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Excerpt from Case Study:

Meanwhile he’s emotionally unavailable and unconcerned in important personal communications and in his interpersonal relationships. Even when he can engaged in a one-on-one chat and producing direct eye-to-eye contact, he appears to be off somewhere else and thinking about other things besides the immediate chat. His family report that in addition to being emotionally distant and unavailable, the niche is also not available more practically because he will not answer their calls in the cell phone even after staying informed how much this frustrates them.

Analysis, Prognosis, and Recommendations

In some respects, this kind of subject appears to have did not successfully changeover into and negotiate Erikson’s Young Adulthood (i. elizabeth. Intimacy or isolation) Stage (Gerrig Zimbardo, 2009). Rather than learning how to form intimate caring interpersonal relationships, he seems to have remained focused on the sooner (i. elizabeth. Identity or Role Confusion) Stage in which his dedication to his career supplies the only identity he keeps (Gerrig Zimbardo, 2009). His irresponsibility is incongruous along with his energetic professional ambition although much of his inability to pay attention to tasks and responsibilities is likely attributable to his refusal for taking his prescribed medication for ADD and ATTENTION DEFICIT-HYPERACTIVITY DISORDER. The appropriate suggestion from a biophysiological point of view would be for him to resume choosing his medication with guidance to file any specific instances of lack of mental clearness that he experiences for the purpose of discussing these people in remedy. It would become appropriate by an interpersonal or cultural perspective to counsel this kind of subject to understand the fundamental importance of being able to build meaningful a genuine through his communications with others, especially loved ones, and this genuine personal fulfillment in later adulthood depends quite definitely on the capacity to transcend Erikson’s Middle Adult life (i. electronic. Generativity or Stagnation) Level by adding to something positive and more meaningful than touchable possessions or perhaps financial property to loved ones (Goodman, Schlossberg Anderson, 2006). It would be appropriate to help this issue understand that his passive-aggressive unavailability (such as refusing to answer his cell phone) clashes with his values that he could be demonstrating appreciate for his family by working hard. Eventually, the main target of therapy would be to support this subject understand that he cannot be a complete person without allowing himself to experience and react really to his emotions and that he cannot give meaningfully to get his family members without becoming more available to them in intimate marketing and sales communications and conversation and that no matter how hard this individual works or perhaps how much he provides for these people materially, this cannot compensate for his emotional unavailability (Goodman, Schlossberg Anderson, 2006).


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