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Augustine and Aquinas

Saint Augustine and Aquinas are both extremely well-known because of their theological and philosophical research, with Augustine writing in late fourth for the early 6th century although Aquinas in the thirteenth 100 years. They are both famous for their initiatives of aiming to reconcile historic philosophy and Christianity nevertheless they did these types of using other ways. Augustine had taken Platonic route while Aquinas was more focused on the Arstotelian way. We will take a look at their different ideas on the human nature by looking by various sections.


Augustine drew much of his theory about individual knowledge coming from Plato specially when it comes to the will for particular knowledge as opposed to impermanent or changing know-how. Unlike Aquinas Augustine was not an empiricist, Augustine kept the belief that fact only originates from within via an illumination method and not the observation worldwide of nature. Plato held the view that type of know-how came from a procedure of remembering forms from an experience they’d in the past that has been made possible through good lighting of a brain to remember. Augustine build up his belief coming from ideas by simply Pluto although changes them in a dramatic way. Augustine was at agreement with Plato in that true expertise arises from inside an individual nevertheless Pluto organised the belief that it comes about through remembering although Augustine thought that it comes from illumination. Augustine believed that (Garret, 2002).

Faith and reason

The Middle Ages was included with a vitality of a new idea that spiritual belief would not only appear from trust but it also came into being because of cause. Augustine organised the belief that hope and explanation had an impartial relationship in terms of the understanding of God, yet also that beliefs is the only true approach to The almighty. On top of that trust and cause were only accessible due to God’s work Grace; this kind of shows exactly how much Augustine was a Neo-Platonist. He believed that since the Platonists studied the eternal and unchanging consequently these suggestions were beneficial to the understanding and logic of the Christian faith. When Augustine kept the belief that the application of reason is beneficial for the illumination of Christian trust, he likewise believed which the use of these types of avenues in order to do so was only important if a person was not a Christian. He held the belief that Christians needed not take these kinds of recourse to philosophy seeing that he experienced that faith was a cause beyond anything at all when it comes to the belief of The almighty.

Aquinas got a fairly diverse stance about this dichotomy of faith and purpose. He did not make any clear difference between trust and purpose as Augustine did. He however organised the belief that created universe and real truth originates from Goodness. He would not belief that these two were in conflict together though to some degree it is true that purpose can not attain what faith can. this individual referred to this kind of idea like a two fold issue. He believed that anything can be true of faith, bogus when it comes to idea but it cannot be the other way round. This two happen to be in support of the idea that while reason can lead to greater knowledge of the world, not necessarily able to lead to attaining higher truths which can be achieved by the faith of a person. This individual believed that faith and reason are quite essential and perhaps they are not in contradiction to one another (Clark, 2009).

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