to quote the poem “he bound you with his ring”. Kate obviously is only marrying him your money can buy as your woman does most things with him for that reason. Parenthood only comes into the poem at the extremely end in which the cottage first has the Lord’s child and feels blended emotions about the man, as she actually is ashamed of him because the girl with not hitched to his father although also proud of him as they is hers, to quote “My good haired kid, my pity, my pride”.

Abuse of power and wealth and betrayal your poem throughout the Lords actions like his ability to obtain whatever girl he desires for whatever he wants e. g. when he goes after the first, she falls in love with him but he does not have any feeling for her he only wants sexual pleasure and a son. This individual also will the same with Kate but the girl just complements him for money nothing else. He betrays the maiden when he ditches the maiden on her behalf sexier, more youthful cousin Kate. The female functions are fundamentally about the women that have gone down for this wealthy Lords appeal then the master will use these types of girls pertaining to his pleasure.

The themes in ‘the Seduction’ will be almost similar but fluctuate in certain techniques because it is an even more modern composition and substances like alcoholic beverages and drugs are participating where as in ‘Cousin Kate’ it is even more a case of true and pretend like. First of all I will go through the love that the adolescent girl drunkenly displays towards boy. Mainly because she was drunk your woman wasn’t inside the right way of thinking so wasn’t thinking right when the lady was supposedly falling crazy about him. I am unable to explore the element of relationship because there is simply no type of matrimony in this poem at all.

Being a mother comes into the poem following she understands that your woman pregnant in the manner she nurturers the baby launched in her womb and also because she suddenly understands that she is going to miss out on having fun with her friends or have the romantic strolls hand in hand using a boy. The teenage boy abuses his power above the girl by simply abusing the problem and getting her even more drunk than she already was so that he can move through with his plan to have sex with her. The teenage girl feels betrayed by her magazines since they pictured the image with her saying that her first time can be romantic. She also feels tricked by the boy as he promised her that he would have her out sometime although he kept her and she didn’t see him after that.

The role with the female figure is to be the prospective of the teenage boys lust. In both of the poems there are probe in ‘Cousin Kate’ the moral can be don’t select someone simply for money or find out a about his personality before you go with him and in ‘The Seduction’ the moral is definitely learn to take care of your drink and don’t leave with someone you don’t understand or can’t trust. The Cottage First show a lot of thoughts in the poem and the poem was written in first-person so that the writer can share those sense better.

At the time you write in first person you can express the emotions like they are your own and it in addition makes the poem one sided, as you don’t hear some of the lord’s stage of landscapes. The feelings in the poem is grief-stricken and down as the cottage first is always talking to a non-happy attitude until the end in which she becomes unconcerned about her relative Kate’s fate with the head of the family as if that her fault she selected that fortune and she got what she justifies and that’s that which I do believe is a bit of a selfish relaxed attitude and isn’t right.

Christina Rosetti uses a lots of imagery to describe the feelings with the cottage first e. g. “your love was writ in sand” which doesn’t mean that the lady actually composed how much the lady loved him it means that her appreciate wasn’t true it was removed before she even intended it. In “The Seduction’ Eileen likewise uses symbolism e. g. “with his eyes while blue because iodine” this kind of uses the image of blue iodine nevertheless iodine is in reality a yellowish brownie colour which usually also suggests that Eileen was again implying the idea of just how drunk the woman actually was.

The mood in ‘The Seductions’ adjustments half approach through because the girls frame of mind changes via an all constellation-filled eyed drunken girl who also falls in like with a teenage stranger into a emotional broken down wreck who have hates the boy as a result of what he did to her. Another way that the writers get imagery and mood across to the reader is by using characters of talk like metaphors, personification, similes and rhetorical questions.

