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Leadership Case Study

Callaway The game of golf Changes Leadership

Loosing an organization CEO may be like a large family losing a father. The power of the entire organization is definitely suddenly removed, and the group is faced with discovering exactly how much they all relied on, and looked towards the departed head for assistance. Passing away in 2001, Ely Callaway left behind a heritage which described him because irascible, enjoyable, loquacious, completely innovative, and as smart a businessman as ever before swung a seven flat iron. Soon after his death, it probably is clear how big a divot his reduction will make in the world of golf. Testimonies flowed by archrivals in the golf-equipment biz and superstar players who also swung Callaway’s classy night clubs. Many appreciated him as a friend, a mentor, and – first and foremost – a maverick.

Although learned organization skills may be replaced, the attitudes which in turn infuse an organization with travel to compete in the marketplace can be something that should go deeper in a man than the education he has received. Behaviour flow from convictions and character, plus the attitudes of the organization’s leader flow down into every aspect of the corporation. In recent years, study into command styles provides demonstrated that the potency of the organization is most often linked with the command style of the person at its sturzhelm. (Burns and Cuilla, 1998) The characteristics represents in Mister. Callaway might be hard to replace. In 1982, he bought an obscure golf-equipment manufacturer, and nine years later, Callaway Golf presented a metallic wood which has a swollen, odd-looking head. Callaway called it “Big Bertha, ” after having a World Battle I cannon. (Hyman, 2001)

Callaway’s innovative developments earned an area the company in the marketplace which various other manufactures may only covet. Calloway’s items made the game of golf fun pertaining to the ‘average’ golfer. A lot of have gone in terms of to say his products started a revolution. (Hyman, 2001) Pro-golfers liked the feel and distance they received from the renovated clubs, and Bertha and also other innovatively designed clubs arrived just as baby boomers were striking their central years, written for a surge appealing in golf and helped it shed its elitist image. By 1997, Callaway was the greatest American maker of golf clubs, with revenue of $842. 9 million. “Callaway is one of the strongest brands in the game of golf, from basically nothing a decade ago, ” says Nike Inc. Golf President Frank Wood. (Hyman, 2002) man like Callaway is faraway from common place, and the void he left in the golf organization may be hard to load. Looking go back over his life time, Calloway acquired built the reputation as being a successful leader in almost every venture. During his late teens, he gained 4 golfing championships. He was introduced to the field of commerce by his father’s work in the family textile business, and added his own experience as organization manager of his high school graduation newspaper and yearbook.

Upon graduation from Emory School, Ely Callaway, like the rest of his era, found the course of his life altered by the commence of World War II.. By age 24, he had become the Army’s sole procurement officer for cotton apparel, and

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