Politics, Recidivism, Break Even Analysis, Prison System

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Excerpt via Case Study:

Politics Trumps Policy

How would you respond? Would you just capitulate and end a few or many of these programs?

Explain your response.

A drafted response can be provided for the new texas chief that would consist of an outline of all current programs supplemented with reasoning and statistical success of each. A rest even evaluation for each system will also be provided where the genuine program end result statistics with the inclusion in the 30% reduction in recidivism over two years and the cost savings on this rate lowering of both the short- and long-term to the point out and the community. The programs themselves had been thoroughly explored and essential significant defense for creation and implementation, some of the materials to allow support for implementation will evidently need to be used to demonstrate to the newest governor the value and potential of these programs. To respond towards the concerns associated with the tough on crime, “take back the streets” marketing campaign the chief excutive should be built aware that these kinds of programs carry inmates to high specifications and display significant cutbacks in interior strife and external community reorientation keeping the taxpayers untold dollars and lowering the numbers of victims of crime (Carter, 2008, p. 108) (Azzolino, Johnson, Thornton, Turley, 2004, pp. 721-728) (Jenson Reed, 2006, p. 81-89). The governor has to be made conscious in no uncertain terms that the simply way to permit offenders to reenter world safely is always to provide them with solutions and programs that allow them to break periods of criminality, which are totally supported by allowing for these offenders to reenter society without a plan to support themselves, the training and vocational training to do this and additionally without treatment for substance dependence (Carter, 2008, l. 108) (Azzolino, Johnson, Thornton, Turley, 2005, pp. 721-728) (Jenson Reed, 2006, g. 81-89). Offenders who provide time and then are simply came back to society with no solutions return to the patterns of criminality that made these people offenders to begin with, and many do this simply because they observe no different way to outlive in the community. Lastly, the chief of the servants should also be produced aware that the reduction of internal conflict, disturbance, fighting, turmoil within the prison system which includes resulted in component from these kinds of programs in addition has reduced personnel turnover considerably and has allowed the system for being much more stable over the past 2 years. This reduction in staff turnover also facilitates higher levels of security, since training new staff is usually a point of security concern and this on a continual basis generally leaves going back staff and new staff severely taxed and in a situation to either omit important security schooling procedures via training or demonstrate limited concern pertaining to such teaching as a result of worker burnout and high amounts of dissatisfaction, let alone the extremely excessive financial cost of high employee turnover (Rion, 2009, s. 8) (Shaffer, 2003, l. 114). I would personally not take apart programs in the beginning but will allow the new chief excutive the opportunity to have a greater comprehension of the applications and their effects before taking action.

2 . Is there any room to

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