When the freelance writers use these types of they assist to create the mood in the poem such as when Christina uses the rhetorical query “why do the great head of the family find myself out, and praise my personal flaxen frizzy hair? ” this kind of creates the mood of despair this means a over whelming misery and she’s wondering “why did he pick myself and destroy my life I can have been pure and had a better future than what he’s made me with. ” Another determine of presentation is in which Christina uses the metaphor “I could have been a dove” this doesn’t mean that she’d actually recently been a ove, the in cui is a sign of purity which the moment she uses it with this sentence the girl means that the cottage first would still be innocent. In ‘The Seduction’ Eileen uses the simile “green as being a septic wound” to describe a messy old water by which the boy truants and gets ‘high’ coming from taking prescription drugs, she uses this simile to create a depressing mood since it is such an unromantic, disgusting place he offers taken her to through this point in the poem someone knows something isn’t likely to go the way the girl organized.

The place that the son takes her to can be described in some different ways, another way is “far from the window blind windows from the tower blocks” and this identifies the place while hidden away through the rest of the universe and this likewise gives a good reason that he really does what he does right here and that is simply because there won’t always be any witnesses to back up virtually any court case the girl may have put against the boy. You characters in the two poems are both misleading characters that use charms to get what they wish and in both equally cases it is just a girl they wish to use to get sexual intercourse. They are presented as cunning males who just desire one thing, sex.

They treat the women with disrespect to quotation ‘cousin Kate’ “he dressed in me such as a silken knot” which means that this individual treats her as he could treat clothes easy removed or bring back on once wanted. Now I will estimate ‘The Seduction’ with “She giggled, drunk and nervous, and he muttered ‘little slag'” this kind of suggests that this individual doesn’t treatment who the lady is as long as he gets what he wants and it in addition suggests that he can take advantage of any kind of girl no matter how drunk she actually is.

In my opinion the writer wishes us to feel that they can be selfish inappropriate men while both the writers describe them in this manner, to quote ‘Cousin Kate’ “He saw you at your fathers gate, chose both you and cast me personally by” this means that that this individual doesn’t worry about the maidens feelings when he casts her by he just desires a better looking girl that suits his every want but this individual does not but know that Kate is unable to produce a child in any other case I foresee he would likewise cast her by. Women characters would be the foundations intended for both of the poems and we know more about them than we understand about some of the male character types.

We know that both these styles the main feminine characters suffer from an undesired pregnancy and are presented because young faithful girls who are lured by the men characters and both are left to carry the responsibility and disgrace of their unnecessary pregnancies. The ladies have some different ways of reacting to their situations that they react if it is upset, disillusioned, bitter, anxious and upset to quotation ‘The Seduction’ “And on that day time, she broke her heels of her high white colored shoes (as she flung them in the wall). And realised once in my life that the lady was really truly anxious, but in addition to that cheated by promise from it all” this kind of suggests that your woman becomes anxious by the thought that all she cannot regain her innocence and dreams.

They are really then the two stereotyped simply by society as being ‘loose women’, the type that sleeps with any man. In the ‘olden days’ sole pregnant women can be cast away of society, very poor and classed because the lowest from the low where as today they can receive all types of benefits from the area government and would not end up being frowned upon. The cottage first is a good character because she has decided to live and raise her son independently without the accompanied by a the Lord nevertheless the teenage young lady is more afraid of societies a reaction to her pregnancy and would like to run away in the shame.

I do think the poetry are both awaken calls to open our eye to see the low income that goes about around us and even though they can be set in diverse times that, message will usually need to be noticed as poverty is always going to be generally there whether we like it or perhaps not. I actually respect the particular cottage first in ‘Cousin Kate’ due to way she way roughed up but tied to the Lord since she from the true love the lady showed to him then when he punches her take pleasure in away intended for Kate, the lady becomes a stronger women and sees society to ensure that her and her kid can live a happy existence.

Society offers change a lot over the last a hundred and fifty years since now everyone is usually treated because an equal and it doesn’t matter what religious beliefs, race or his or her category is, I am not saying that stereotyping doesn’t happen as which will always be a continuing factor of life. In summary, we can see the poems are very similar inside themes as they are both regarding girls that get lured into making love or a sex relationship. Equally poems have the same meaningful behind them, get to know the person before heading to far develop a sex relationship.

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