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Okang Mussington is one of the the majority of influential and loveable folks that I have met around me thus far. He’s a graduate student of the Antigua Grammar School and Antigua Express College. Okang grew up upon Wireless Road in Antigua, where he even now currently lives. Okang’s mom died if he was 9 years old. Ever since then, he has become through a large number of experiences and difficulties. He has learned to become his own mother, he is becoming very household and dependable. At the age of twenty six, he began earning a living for one of the leading online poker and bingo companies in the world “888 Holdings” which is operating out of Antigua, typically referred to as Dixie Businesses. Okang has become chosen since the subject of this kind of profile as he has a interesting character, and this individual has become among my the majority of valued and inspirational close friends. He features taught myself to be specialist and rational at all times when dealing with any kind of form ofemployment, thus creating a big effect on my life by assisting in molding myself into the person I have turn into today.

Okang has kept many different positions at 888 Holdings, such as: Customer Service Representative, Supervisor, and Human Resource Assistant Manager. He is currently a Risikomanagement Team Innovator at 888 Holdings and has been in this position for the past three years. As a Risikomanagement Team Innovator, he is responsible for handling a crew consisting of approximately 30 personnel. His part of managerial responsibilities includes the strict monitoring of users documents and accounts. He is also anticipated to prepare monthly progress studies on his team’s overall performance, and fraud reports with habits observed from a particular nation or selection of individuals. This individual spends most of his workday in close proximity of his team, so as to make certain that there are simply no disputes between online associates and his team. About regular days, he has already established to communicate with the local authorities of different countries. Okang is also responsible for escalating and controlling member’s statements of illegal use, overcharges, chargebacks and detection of fake documents, including: Passports, Identification Cards, Utility Bills or Bank cards.

Seeing his team members target promotionswithin the organization, is Okang’s greatest inspiration. His main goal at the firm is to make certain that any inside promotions would be selected from his scams team. Even though this is not part of his task description or perhaps duties, this individual feels that is a severe personal achievements. He would receive inner satisfaction knowing that he ensured that not one part of his crew stayed comfortable being a Customer support Representative. Okang strongly believes in the Chinese language Proverb, “give a man a fish and you feed him for a time but teach a man to fish therefore you would have provided him for life. At work, he wishes to stay training and mentoring the new and expert members of his group, so that they can turn into confident in challenging themselves to new roles inside the company, choosing with them knowledge and good decision making techniques. There are many people who have determined Okang to progress within the business and share these kinds of sentiments. Whilst he has not denied the truth that the journey to this position has been difficult, most of his appreciation is definitely directed to his Manager, Russell Medley, who he proclaims to be a master at locating solutions to concerns, no matter how complex they may be. He never gets flustered when dealing with his employees and the personal issues. Okang as well expressed his appreciation to his previous manager with the Human Resource Division, Daynor Howe. She has taught Okang to get more sufferer, understanding and political. This individual has found that there are 3 sides to a situation when dealing with staff, the employees, company and the worker hand book.

As a Scam Operations Crew Leader, Okang has had to work with his skills and projects to be the greatest leader likely. Not only as an example to his employees, although so as to convince his managers his ability to make decisions and run under pressure. Though he did not continue his college and university goals, he is grateful for the various experiences which were offered to him by Dixie Enterprises Limited. Okang suggests any individual going after a degree in business to have always a plan or career street mapped since far in advance as possible. Also have a plan “B” and never reconcile with the failure of strategy “A. inch His philosophy is simple. He believes in getting proactive and attacking go on, meaning that even though we are not sure about what the near future might keep, we should often be ready for the results.

To locate a person that thrives on making certain his entire team advances, both at the office and at house, is not an easy quality that a organization can find in a Team Head. He usually takes extra time outside the house his typical work day without complains. This sort of invaluable contribution is often undetectable and unheralded. Why could someone without a family or perhaps kids need to give another effort with employees? Let us remember, why these employees are definitely the some of the most challenging people to cope with to. He told me “When I know that we have helped to make their very own working environmenta comfortable a single, I knowledge an interior joy and personal satisfaction. ” He went on to add that he likes his task, which makes being at work for 12 sometimes sixteen hours through the day that much simpler. A friend, a brother andmotivator, Okang Mussington is the person who has helped me realize the importance of dedication, purpose, strategy and assurance.

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